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The King of the Battlefield (Web Novel) - Chapter 243: Demon King of the Ash Gray (1)

Chapter 243: Demon King of the Ash Gray (1)

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It was at the moment he came into contact with the Star of David and obtained the skill, and also awakened as the demon of the 27th seat.

But… for it to be the demon of the ash light.

He didn’t really like that nickname.

In the first place, Muyoung was on a different level from other demon kings. A half divinity. He had lots of power mixed in a chaotic way and he was too outstanding to evaluate him as a demon king.

‘But it’s something I need.’

If he wanted to use Gremory and obtain the strength of the opposition party then he had to start with this nickname first.

He could change the other things later step by step.

On top of that, there was something more important than that.

“I don’t know how you brought the thousand sutras but you are greatly mistaken if you think that the situation has overturned just with this!”

Lerajie stood on his tiptoes.

A really huge giant.

But even he was like a dwarf in front of the size of the thousand sutras. The overwhelming size of the thousand sutras made you feel fear and respect in front of it.

But Lerajie didn’t falter. The thousand sutras was also an ‘edible beast’. There was no reason he wouldn’t be able to hunt it down as a hunter.

Lerajie raised his bow.

And pulled the bowstring.


The arrow transformed into something like a spear, differently from when it destroyed the fissure, and flew while jumping through space.

Its objective was Muyoung!

You could see that he wanted to first remove the cause that brought the thousand sutras.


Muyoung pulled out Anguish.

Nervousness could be felt from his hands.

Something no human was able to do.

A confrontation with a demon god.

Muyoung had come all the way here, differently from the other humans that had only suffered a one-sided defeat.

Solely by himself.

But he hadn’t reached the destination yet.

He had to defeat him.

But the only demon god Muyoung saw and fought against was Dantalian.

And Dantalian was a demon god of lies, he was miles apart from battles.

On the other hand…Lerajie was war and battles itself.

Especially those eyes.

Those eyes could calculate all the possibilities in battles and war and come up with a method that had the highest rate to succeed.

That was the most tricky thing for Muyoung.

‘I will still win.’

Muyoung erased the word defeat from his mind.

The meaning of Muyoung’s existence was ‘victory’.

He may be similar to Lerajie in that meaning.

He couldn’t allow defeat not even once. Muyoung came running just to win and will keep running.


A fearsome magical power flew towards Muyoung.

With the intent to tear apart the land and jump space to devour Muyoung!

Lerajie was certain of Muyoung’s ‘death’.

‘Lerajie’s bow, Inferno, is a one-hit one kill weapon. Even if he manages to block it, it can make him spend a lot of strength.’

It wasn’t reckless to say that that bow was Lerajie’s full power.

You got a way to fight back against Lerajie if you could only stop it.

In addition, Muyoung was a transcendent being. Someone that wasn’t able to measure with mere ‘probabilities’, the uncertainty itself.

Even if he had no means to take Lerajie’s attack, he just had to make something if he didn’t have it.

‘Muyoung sword.’

The essences Muyoung accumulated until now.

He melted them down on the swordsmanship that took his name.

Muyoung had managed to create 50 stances until now but had only a clue for the 51st one.

He would solve that clue right here.

‘The 50 stances I made until now were only the base. A base to create this sword in front of me.’

He would raise his real sword.

The 51st stance was on a completely different level from the 50th.

That’s why he had never tested it even though he had a clue on it.

‘Break the limits.’

If the first 50 stances were everything, then the main course started from the 51st one.

The heat started to emanate from Anguish. Divine power and magic power clashed fiercely and drew out a narrow gap.

He used ‘haste’ in that state. The world became slow and Muyoung became that much faster.

Precisely speaking 64 times faster.

But that wasn’t everything.

The world became even slower. Everything flowed extremely slowly to the point one could feel the flow of the air and the wind with their skin.

Muyoung’s body started to cry. He had obtained the skin of the immortal and reached a half divinity but he wasn’t accustomed to a world that was 128 times faster.

That’s right. 128 times!

Muyoung squeezed out his concentration, ego, and soul to the extreme and exploded his mana and divine power.

A really narrow state. An act that drove himself to destruction.

‘I did it.’

But a smile formed in Muyoung’s face.

King Slayer. He was staying in a world that was accelerated by 128 times.

Muyoung had finally arrived at that boundary.

‘51st stance…’

Before Anguish let out an explosion.

Right before Lerajie’s arrow pierced Muyoung’s heart!

‘Evil Slayer.’

Muyoung sword his sword.


Huge chaos got out of Anguish and cut Lerajie’s arrow that was advancing slowly.

It then extended quietly and cut Lerajie’s right arm, which was holding his bow.


The world returned to its normal flow when Lerajie’s arm fell.

A mere instant.


Muyoung took in a deep breath.

It felt like all the energy had left his body.

But he had succeeded.

He didn’t only stop Lerajie’s attack but even cut off his right arm.

51st stance, Evil Slayer.

It was Muyoung’s new technique.

“How can a mere demon king!!”

Lerajie looked at his own arm and frowned.

Something impossible had happened. It was impossible for a mere demon king to inflict damage on the body of a demon god.

Why was a god? They were gods because they existed in the sky. Beings in the ground couldn’t reach the existences in the sky.

But that law got broken.

Was he called the 27th demon king?

“Demon King of the Ash Gray…!”

Lerajie attached the cut off the arm by fore and raised his bow again.

But Muyoung wasn’t planning on facing Lerajie again.

“Lerajie, you aren’t my opponent.”

Muyoung flew away quickly.

Passing by Lerajie, beyond him.


“You bastaaard!

The sky lord opened its mouth.

Lerajie put away his bow and held the sides of the sky lord with both of his arms.

There was a difference in size but Lerajie possessed incredible strength. There was a break in the movements of the sky lord.

Muyoung got speechless for a moment at that scene.

In the first place, Muyoung’s objective was to make the sky lord clash with Lerajie so you could see that he had half succeeded.

But he didn’t know that Lerajie could even stop the movements of the sky lord.

Muyoung flew towards Gremory while the two of them were fighting fiercely.

Gremory and her group looked at Muyoung with strange expressions.

“I won’t need a fissure fragment right now.”

Muyoung opened his mouth first.

Gremory had never promised Muyoung that she would stabilize the fissure if he gathered three fissure fragments. But it seemed like he wouldn’t need the fissure fragment right now looking at the current situation.

Gremory then grabbed Muyoung’s two hands.

“Thank you. If it wasn’t for you I would have faced a really dangerous situation. I didn’t know that you would even gather the fragments…”

“We don’t have time to chit chat. My followers will arrive soon. We need to sweep out the rest while the sky lord is holding down Lerajie.”

Muyoung wiped off his hands and gave out a realistic opinion.

And then, the demon race that was at the surroundings got enraged. Muyoung’s attitude was far from how a subordinate demon king should act.

He acted and spoke like someone giving orders to someone below him!

But Muyoung didn’t mind.

‘I am the one holding the blade.’

Muyoung was the one that listened to Gremory’s request and saved her from a dangerous situation.

Muyoung was also the one that inverted the situation.

No matter what they said, Muyoung was still the one holding the sword.

In addition, Gremory’s charm didn’t influence Muyoung that much.

Gremory herself was also quite surprised.

All individuals, be it a life form or not, would get influenced by Gremory if they were near her.

Unless they were a special being like the demon god of war.

But…it was the same for Muyoung.

“How long are you planning on watching? Did you choose to get trapped like this and die?”


Muyoung spread his wings.

Honestly speaking Muyoung had spent all his energy already.

He had used the 51st stance, Evil Slayer, and spent half of his entire strength.

But he couldn’t show that off. This war was like a debut for him.

The weight he would hold would change depending on how exceptional he acted.

‘The chaos is little.’

His followers started to move while Lerajie faced the sky lord.

It seemed like there wasn’t much chaos as he thought.

It seemed like they were accustomed to variables like this.

Muyoung went out to the battlefield.

There was no more need for words.

He just had to show it with his actions now!


Fire burning!


The entire land shook.

Huge mountains repeated getting created and disappeared.

The sky got dyed in black and countless lightning and storms were striking.

And Muyoung was in the middle of that.

Demon King of the Ash Gray. He was called like that.

But who exactly was he?

He appeared suddenly, stopped Lerajie’s attack and cut his arm.

Not only that but he was also handling the elite forces of Lerajie as if he was playing with them.

Gremory fell confused.

‘The first time I saw him he hadn’t grown as much.’

Gremory didn’t hold many expectations the first time he showed up with the certificate of the 27th demon king.

Muyoung was weak to hold any expectations. He was at the level he could at most fight with average demon kings. She didn’t expect him to actually return with the fissure fragments.

And not many years have passed since then.

But… the divinity that was felt from him wasn’t common.

Divine power and magic power were mixed and a divinity that could be called as chaos covered that.

What could have happened in these few years to suffer a change this big?

But that wasn’t the end.

“Muyoung, you bastard! Where are you going alone that busily!”

“We will join you.”

Specters and monsters of all races flocked in. They barely reached three thousand hundred but it was enough to overturn the situation in an instant. On top of that, there was also Enroth and the demon king of roses, Soara.

‘Just what…’

She couldn’t understand how those beings that were of the household of Amon and Vassago were now under Muyoung.

Those two demon gods didn’t belong to the opposition party. They were existences that wanted to exterminate those of the opposition.

But right now the two of them were killing the demon race under Lerajie’s command.

Gremory turned her gaze again.


His appearance while fighting was extremely sad.

He was bloody and sorrowful to the point others looking at him felt nervous.

But at the same time, it gave them a pleasant feeling and thrill.

It felt like he was born just to fight.

Gremory had almost never seen a struggle like that. Then how would Lerajie feel when he was facing Muyoung directly?

If Lerajie was the demon god of war…

Gremory felt like the nickname she gave Muyoung didn’t suit him. Although she named him just by his simple appearance, there might be something else that would suit him better.

He was taking the lead of everything on this battlefield!



‘The King of the battlefield.’

He could be called like that.

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