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The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel)


The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the continent of Douluo. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of Douluo invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction.

Once the dominant force of Douluo, the few surviving soul beasts now hide in the darkest recesses of their last sanctuary. The weakest have all been hunted, leaving only the strongest to scheme in the heart of the forest. The soul beasts, not willing to fade away, plot an uprising for their survival. In the midst of this, a god from a long forgotten era awakens in the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest to seek vengeance for the soul beasts.

As darkness encroaches from the abyss, hope is found in a young boy who holds a power beyond divinity within himself—Tang Wulin! Hope for both humanity and the soul beasts, as the bridge between the two. He finds his way into the fabled halls of Shrek Academy, where he learns to wield his prodigious powers, makes friends and finds allies, eventually rising to become a towering leader.

As he learns to harness his strength, danger lurks within the shadows as the various factions of humanity maneuver and plot to usurp Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin discovers the threat to the only world he knows as he sinks deeper into the intrigue. Meanwhile, camouflaged by the chaos and unbeknownst to the humans, the soul beasts’ plot continues to steadily advance.

To defend what he loves and reclaim what was lost, Tang Wulin must seek out the legacies of legends past and unlock the full might of the Golden Dragon King!
2230 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1577 - Open Up The Passage Of Demonic Plane2020-03-26
Chapter 1576 - The Win-win Situation2020-03-25
Chapter 1575 - Yuanen Zhentian’s Decision2020-03-25
Chapter 1574 - Shocking Heavenly Refinement2020-03-24
Chapter 1573 - One With The Heaven!2020-03-24
Chapter 1572 - A Test?2020-03-23
Chapter 1571 - Aroused2020-03-23
Chapter 1570 - The Invitation2020-03-22
Chapter 1569 - The Mighty Tang Wulin2020-03-22
Chapter 1568 - The Counterattack2020-03-21
Chapter 1567 - Perfect Cooperation2020-03-21
Chapter 1566 - Yuanen Tiandang2020-03-20
Chapter 1565 - Enlightenment Light2020-03-20
Chapter 1564 - Revenge?2020-03-19
Chapter 1563 - I Was Wrong2020-03-19
Chapter 1562 - Er Ming And The Young Maiden’s Story2020-03-18
Chapter 1561 - Yuanen Clan’s Manor2020-03-18
Chapter 1560 - The Arrival2020-03-17
Chapter 1559 - Super-concentrated Soul Circuit Defense System2020-03-17
Chapter 1558 - What Sort Of Girl Is She?2020-03-16
Chapter 1557 - Carved On Bones And Burned Into Memory2020-03-16
Chapter 1556 - Surprisingly, She Chose Her2020-03-15
Chapter 1555 - Heaven’s Spear2020-03-15
Chapter 1554 - Seven Elements, Great Fission2020-03-15
Chapter 1553 - Wulin Vs. Gu Yue2020-03-15
Chapter 1552 - I’ll Marry You If You Can Defeat Me2020-03-14
Chapter 1551 - Tang Wulin’s Gift2020-03-14
Chapter 1550 - They’re All From Tang Sect And Shrek2020-03-13
Chapter 1549 - I’m From Shrek! I’m Withdrawing Myself!2020-03-13
Chapter 1548 - Joust For A Spouse Begins2020-03-13
Chapter 1547 - He’s Here2020-03-13
Chapter 1546 - Dragon King’s Request2020-03-13
Chapter 1545 - The Dragon Clan2020-03-13
Chapter 1544 - Impressive, Huh?!2020-03-13
Chapter 1543 - Forbid Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut2020-03-09
Chapter 1542 - Sea God’s Second Examination2020-03-07
Chapter 1541 - Gu Yuena’s Sobs2020-03-07
Chapter 1540 - Dragon Domain2020-03-07
Chapter 1539 - A Good Thing2020-03-06
Chapter 1538 - Shocking Heaven And Earth2020-03-06
Chapter 1537 - The Battle Of Love Rivals2020-03-05
Chapter 1536 - The Ultimate Showdown2020-03-05
Chapter 1535 - The Vanishing Tang Sect2020-03-05
Chapter 1534 - Painstaking Cultivation2020-03-05
Chapter 1533 - The Acknowledgement2020-03-05
Chapter 1532 - Old Ancestor?2020-03-05
Chapter 1531 - Little Girl2020-03-05
Chapter 1530 - Xiao Wu And Tang Wutong2020-03-05
Chapter 1529 - Er Ming’s Descendant2020-03-01
Chapter 1528 - Mysteries of the Plane2020-03-01
Chapter 1527 - The Beast King That Looked Upon Mankind With Hatred2020-03-01
Chapter 1526 - Prove Your Identity2020-03-01
Chapter 1525 - You’re the Titan Giant Ape!2020-03-01
Chapter 1524 - The Unexpected Powerhouse2020-02-28
Chapter 1523 - Oh My God, The Competition Has Ended!2020-02-28
Chapter 1522 - The Simplified Version Of Dragon Emperor Break2020-02-28
Chapter 1521 - Returning to One’s Original State2020-02-26
Chapter 1520 - Thought Concretization2020-02-26
Chapter 1519 - The Solicitation2020-02-25
Chapter 1518 - You Should Go To Shrek2020-02-25
Chapter 1517 - Thunder God’s Whip2020-02-25
Chapter 1516 - Instant Victory2020-02-25
Chapter 1515 - North Tip Saber2020-02-25
Chapter 1514 - You’ve Got Bad Breath…2020-02-25
Chapter 1513 - She Likes You2020-02-22
Chapter 1512 - Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break2020-02-22
Chapter 1511 - Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law!2020-02-21
Chapter 1510 - The Insight2020-02-21
Chapter 1509 - Li Weisi2020-02-21
Chapter 1508 - Very Hungry2020-02-21
Chapter 1507 - A Sigh2020-02-21
Chapter 1506 - Demon’s Door2020-02-21
Chapter 1505 - Yuanen Yehui’s Family Background2020-02-18
Chapter 1504 - I’ve Lost2020-02-18
Chapter 1503 - Limit Douluo’s Strength2020-02-18
Chapter 1502 - Resist The Mainstay By Force2020-02-18
Chapter 1501 - The Three-Attack Wager2020-02-18
Chapter 1500 - No One Is Allowed To Take You Away2020-02-18
Chapter 1499 - Yuanen Yehui’s Clan Members2020-02-15
Chapter 1498 - Meaty Aroma2020-02-14
Chapter 1497 - Two Reasons2020-02-14
Chapter 1496 - The Pursuit Of Heavenly Refinement Is Perfection2020-02-14
Chapter 1495 - Flourishing Ten Thousand Beast Platform2020-02-14
Chapter 1494 - Arrogance And Elegance2020-02-13
Chapter 1493 - Drawing Lots2020-02-12
Chapter 1492 - The Success Rate Of Heavenly Refinement2020-02-12
Chapter 1491 - Grinding Works2020-02-12
Chapter 1490 - Blue Emperor Forest Lightning Hell2020-02-11
Chapter 1489 - The Summoning Door2020-02-11
Chapter 1488 - Tang Wulin’s Opponent2020-02-10
Chapter 1487 - Powerful Yuanen Yehui2020-02-09
Chapter 1486 - Yuan Hui2020-02-09
Chapter 1485 - The Elimination Round Begins2020-02-09
Chapter 1484 - You Shouldn’t Have Come2020-02-08
Chapter 1483 - Complete Gu Yuena Lightning Triangular Maneuver2020-02-07
Chapter 1482 - The Mecha Association2020-02-07
Chapter 1481 - A Plane of Spirit Soul’s Law2020-02-06
Chapter 1480 - Breakaway2020-02-06
Chapter 1479 - Two Great Powerhouses2020-02-06
Chapter 1478 - It’s Over2020-02-05