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The Legend of Futian (Web Novel) - Chapter 1074 - Li Yao’s Murderous Intent

Chapter 1074: Li Yao’s Murderous Intent

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The days passed one by one, and in a flash more than a month had passed since the previous Battle of Empty Realm.

The great army that Emperor Xia’s Realm had stationed in the Empty Realm had taken full control of the area, and some cultivators had even been sent over from Emperor XIa’s Realm, using space rule power matrices to transport them.

However, as one of the losing parties in the Battle of Empty Realm, Li Yao, who had been responsible for this Battle of Empty Realm, had not left yet.

Emperor Li’s City was still shattered and broken, and many of the places in it had not been repaired yet. The ruins of battle were still preserved there. Only a single great palace had been repaired.

At that moment Li Yao was there. He had been cultivating in the Empty Realm all along.

“Your Highness.” At that moment someone came towards him and bowed to him.

“Speak,” said Li Yao.

“Ye Futian is still cultivating there, he has not left even once,” the man said to Li Yao. “Here is the news that I have uncovered from Emperor Xia’s Realm. There is great enmity between Ye Futian and many other people. Among them, the most obvious is the enmity between him and Lihen Heaven, and this hate runs the deepest. He once humiliated them by saying that there was no one of worth in Lihen Heaven below the Saint level, and fought his way through the thirty three layers of Lihen Heaven. He challenged and defeated Wang Chuan. Xia Qingyuan herself said this. Afterwards, Lihen Heaven did not take part int the Battle of Empty Realm.”

“Anything else?” asked Li Yao.

“Gongsun Zhong of Divine Cloud Valley and Xiao Sheng of the Xiao clan may be prejudiced against Ye Futian,” the man continued his report. “We ordered the cultivators to go to Emperor Xia’s Realm to investigate the news from Tianji Pavilion. Gongsun Zhong probably admires Princess Xia Qingyuan, but he has hidden it very well. He likely does not dare to reveal his feelings. But he certainly wants to follow her and cultivate with her. Besides this, Xiao Sheng of the Xiao Clan is Xia Qingyuan’s cousin. His family dearly wishes for him to be by Xia Qingyuan’s side and act as her assistant. Last year at Old Man Xiao’s banquet at the Xiao clan, they gave vent to some of their discontent…”

“Did you hear any concrete details of what happened that day?” asked Li Yao.

“Mhm.” The man nodded. Li Yao was extremely interested in this affair.

“Then speak,” Li Yao said again. He then listened seriously to everything the man said, not missing even a little bit of it.

he had not only ordered people to find out everything they could dealing with Emperor Xia’s Realm and Ye Futian, he had also had them find out everything that had happened in Emperor Xia’s City that had to do with Ye Futian during the last Battle of Empty Realm.

Brother Yuan Jin’s death and their defeat at the Empty Realm all stemmed from them underestimating Ye Futian. They did not understand him well enough.

If they had been given more time, Brother Yuan Jin would definitely have been able to uncover more details about Ye Futian, and thus would have been prepared to guard against his special ability to control demons.

And it would not have been like how the Battle of Empty Realm actually turned out, in which they had been fooled by their opponents, and had been defeated at every turn.

Although Lihen Heaven was full of bitterness towards Ye Futian, at the moment there was nothing they could do about it.

At the moment, it seemed that the only ones who could do anything were Gongsun Zhong and Xiao Sheng.

So, which one should he choose?

For this step, he could not be wrong again. If he chose the wrong person, they would certainly directly report it to Xia Qingyuan. In that case, moving against Ye Futian would probably be impossible.

Moreover, the force that he could bring to bear was not terribly strong. Those powerful Saint level figures of the top forces would not just casually obey his orders. Otherwise things would not be so difficult for him.

His sworn brother was gone. So, he was the only one left who could make the decision.

The Valley Master of Divine Cloud Valley, the foremost armorer in Emperor Xia’s Realm, had once pursued Emperor Xia. Now her descendant Gongsun Zhong admired Xia Qingyuan, and yet he dared not show it.

He would probably not have the guts to betray her. And even if he did betray her, if the matter came to light the conflict would not be too fierce. Divine Cloud Valley would not dare to protect him.

Xiao Sheng, was Xia Qingyuan’s cousin, and Queen Xiao’s own kin. The Xiao clan had lofty ambitions, and were kinsmen of the Emperor.

Moreover, Xiao Sheng’s goal was probably everything that Ye Futian had already done so far, and Xiao Sheng was still trying to form a marriage alliance with Divine Cloud Valley.

Given this background, he was obviously bound to be much firmer than Gongsun Zhong. And as the cousin of Xia Qingyuan, and with his status as a member of the Emperor’s own family, he would naturally have even more ambitions.

“He is the one.” A cold light flashed in Li Yao’s eyes. To the man bowing before him he said, “Where is Xiao Sheng now?”

“He is in Kongxuan City in the Empty Realm,” the man answered. Xiao Sheng had not left the Empty Realm either.

Princess Xia Qingyuan was there as well. He obviously would not leave her side too hurriedly.

“Make contact with our spices in the Empty Realm secretly. Make sure you do not reveal yourself,” ordered Li Yao.

The man nodded and said, “I understand.”

“If this matter goes poorly, you will be the one I will ask about it,” said Li Yao coldly. If he could use Xiao Sheng he would do so. If he could not use him now, he might have some use later on.


Ye Futian naturally did not know that Li Yao was still plotting against him. Of course, he had made a display of his abilities at the Battle of Empty Realm, and have revealed his murderous intent towards Li Yao. He had also inflicted heavy casualties upon the cultivators of Emperor Li’s Realm. It was only natural that Li Yao would want him dead.

Thus, as far as Ye Futian was concerned, he needed to continue to work hard and raise his cultivation level, and strive to enter the Divine Path as soon as possible.

Now he had already faintly touched the will of the Great Path. His combat ability was extremely high. If he could make it up to the Realm of Proving Holiness, then his ability to protect himself would become much stronger. Other than this, he could look for an opportunity to kill Li Yao at a later time.

The period of his cultivation flew by, and in a flash another period of time had passed.

On this day, Ye Futian finally stopped cultivating, and called together the cultivators of the Barren State.

“Are we preparing to go home?” Gu Dongliu asked Ye futian once the cultivators of the Barren State were gathered together.

“The Empty Realm is a force that the Realms of the Three Emperors take turns controlling. Cultivators from eveyr plane have all come here to cultivate. Thus, the Empty Realm has become an extremely prosperous trading place. Cultivators from each realm all come here bearing all the treasures they possess to engage in trade, exchanging them for the resources that they need to cultivate. Since we have come here, we shouldn’t let this be a wasted trip.”

Ye Futian smiled and said, “The Princess promised to have divine implements forged for all of you. But cultivation resources are scarce in the Barren State, and Saint level combat spells are so scarce as to become precious. You should all take a walk around the Empty Realm and trade for some of the things that you need.”

“Palace Lord, are you telling us to spend freely?” asked You Chi with a smile. Xia Qingyuan had given Ye Futian fragments of the Great Path a while ago. Their palace lord was quite rich now.

“Okay, if you see anything you like you can have it.” Ye Futian smiled and nodded. The fragments of the Great Path that had been excavated in the Empty Realm over seven days were certainly enough for him to let them spend freely for a day.

“In addition, I am preparing to trade my fragments of the Great Path for some fragments of the Great Path that all you elders need for your cultivation. Later, you can all use these at the palace to continue cultivating your pereption,” continued Ye Futian.

The Nine States’ resources were scarce. Xia Qingyuan had even said that the Great Path did not exist in the land of the Lower Realm.

In addition, Master Douzhan, You Chi and Zhuge Qingfeng’s natural talent was nothing outstanding. Although they were considered top-notch in the Nine States, in the eyes of the Upper Realms their talent was far from enough. After entering the Saint plane through the Battle of Proving Holiness, they had realized that their cultivation had reached a bottleneck. They wanted to continue on to the next step, but it would probably be difficult for them to reach the top. It was said to be difficult to reach the second tier of the Divine Path. Even if they truly reached that level, that would probably be the end.

Saint Xia and Saint Li had both stopped at that tier. In order to go further, they had left the Nine States and trained in the Upper Realms. Perhaps they would have another chance.

“All the fragments that Princess gave you were space element fragments of the Great Path. They are advantageous for your cultivation. You may not need very much right now, but later, when you raise you level up to the Saint plane, the number of fragments of the Great Path that you will need to use will grow larger and larger. No matter how long you let us spend freely for, you should keep some fragments for yourself,” Douzhan said to Ye Futian.

For Douzhan, the Divine Path had once been nothing more than a wild dream. And not only him, everyone from the Barren State felt the same way. Now all they thought about was protecting the palace, and make it continue to become stronger and more prosperous. In addition, they hoped that their students Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could go even farther than they had.

“Master, do you still need to worry about my future cultivation?” said Ye Futian with a smile. “Go on,” said Ye Futian.

Everyone smiled at Douzhan. He had indeed worried greatly about Ye Futian.

With Ye Futian’s talent and Princess Xia Qingyuan’s high regard for him, how could he lack for cultivation resources?

Now, before he had even become a Saint he had already shown off his once-in-a-lifetime talent. He had the power to rise high in the world, and when he finally entered the Saint plane he would naturally be even more outstanding.

“Please call Saint Xia, Saint Li, and Moon Saint together,” said Ye Futian with a slight smile. The group took their leave of him.

Saint Xia and the others were not far away. After hearing the news they happily accompanied Ye Futian on a walk.

“Ah, I was just about to go for a walk around the Empty Realm myself,” said Yao Xi with a smile as she walked over. “You won’t mind if I take a walk with you, will you Lord Ye?”

“You’re already here, why would he mind?” asked Saint Xia. Yao Xi did not care. She could see that Saint Xia did not like her at all. She bowed slightly to him, with a warm smile on her face all along. Let Saint Xia say secretly that she was awful. As long as Ye Futian couldn’t control his feelings it was all alright.

As an elder, Saint Xia had certain expectations of Ye Futian. He had not dared to think of it before, but now, there were some things that he did dare to think of.

Far away, Xia Qingyuan looked up into the sky. She gave an order to the people beside her, and suddenly the group of them rose up into the air. They came up behind Ye Futian and the others. Ye Futian noticed one among them. It was someone who was always there protecting Xia Qingyuan.

“Elder,” called Ye Futian.

“Don’t worry about us,” said the person. Xia Qingyuan had ordered them to ensure Ye Futian’s safety.

Ye Futian looked over at Xia Qingyuan. An astonished expression came over Saint Xia’s face.

Things had become more promising.

“Let’s go.” The group of them rose up higher in the air and left the mountain range.

Back where Xia Qingyuan was, Tian Ji looked at her and said, “Princess, why are you doing this?”

“It’s no bother,” said Xia Qingyuan calmly. Emperor Li’s Realm may have wanted to fight to the death with Emperor Xia’s Realm, but in reality they still had not gone so far as to dare to pay her back for the results of the Battle of Empty Realm.

In the Battle of Empty Realm, the two sides had agreed that life and death would be ruled by fate. Sending an assassin would be sufficient reason to send in the troops. Under the rules they had set, there was still a chance of this. But now the Battle of Empty Realm had ended. Emperor Li’s Realm would not go so far as to madly send someone against her. The people of Emperor Li’s Realm must realize that that would be a disaster for them.

And Ye Futian’s performance at the Battle of Empty Realm had been too dazzling. He had killed many people from Emperor Li’s Realm once again. This was something that Li Yao would certainly hold him accountable for. Before they left the Empty Realm, Xia Qingyuan would certainly have to ensure his safety.

“Since you are going to do this, why don’t you go with them?” asked Tian Ji.

Xia Qingyuan turned and gazed at him coldly. Tian Ji suddenly bowed slightly and said, “I have said too much.”

Xia Qingyuan looked back, then walked forward and left. He would really ask her to go with Ye Futian?

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