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The King of Special Warfare (Web Novel) - Chapter 297 The Sword of Emperor Path

Chapter 297 The Sword of Emperor Path

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The storm sprang up.

And then it dissipated abruptly.

A great many of sword shadows dissipated into the void as the original sword intent.

There was silence on stage and off until Li Tianlan finished speaking.

A sense of shock permeated the training ground of the Sky Academy. But for the majority of people, they didn’t even understand what was going on.

Everything was clear.

But it happened so fast.

The upgoing killing intent of Gu Yunxia and Gu Youlan, the colorful bridge that spread directly from the crowd to the high platform, and the surging Great Void Sword Intent.

Time seemed to lapse in a hurry.

The sword and the killing intent became a raging and violent storm in the twinkling of an eye!

The storm obliterated everything and surged like mad. That was the sword intent of Mount Shu. Although it was somewhat specious and did not even capture the essence, it had done a lot of damage that had taken everyone by surprise as it burst out in the most violent way.

The Great Void Sword was a famous sword of Mount Shu that showed up the most scarcely.

Few of the people present had ever really seen such wild Great Void Sword Intent.

Zhuang Huayang’s figure stepped across the sky and landed on the platform.

His body was stiff.

After three years, Zhuang Huayang’s condition declined again. He was a little farther from the platform than Gu Yunxia was, and he was a little slower to reach it as well.

This step only took two or three seconds.

But all the scenes had been turned upside down in these two or three seconds.

The wild and ethereal sword intent tore the most solid high platform of the Sky Academy apart. Li Baitian was not killed, but Gu Youlan and Gu Yunxia fell to the ground and were wounded.

Zhuang Huayang was stunned.

A white figure stood in the ruins of the platform, which was almost torn to pieces by the sword intent.

A spotless white coat.


Short hair.

A handsome face.

He drew out the sword.

But there was no killing intent in the world.

Dressed in white, he stood barefoot in the ruins between day and night, but he gave everyone a feeling of extreme silence and absolute trance.

Zhuang Huayang frowned.

Looking at the man in white who was carrying Li Baitian, he suddenly thought of something and shouted out involuntarily, “Tianlan?!”


Loud noise swept over the whole place in an instant.

There was a great uproar.

Li Tianlan carefully put the unconscious Li Baitian on the ground.

His eyes were cold, but his expression was calm and indifferent, and even his voice was soft.

Li Tianlan saluted Zhuang Huayang and said calmly, “Headmaster, I’m back.”

In the chaotic uproar, his voice was soft like a breeze, but in a moment, it spread all over the place and resounded in everyone’s ears.

“I’m back.”

This sentence had a deep meaning.

Everyone felt a chill of disquiet.

The wind blew on the platform.

Space twisted slightly in the wind, and a young man in white appeared on the platform.

The young man was plain-looking and in his thirties. His reserved aura was very sharp. He took a deep look at Li Tianlan, bowed slightly, and said softly, “Cool Breeze from Sigh City, here to greet Young Governor.”

Li Tianlan glanced at him and nodded. Since Sigh City had integrated into the general trend, it was sure that it would continue to send people here after Tribulation left the Sky Academy. But he did not know what position Cool Breeze, one of the two geniuses of Sigh City, held.

“Take Baitian to the hospital,” Li Tianlan said softly.

Cool Breeze nodded. No sooner had he taken a step forward than a clear sound rang out from the edge of the platform.

“Leave it to me.”

Ye Huayu, who was from Mount Shu as well, hurried over and took Li Baitian in her arms.

Li Tianlan took a look at Ye Huayu.

His eyes swept around.

Finally, he saw only Ye Huayu.

His body tightened quietly. “Where are the others?” he asked.

Xu Chu, Du Hanyin, Yu Qingyan, Ning Qiancheng…

Li Baitian fought a duel with Gu Youlan, which was a big event. However, he saw none but Ye Huayu.


Ye Huayu hesitated.

“Sister Du is on a mission. Qingyan is taking care of the others.”

Zhuang Huayang gave a slight cough, and his face seemed unnatural.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes completely.

Du Hanyin was on a mission.

Yu Qingyan was taking care of the others.

This sentence alone was enough to illustrate what kind of hardship the East Emperor Palace, the so-called one of the four forces of the young generation, was undergoing.

The others…

Were they so severely injured that they needed to be taken care of?!


“Great.” Li Tianlan laughed gently after remaining silent for a long while.

He founded the East Emperor Palace and disappeared for three years. By the time he came back, the East Emperor Palace had an excellent reputation, but it was crumbling.

Most of the main members were seriously injured.

No one knew how Li Tianlan felt. But a few simple words of his let the hearts of those who heard him sink.

Ye Huayu took Li Baitian away without delay.

Li Tianlan watched Ye Huayu’s figure disappear, then he suddenly looked back and asked, “Has the list been drawn up?”

Zhuang Huayang and Cool Breeze froze at the same time.

“We’re working on it,” Zhuang Huayang said.

Li Tianlan nodded and said, “Fine. I will take part in the final maneuver. From now on, everyone can fight with me. I’ll be at the Sky Academy, waiting for them.”

Zhuang Huayang took a deep breath, and his eyes became extremely bright.

Everyone present heard Li Tianlan’s words.

He said these words calmly, but the meaning behind these words was extremely arrogant.

Li Tianlan returned when the East Emperor Palace was on the verge of collapse.

Everyone who witnessed what happened today had mixed feelings.

Under the circumstances that three young forces joined forces to attack the East Emperor Palace nowadays, the East Emperor Palace truly needed a young ace that had absolute ruling power.

Li Tianlan deserved his reputation.

But how mighty was he now?

Gu Youlan and Gu Yunxia, who were lying on the ground, seemed to be the best proof.

But it didn’t prove anything.

Li Tianlan severely injured Gu Yunxia and Gu Youlan with a single sword move.

But that move was too swift and fierce, and the action itself could be regarded as a sneak attack.

Although the sword intent contained in it was incomparably fierce, in the final analysis, it was Great Void Sword Intent.

No one knew how Li Tianlan was able to use Great Void Sword Intent.

But such sword intent was definitely not the ace up his sleeve.

How strong was Li Tianlan now after he had remained dormant for three years?

Everyone realized what Li Tianlan’s return meant to the younger generation in Zhongzhou State.

The competition between the Heavenly Sons of the younger generation in Zhongzhou State now truly began.

In the final maneuver, Jiang Shangyu and Song Ci would not be lonely.

Outside the maneuver, Gu Hanshan and Wang Shengxiao wouldn’t be lonely, either.

Li Tianlan turned to look at Gu Yunxia.

Gu Yunxia was bathed in blood. Her body was covered with cuts of varying depths. She twitched instinctively in great pain, but she remained conscious.

Gu Yunxia, too, was looking at Li Tianlan.

She looked shocked and unresigned, and there were intense astonishment and resentment in her eyes.

“Li… Tian…”

She began to breathe fast, and a great deal of blood foam came out of her mouth.

“You still remember me.”

“Great,” Li Tianlan said calmly.

He raised his hand.

He wore a silver bracelet on his wrist, which shone coldly in both daylight and night.

His hand wearing the silver bracelet stopped steadily.

Zhuang Huayang stood in front of Li Tianlan as his arm was about to fall.

The old headmaster made no effort to hide his bitter smile.

“She deserves to die,” Li Tianlan said blandly.

He didn’t even bother to care about Gu Youlan. For one thing, Gu Youlan’s strength was not that good, and he knew exactly what injuries the sword move would leave on her.

For another, she and Li Baitian were dueling. Whatever the inside story of this duel, it was a duel.

But at the crucial moment, Gu Yunxia appeared, intending to kill Li Baitian, which was tantamount to breaking the rules.

Even if Li Tianlan killed her, it was not totally unreasonable.

“What she did was really against the rules. But luckily, Baitian is fine. I’ll deal with this matter. What do you think?”

Zhuang Huayang looked helpless.

Li Tianlan looked at Zhuang Huayang quietly.

Zhuang Huayang said in a gentle tone, “I’m sure I’ll uphold justice.”

As he said this, he winked at Li Tianlan intentionally or unintentionally.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and put down his palm bit by bit.

Zhuang Huayang seemed to want to say something more.

But Li Tianlan was tired of listening.

His figure in the ruins of the platform slowly disappeared, and only his plain voice sounded on the platform.

“I’ll go and see Baitian and other fellows.”

Zhuang Huayang breathed a sigh of relief.

Others were in disbelief.

“Did he just leave like that?”

Gu Yunxia broke the rules first. If she could succeed, she would bear torrents of abuse from now on. But no matter how infamous she was, as time went by, this thing would fade away. And it was unlikely that anyone would do anything for a dead man.

But now Gu Yunxia attacked Li Baitian. The latter, however, was still alive. As Kunlun City lost its dignity, the significance of this matter changed. Li Tianlan saved Li Baitian. Since he was the reasonable side, he had every reason no matter what he did to Gu Yunxia.

Now, however, Li Tianlan left.

Everyone who witnessed this scene had mixed feelings inside, but they could not tell what they were feeling.

Only Cool Breeze stood quietly aside, as if deep in thought.

He stood close to Li Tianlan.

So at that moment, he clearly felt Li Tianlan’s killing intent.

Resolute and aloof.

He didn’t know why Li Tianlan left, but he felt it wouldn’t be a compromise.

He frowned and looked again in the direction in which Li Tianlan had been standing.

Anyhow, he thought there was something wrong with Li Tianlan just now.

It was a feeling Cool Breeze had the moment Li Tianlan appeared, but by the time Li Tianlan left, he still couldn’t tell what was wrong.

It was a feeling, even an intuition.

Li Tianlan almost seckilled Gu Youlan and Gu Yunxia…

Such mighty destructive power…

Was he hurt?

Cool Breeze thought.

Gu Yunxia’s two trusted teachers in the Sky Academy were already on the platform, helping her to her feet.

Soaked in blood, Gu Yunxia kept opening and closing her mouth. She was muttering with a malicious look.

She swore that she would make Li Tianlan pay the price when her injury recovered, even though she was not Li Tianlan’s match anymore.

She looked mad and malevolent.

She was like a completely irrational bitch, ugly and chilling.

Two teachers carefully helped her down the platform.

Their footsteps fell on the ground.

In a split second, a drastic change took place!

Sudden thunder was heard under the quiet night.

Thunder rolled across the sky.

Suddenly, high in the air, there appeared flashes of blinding lightning!

Lightning spread and interwoven, covering the entire training ground.

The dark night was rendered chillingly blue.

The thunder grew louder and louder and continued to shake the sky.

A large amount of lightning fell at a crazy speed, covering Gu Yunxia in the blink of an eye.

A giant sword hundreds of meters long gathered in the lightning, and with irresistible majesty, it chopped at Gu Yunxia!

The blade hundreds of meters long completely shattered the night sky. Amidst infinite fierce lightning, the giant sword seemed to fall with unfathomable power.

The sword light rose high.

The whole training ground flew utterly the moment the giant sword landed!

The ruins of the training ground, the flat land, the large amount of dust, the surrounding trees, and the chaotic crowd—everything was forcibly swept aloft by the irresistible sword light.

In the flying dust, Gu Yunxia let out a dying howl.


The sword light fell entirely.

The earth trembled under the sword move.

Countless people fell steadily through the air and looked in horror at the place where the giant sword fell.

That was the location of Gu Yunxia.

But now there was no Gu Yunxia.

Not even her flesh.

Under that sword move, Gu Yunxia, together with the two teachers holding her, were all smashed into nothingness by the violent sword light.

Silence reigned the place.

Even Zhuang Huayang had a blank look on his face.

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