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The King of Special Warfare (Web Novel) - Chapter 186 Glacier and Tide

Chapter 186 Glacier and Tide

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They were defeated!

When the extreme attack and the perfect defense both stopped working, any superior, no matter young Heavenly Son or superiors of the Half-step Invincible Realm would be defeated, then got on the road of failure.

From Wakayama to Changdao, there were thousands of miles of marching and bleeding, but it was still the road of failure.

The heavy rain fell on the forest like crazy, which had lasted for days. There was mud everywhere in the forest. The wet, muddy ground had a bit of a slope, and it seemed to be a low hill. Climbing up the slope was extremely difficult when you needed to restore your strength.

The loud footsteps behind were getting closer and closer, like thousands of soldiers and horses were running. The heavy rain swallowed the whole forest, but it still couldn’t compare to the rushing footsteps, which were like thunder hitting the ground. The thunder-like footsteps kept echoing, shaking the whole forest.

They were quick, wild and relentless, with killing intent that could fill up the sky.

In sight, a metal monster more than two meters tall was marching straight forward. The trees in front of him were not existent to him, and they were crashed down forcefully when he was moving forward. The trees fell down one after another, and the sound of the tree trunks breaking was mixed up with the sound of the rain, which was harsh to ears.

“Shit, here we go again. Doesn’t this monster have any weakness?”

At the front of the forest, Wang Shengxiao, the successor of the Wang family of Beihai, who was considered the ultimate superior of the young generation in Zhongzhou State, was watching the big, tall figure rushing toward him. The corner of his mouth was twitching slightly, and he finally let out a curse.

This young Heavenly Son, who looked gentle, soft, and charming in most of the time, looked pale right now. His clothes were shattered and worn, and his body was covered with mud and blood, looking like a beggar. But his mental state was good, at least his curse was full of energy.

“If he had a weakness, he wouldn’t be the captain of Kusanagi Force.”

A woman in black was standing next to Wang Shengxiao, and she said in a calm tone.

The color black had become the woman’s most obvious trait. She was wearing black clothes and shoes, her hair was black, and even her skin was dark. The woman wasn’t pretty. Because of her ordinary appearance, it was hard to tell her age. This was a woman that nobody would pay attention to wherever she went, but she had the creepiest eyes ever.

A pair of pitch-black eyes.

Her eyes were extremely big, but there wasn’t any white in her pupils, and the whole eyeballs were black. The dim light was shining mildly in her pupils, faint and creepy like a ghost, making people shiver in fear.

She stood still next to Wang Shengxiao in silence, watching the metal monster rushing over.

Ran away?

They were indeed running away, but running in front of this monster in weather like this was a pure joke. That was a modified monster who was not even in the range of human being. He didn’t get tired or give up, with the perfect attack and defense. In this situation, running in front of him was like suicide.

The woman with a pair of creepy, disturbing eyes narrowed her eyes and watched the approaching monster in silence. Her dark face looked abnormally pale, blue even. She looked very weak. Judging from her state, no one could tell that this was a top-notch superior in the Dark World.

Black Pupil from the Wang family of Beihai.

Inside the Wang family of Beihai where there were many superiors and deep culture, her strength might not make her rank the top, but she was ranked very near the top. A superior close to the Half-step Invincible Realm, even she didn’t have any space to improve anymore, was a top-notch fighter in any superpower group.


A deep, thick voice suddenly spoke in a calm and raspy tone.

A middle-aged man looked in his forties stood at the other side of Wang Shengxiao. Based on the standing position, he stood even farther forward than Wang Shengxiao and Black Pupil did, where he could take the heaviest attack and strike back first. Once the battle started, he could try his best to protect the two people behind him.

The man was a little short and fat, and his round face looked calm. But there was thunder flashing deep in his eyes, looking smooth yet violent.

The metal monster got close.

Closer and closer.

In the heavy rain, the metal armor on this dashing metal monster had started to get deformed slightly. In the blink of an eye, he transformed from state of charge to the state of assault.

The cannons on his shoulders, the sabers on his arms, and the gun barrels on his fingers were exposed.

Fifty meters.

Thirty meters.

The raindrops knocked on the armor wildly. Cold, sharp light was shining on the armor which was made of special alloys, radiating the smell of death.

Twenty meters left.

The man suddenly reached his hand and said softly, “Young Master, the sword.”

Wang Shengxiao didn’t hesitate for a second, just tossed the big, heavy sword that weighed 50 kilograms to the middle-aged man.

The sword’s name was Firmament.

And the code name for the middle-aged man in the Wang family of Beihai was also Firmament.

It wasn’t a coincidence that he had the same name as the sword. Wang Shengxiao, who had the Wind and Thunder Veins, held the Firmament Sword, while Firmament himself was Wang Shengxiao’s guardian since he was a kid.

He was a top-notch superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm. Based on combat capability, Firmament could rank in the top five even in the Wang family of Beihai.

The big heavy sword scratched across the air, making a deep, dull sound.

Firmament’s fingers slightly bent. In the twisted air, the sword hilt fell directly on his hand.

At that moment, Firmament opened his eyes wide, and the flashing thunder deep in his eyes burst out completely.

Firmament was holding Firmament.

The rain all over the sky suddenly froze.

The pseudo domain of this superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm instantly spread around. A column of extremely violent sword intent suddenly burst out of the sword tip of Firmament and rushed up to the sky.

The metal monster’s body that weighed nearly 50 kilograms after putting on the armor stopped rapidly, but the weapons on his body were already in the state of assault.

The heavy rain suddenly stopped, then started to fall down madly. The rain frenziedly gathered in front of Firmament, the dazzling lightning burst out from all over his body and got mixed with the rain, forming a giant water ball which had lightning flashing around it and kept getting bigger in front of the three of them.

At the same time, all the weapons on the metal monster’s body were aimed at the three of them.


In the dull booming sound, the metal monster’s big body froze. Some gases rose up from the armor on his legs and arms. With the propeller fully functioning, his whole body ignored Firmament’s pseudo domain and got near the water ball that covered the three of them.

The violent gunshots rang out rapidly. On the metal monster’s gauntlet, every gun was firing bullets like crazy. The bullets hit the surface of the water ball that surrounded Firmament like raindrops, evoking ripples with lightning on it. His two arm sabers, however, had stuck in the water ball.

This was a battle between technology and martial arts. There was no communication or testing. The moment they touched each other, it was a battle of life and death in which both of them would go all out!

The inflated water ball contracted rapidly when the arm sabers stuck in it, then it blew up again.

A soft but unstoppable force pushed the metal monster’s giant body more than ten meters away. The intense gunshots echoed through the whole forest. Firmament held the heavy sword and took a step forward.

The Sacred Sword from the Wang family of Beihai!

In the silence, the whole forest became a world full of lightning and water, and the condensed sword intent suddenly blew up in the most extreme and craziest way. This was a sword move that ignored all the consequences. It rushed all the way forward and swept off everything!

The air was bent into the obvious shape of ripples. Along with the lightning and water glow, the explosive power spread to all directions with Firmament as the center. The lightning flashed and the water surged. In the sword intent that surged like tides, the armor on the metal monster started to get deformed slowly, and his body kept moving backward.

The ripples with lightning and water in it kept attacking him, then they rushed farther and destroyed everything they reached.

After a moment that felt like an eternity, everything around Firmament within a hundred meters was turned into dust. All the grass and the trees were gone completely, and the wet ground became unprecedentedly flat and smooth. Standing on the mirror-like ground, Firmament took another step forward.

The blood streamed down from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes became more and more violent. He lifted the sword slightly, and the second strike was about to break heaven and earth.

In his sight, the armor on the metal monster that had moved back for dozens of meters had gotten deformed a little. The red light was shining in his eyes.

Firmament took a step forward.

He also took a step forward.

He had no fear, felt no pain, and he never got tired. This was East Island’s biggest achievement in reforming human; they made the creepiest war machine.

Wang Shengxiao had turned around, followed Black Pupil and moved back.

They had experienced the similar situation several times in the past five days.

Based on real strength, the metal monster named Captain couldn’t match Firmament. He could beat him, but to kill him was much more difficult. Captain whose whole body was in armor didn’t need any more defense. Even a strike from a superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm like Firmament could only bend his armor a little bit. The armor was made of special alloys and some anti-assault material, which made Captain a real assault-defense fusion. Under the Invincible Realm, there were a lot of people who could beat him, but almost nobody could kill him in short time.

This was literally a monster.

After Wang Shengxiao went missing, Firmament and Black Pupil got into East Island to rescue him. But neither of them knew that Wang Shengxiao met this monster. The two of them met Wang Shengxiao five days ago. They didn’t make a difference though. Before this, Wang Shengxiao was being hunted alone, now it was the three of them being hunted.

But there was a change after all. Firmament and Black Pupil brought a lot of supplies and some information about Zhongzhou State. And Firmament was a superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm after all. Even if he couldn’t kill Captain, he could definitely suppress him and make him lose most of the energy with his explosive power. So when the three of them got together, Captain was no longer a threat to them. But even there was no danger anymore, being chased for hundreds of kilometers was pretty annoying.

The heavy, thick sword edge was lifted up.

Firmament didn’t look back, but his sharp eyes were full of determination.

This place was less than fifty kilometers from Changdao.

When they reached Changdao, they could immediately gather with the elites of Zhongzhou State.

In a normal situation, the distance of fifty kilometers was enough for Captain to restore his energy and initiate another attack.

But now…

Firmament took a deep breath quietly. He held the sword more tightly. Watching Captain who rushed to him again, he suddenly lifted up his hand and pointed the sword toward the sky.


The air shook violently, and the loud sound was like thunder, echoing in the four air walls. The booming thunder sound spread through the whole forest. A ball of dazzling lightning lit up at the tip of the big sword and rushed to the high sky.

The striking lightning bloomed completely in the high sky.

Suddenly, the whole sky turned mysterious and creep dim blue.

There was no lightning in the air, or the whole space was turned into lightning!

The dim blue space that filled up everywhere that eyes could see dropped from the sky rapidly, as if the whole sky was falling down. They could feel a heavy force of destruction.

The sword that could destroy the whole world.

The sword that could shake the whole world.

This strike was still in the Half-step Invincible Realm, but it had gotten close to the mysterious Invincible Realm. All the strength was instantly consumed up, all the strength, all the sword intent, and the extreme pseudo domain.

Firmament’s eyes had become mad and red, and thick blood streamed down from the corner of his mouth. The strike that was out of his power range had caused him serious injury before it reached Captain’s giant body.

He and the sword combined together. The word and the world combined together!

The Heavenly Sword from the Wang family of Beihai!

Captain’s movement suddenly froze. He lifted up his head with his stiff face and looked at the dim blue space falling rapidly. He hesitated.

“Divine Wind. Glacier. Tide. Defense. Dormancy.”

The moment the dim blue space fell on Captain with stunning sword light, a rapid, cold roar rang out.

Captain’s red eyes and the armor on him suddenly lit up. He squatted down his giant body and curled himself up into a giant ball. The sword light reached him with a loud crash and swallowed Captain’s body that curled up into a ball.

The earth trembled and the mountains shook!

The smooth, mirror-like ground suddenly shattered, and countless cracks appeared on the ground. There was a big pit with a diameter of twenty meters appeared where Captain was standing. His whole body had disappeared from the ground and was forcefully crashed into the ground.


Firmament spat out a big mouthful of scarlet red blood. He didn’t even care about his injury. He just carried the big sword and turned around rapidly, saying in a low voice, “Let’s go!”

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