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The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 1069 - Borrowing the Great Path for the Fight

Chapter 1069: Borrowing the Great Path for the Fight

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian charged into the midst of the army without a care.

Yu Sheng and the others were right behind him. Yu Sheng’s form was that of a devil at the moment, looking imposingly huge, and cutting up a bloody path with just one swing of his axe.

He and Ye Futian were both practically invincible in terms of constitutional strength, enabling them to ignore power attacks from enemies, which was why they dared to just charge into the army.

The Sword Saint, Gu Dongliu, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, Qin Zhuang and others right behind them unleashed their own attacks as well, cleaving up their own path.

Li Yao and Yuan Jin scanned the battlefield and found themselves caught in a pincer attack. Be it Ye Futian on one side or Xia Qingyuan on the other, both of them were extremely powerful figures.

After Ye Futian defeated Kong Xuan, all of them knew that Ye Futian’s powers were on par with that of Xia Qingyuan. They were near invincible below Saint Plane.

It would have probably required saint-level powers to kill them.

“Tian Gan, protect his highness,” Yuan Jin said to an army of deadly warriors at his side. A group of semi-saint figures circled around Li Yao. Those people were top notch figures under Saint Plane at Dali Dynasty. They were capable of cutting down enemies when in an advantage, and protect their supreme commander when in a disadvantage.

It was clear at the moment that they were in a disadvantage, requiring them to prioritize defense.

But then again, if they were to simply defend and do nothing else, then they were merely reduced to sitting ducks and it was only a matter of time before they were doomed.

What is the intention of Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan refusing to cut down the imperial flag?

Their enemy intended to kill every last unit of Emperor Li’s Realm’s forces, a bold, unrestrained attitude to take in such a war.

“Di Zhi,” Yuan Jin called again. Another legion consisting of 81 persons gathered around him. All 81 of them wore pitch-black clothing, looking cold and unforgiving.

The Tian Gan and Di Zhi had separate roles. The warriors of Tian Gan were suicide warriors bred specifically to serve Dali royalty and there was actually limited need for them. As such, they were comparatively less dangerous to deal with.

The ones of the Di Zhi, on the other hand, were meant to perform the most perilous of missions. All of them painstakingly nurtured figures and many of them began training at very young ages. It enabled them to possess adamant, indomitable will and very willing to give their all for Dali Dynasty.

All 81 of them took mystical formations at the moment. Yuan Jin stood above them at the rear and glimmered. A golden diagram seemed to have appeared behind him, which spun maniacally. It seemed to be a diagram of the great path, with the mystics of the universe, as well as the likes of five elements and yin and yang in operation.

The light shining from the diagram was incredibly blinding, covering all 81 warriors. Beams of golden threads pierced into the brains of all 81 warriors and they lit up brilliantly at the same time, as if they were all part of a single being without any individual differences.

Terrifying aura burst from all 81 of them. Yuan Jin moved forward and walked in the midst of the 81. At that very moment, all of those warriors received spiritual will commands, being submitted completely under his control.

Yuan Jin’s eyes turned to look rather demonic, and took a look at Xia Qingyuan in the battlefield.

Things were such that they were about to suffer absolute defeat. If the enemy were to just cut down the flag right there and then, the Battle of Empty Realm would have been officially over.

Yet, the cultivators from Emperor Xia’s Realm were not satisfied with simply cutting down the enemy’s imperial flag; they wanted to annihilate every single one of their enemies instead.

If that is what they intend to do so, then they shall pay the price.

If we were to be able to take out Xia Qingyuan, then we would still stand a chance.

A beam of cold light flashed. Yuan Jin moved forward and all 81 moved alongside him. Golden sparkle danced about them. They shone like glittering golden needles, piercing at the incoming army of Emperor Xia’s Realm.

“Look out.” Xia Qingyuan looked up at where Yuan Jin was. She felt a tinge of danger from his direction.

Swooping, high-pitched noises were heard and extremely dazzling golden light sparkled about in the air within a split second. The criss-crossing thread turned into a formless net, flying at extreme speeds.


A faint sound was heard from another direction. There were some people who had their parts of their bodies—their brows, their throats, or their chests—pierced.

A very eerie scene was seen there. Yuan Jin’s hands seemed to be taking control of countless threads. All 81 of those semi-saints were like his puppets. Furthermore, it seemed as if the cultivators who had their bodies pierced suffered the same fate—their eyes showed intense fear.

Dazzling golden light of devastation burst shortly after. Blood filled the air and all cultivators who had been pierced, had their bodies torn apart by the countless threads.

If Ye Futian were to see what happened in that battlefield, he would have realized that the abilities used by Yuan Jin resembled the ones used by the nine back in the sacred war of the Nine States. When all nine of them joined hands, their powers were incredibly overbearing, so much so that he had to bring his imperial will to the fore.

However, what Yuan Jin was pulling there was far more powerful than what the nine had been pulling back then, as if what he did was orders of magnitude above them.

Yuan Jin’s hands continued to shudder. Countless golden threads shot out from the heavens at the army before him.

“Block his attack.” A voice was heard shouting. The mighty ones in that battlefield discovered in that very instant, how dangerous Yuan Jin had been. One legion cast defensive powers in the form of a dazzling barrier of light. But then, those threads seemed to be like needles. They were thin enough to slip through any openings or cracks, burrowing their way into the barrier of light.

Countless threads shot inside and turned into a net. Yuan Jin pulled with both hands and the barrier was instantly shattered. Those threads continued on their way to slaughter. Untold numbers of mighty ones perished under the attacks of those threads within a heartbeat.

“Overwhelming through saintly might.” Many were able to sense saintly might within those very fine threads. All 81 of the enemy mighty ones moved forward at blitzing speeds, charging at the army. They were heading for Xia Qingyuan, who had been deemed near-invincible in the battlefield.

“Protect the princess.”

Tian Ji called loudly. The imperial advisor of Dali Dynasty was versed in many peculiar mystical arts, including some heretic, evil ones. Yuan Jin was probably a student of said imperial advisor. That Imperial advisor of Dali Dynasty would have sent a student to fight in every one of Battle of Empty Realms. They were either tasked to lead the charge, or lay out tactics behind the scenes.

Blood spilled everywhere within the battlefield. Aura of massive magnitudes of order shot to the heavens with frightening might.

Mighty ones from Divine Cloud Valley went into formation. Gongsun Zhong unleashed the Divine Armoring Cauldron. Powerful armoring powers burst, refining the powers of the great path around him. He charged forward and held a spear in his hand, streaking through the air like a bolt of lightning as he thrust forward. There seemed to be a beam of light piercing through space within that instant, as he moved in on Yuan Jin and the others.

All the others unleashed their own attacks after seeing Gongsun Zhong making a move. All who appeared in the battlefield were veterans, so they deemed it impossible to just let the chance slip by, instead of simply shirking from enemy might.

Yuan Jin watched with an unfazed expression. The golden diagram behind him seemed to be one of the great path. Boundless light shrouded the sky. Within that instant, all 81 mighty ones in his battle matrix unleashed overpowering saintly might, as he launched a palm attack forward.

Every single one of the 81 blasted a diagram of the great path respectively.

One diagram after another shut the space down as they spun in a frenzy. All 81 diagrams seemed to have formed a complete whole and resonated with the great path, as if they all formed a godly shield.

“Stampeding God” Gongsun Zhong called as his spear was thrust. The shadow of the attack was towering and brought earth-shattering force onto the diagrams. The diagrams were rattled and light shot into the 81 mighty ones with the diagrams. All of them had devastating light coursing about their bodies, as if they had all bore the brunt of the attack at once.

That was not the only attack. Many others came down on the diagrams soon enough, but none had been able to destroy the shield.

Countless hreads shot out from within the many diagrams and climbed onto Gongsun Zhong’s spear, wrapping it all upon within mere moments, and continuing to move at he himself.

Boom. Powers devouring everything burst and the Divine Armoring Cauldron moved forward, intending to cook up all the countless threads about.

One figure after another shot forth. The 81 mighty ones quickly surrounded Gongsun Zhong. Golden images coursing about their bodies pulsed with destructive light, shooting at Gongsun Zhong at the same time.

Gongsun Zhong scanned his surroundings and saw countless golden threads shot to the air. The power of the Divine Armoring Cauldron was unleashed at full force. The glittering light from within consumed most of the threads, yet there were still some left that slithered through and headed towards him.

Gongsun Zhong swung the spear in his hand about. Boundless shadow of the spear appeared in his surroundings. High-pitched noises were heard as attacks were launched.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Ao and many other mighty ones from Emperor Xia’s Realm burst with their own attacks. The Xuanyuan Sword Spirit shot through and hit one of the 81. Explosions were heard as that one man’s defenses crumbled, as if he had been shattered.

Gu Mu, Xiao Sheng and others headed their way and launched attacks as well. One figure after another was rattled so badly that there spitted blood. The first batch of casualties quickly resulted as the army of Emperor Xia’s Realm surrounded Yuan Jin’s battle matrix.

“Xia Qingyuan, how about we just end this battle right here, right now?” Yuan Jin’s eyes pierced the skies at gazed at Xia Qingyuan at the rear.

After fighting for a while, he felt that taking down Xia Qingyuan would have proven too difficult. The army of Emperor Xia’s Realm gave him no openings which he could have harmed Xia Qingyuan at all.

Xia Qingyuan took one look at the battlefield at Ye Futian’s side. She had not been doing all that much in that year’s Battle of Empty Realm. In truth, that held true for most from the Emperor Xia’s City. Ye Futian had been the one laying down the plans in the battle and enabled Emperor Xia’s Realm to bag the victory of the battle.

As such, regardless of what Ye Futian intended to do, she saw no reason to go against him.

“Kill,” a cold word was uttered by Xia Qingyuan, refusing to stop fighting.

Yuan Jin was unfazed hearing her answer. The cold winds of the battlefield blew on him. His robe and black hair billowed.

“We shall fight for Dali Dynasty.” A line was heard from Yuan Jin, and he sounded very solemn.

“We shall fight for Dali Dynasty.” All 81 mighty ones of the legion of Di Zhi said with determined eyes, as if they had been completely controlled by Yuan Jin.

In that very instant, the diagram behind Yuan Jin turned even more brilliant. Aura within the bodies of the 81 warriors coursed towards him. Countless golden threads shot to the air and pierced his body. Waves of terrifying power were infused into Yuan Jin’s body.

Divine might emanated from Yuan Jin. The weather in the skies changed. The light of calamity of the divine path was there.

Yuan Jin lifted his head to look at the sky. His hair continued to billow as he uttered a single line, “I request to borrow the great path for the fight.”

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