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The King of Special Warfare (Web Novel)






Xiao Wu


Action Fantasy Harem Martial Arts School Life Slice of Life

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He rose from abjection and achieved eternity in glory.
He embraced the prettiest beauties and killed the strongest opponents.
He was able to shift the clouds into rain and cover the sky with one hand.
He could overrun the entire world and go anywhere as he pleased.
He pacified wars and held the world in awe.
He was matchless in the world.
However, his hair turned white overnight for his beloved woman and he was on the verge of death.
He was surrounded by enemies who were trying to take his life.
He struggled his way to become mighty and fought for everything he cherished.
For this age, he was the only king of the Dark World.
His name was a byword for might.
As a man living in the world, his only ideal was to pursue brilliance.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 442 Date of Death · No Choice2020-04-05
Chapter 441 Date of Death · The Chosen One in Blood2020-04-04
Chapter 440 Date of Death—Second to None2020-04-03
Chapter 439 Date of Death · Absolute Dominance2020-04-02
Chapter 438 Base · The Sword Emperor Arrived2020-04-01
Chapter 437 Wait and See · Date of Death2020-03-31
Chapter 436 Onslaught · Life-and-Death Fight2020-03-30
Chapter 435 Advance and Retreat—Insane Madness2020-03-29
Chapter 434 the Qin Clan—Hidden Past2020-03-28
Chapter 433 Black Tide—One Sword From the West2020-03-27
Chapter 432 Fatal Move—Crossing the Sea Under Camouflage2020-03-26
Chapter 431 Time—Deadly Situation2020-03-25
Chapter 430 Resolution · At All Costs2020-03-24
Chapter 429 Slaughtering · Long Rainbow2020-03-23
Chapter 428 Annihilation · Decisive Battle2020-03-22
Chapter 4272020-03-21
Chapter 426 Breaking the Enemy · Thousands of Armies2020-03-20
Chapter 425 March · One Arrow and One Sword2020-03-20
Chapter 424 Choice · Hell and Heaven2020-03-18
Chapter 423 Imprisonment · Desperate Cage2020-03-17
Chapter 422 Choice · Shot of Fire2020-03-16
Chapter 421 Theocracy · Rising Storm2020-03-15
Chapter 420 Running away & Racing against Time2020-03-14
Chapter 419 Hell-for-leather Pursuit & Death Befalling2020-03-13
Chapter 418 Besieged City & The Bridge Has Been Burnt2020-03-12
Chapter 417 Dropped a Piece · Who Can Break the Game2020-03-11
Chapter 416 The Past · Like a King2020-03-10
Chapter 415 The Hell about Swords2020-03-09
Chapter 414 The Long as Heaven and Earth of the Extermination2020-03-08
Chapter 413 Overwhelming Force2020-03-07
Chapter 412 Marching On Daybreak2020-03-06
Chapter 411 Armor Removal2020-03-05
Chapter 410 The Light in Night2020-03-04
Chapter 409 The Punch in Fire2020-03-03
Chapter 408 Cool Breeze and Drifting Cloud · Yin and Yang Phantom2020-03-02
Chapter 407 I Was Here to Kill You2020-03-01
Chapter 406 The Eternal Night in Eastern Europe2020-02-29
Chapter 405 Going North and South2020-02-28
Chapter 404 The Six Paths of Reincarnation 20 Years Ago2020-02-27
Chapter 403 Martial Arts Is a Tree2020-02-26
Chapter 402 You Would Fall in the Same Place2020-02-25
Chapter 401 The Spring Between Day and Night2020-02-24
Chapter 400 The Chosen One Huangtu · Flower and Night2020-02-23
Chapter 399 Uncontrollable Chess Pieces2020-02-22
Chapter 398 Conspiracy in the Jinqiu Pavilion2020-02-21
Chapter 397 Not Seeing Xuanyuantai2020-02-20
Chapter 3962020-02-19
Chapter 395 List2020-02-18
Chapter 394 Day and Night2020-02-17
Chapter 393 Coronation · Holy Punishment Gun2020-02-16
Chapter 392 The Murderous Weapon over Tiannan2020-02-15
Chapter 391 The Guilty One Should Be Brought to Trial2020-02-14
Chapter 390 A Sword of the Chosen One2020-02-13
Chapter 389 An Abyss Lay Behind2020-02-12
Chapter 388 Nomination · Restart · Snowdance Corps2020-02-11
Chapter 387 Safety Was the Best2020-02-10
Chapter 386 Giant and Dog2020-02-09
Chapter 385 Stormy2020-02-08
Chapter 384 Deadly Threat2020-02-07
Chapter 383 Kept Shouldering and Forbearing2020-02-06
Chapter 382 Destined to be Great2020-02-05
Chapter 381 Paid Respects to Your Highness2020-02-04
Chapter 380 The Forever Silent World2020-02-04
Chapter 379 Dual Wind and Thunder Veins2020-02-02
Chapter 378 Shadows Were Still in the Sky2020-02-01
Chapter 377 Hah-hah2020-01-31
Chapter 376 Asura2020-01-30
Chapter 375 The People on the Spot Were Baffled2020-01-29
Chapter 374 Heaven Punishment2020-01-28
Chapter 373 The Predestined Ending2020-01-27
Chapter 372 Went Left or Right2020-01-26
Chapter 371 Who Dared to Die2020-01-25
Chapter 370 The Big Picture2020-01-24
Chapter 369 Destroyed Indiscriminately2020-01-23
Chapter 368 Friends from Afar2020-01-22
Chapter 367 Eve2020-01-22
Chapter 366 To Dominate the World with One Sword Stroke2020-01-20
Chapter 365 Her Highness Met Her Fate Calmly2020-01-19
Chapter 364 The Storm Arose2020-01-18
Chapter 363 Let Go Without Lowering the Head2020-01-17
Chapter 362 The Battleground of the Final Battle2020-01-16
Chapter 361 Between Gains and Losses2020-01-15
Chapter 360 The Road to Invincibility2020-01-14
Chapter 359 Broke the Sky and the Sea2020-01-13
Chapter 358 The Illusory Sword Intent2020-01-12
Chapter 357 A Heavenly Son Didn’t Draw His Sword2020-01-11
Chapter 356 The Shattering of the Void2020-01-10
Chapter 355 The Starry Sky and Grand View on the Hilltop2020-01-09
Chapter 354 Survival and Glory2020-01-08
Chapter 353 The Hand in Tiannan2020-01-07
Chapter 352 The Swing Between Family and Country2020-01-06
Chapter 351 To Rely on Himself2020-01-05
Chapter 350 Death Replacer For Secular Love2020-01-04
Chapter 349 A Master2020-01-03
Chapter 348 The So-called Game2020-01-02
Chapter 347 Give It to Me2020-01-01
Chapter 346 A Storm of Jealousy2019-12-31
Chapter 345 The Past of the Samsara2019-12-30
Chapter 344 To Relinquish Power2019-12-29
Chapter 343 The Pawns Under the Chessboard Mountain2019-12-28