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The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel)


The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the continent of Douluo. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of Douluo invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction.

Once the dominant force of Douluo, the few surviving soul beasts now hide in the darkest recesses of their last sanctuary. The weakest have all been hunted, leaving only the strongest to scheme in the heart of the forest. The soul beasts, not willing to fade away, plot an uprising for their survival. In the midst of this, a god from a long forgotten era awakens in the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest to seek vengeance for the soul beasts.

As darkness encroaches from the abyss, hope is found in a young boy who holds a power beyond divinity within himself—Tang Wulin! Hope for both humanity and the soul beasts, as the bridge between the two. He finds his way into the fabled halls of Shrek Academy, where he learns to wield his prodigious powers, makes friends and finds allies, eventually rising to become a towering leader.

As he learns to harness his strength, danger lurks within the shadows as the various factions of humanity maneuver and plot to usurp Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin discovers the threat to the only world he knows as he sinks deeper into the intrigue. Meanwhile, camouflaged by the chaos and unbeknownst to the humans, the soul beasts’ plot continues to steadily advance.

To defend what he loves and reclaim what was lost, Tang Wulin must seek out the legacies of legends past and unlock the full might of the Golden Dragon King!
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1880 - The Amorous Douluo vs. The Blood Demon2020-08-23
Chapter 1879 - Soul Devourment2020-08-22
Chapter 1878 - He Was Killed Eventually2020-08-21
Chapter 1877 - Zhangkong Vs. Hummingbird2020-08-21
Chapter 1876 - Do You Still Recognize Me?2020-08-21
Chapter 1875 - The Darkness Hummingbird!2020-08-20
Chapter 1874 - The Underworld Emperor Was Injured Next2020-08-19
Chapter 1873 - Double Phoenix Death2020-08-19
Chapter 1872 - Flying Flaming Phoenixes2020-08-19
Chapter 1871 - She Won!2020-08-18
Chapter 1870 - The Dragon God’s Heart2020-08-17
Chapter 1869 - I Was A God King Once2020-08-17
Chapter 1868 - Planar Lock2020-08-16
Chapter 1867 - Battle Against The Demon Empress2020-08-16
Chapter 1866 - Double Phoenix Battle2020-08-15
Chapter 1865 - The Love Of Heavenly Phoenix2020-08-15
Chapter 1864 - You’re Asking Me Why?2020-08-15
Chapter 1863 - The Return!2020-08-14
Chapter 1862 - Double Death2020-08-13
Chapter 1861 - I Won’t Let You Abandon Me2020-08-13
Chapter 1860 - He Will Return2020-08-12
Chapter 1859 - Heavy Ion Is Effective!2020-08-12
Chapter 1858 - Double Lives Devil Puppe2020-08-11
Chapter 1857 - Weakness Light2020-08-11
Chapter 1856 - Pull Out The Sea God’s Trident!2020-08-11
Chapter 1855 - Your Conscience Must Be True At All Times2020-08-10
Chapter 1854 - Where Are The Rest?2020-08-09
Chapter 1853 - Sea God Douluo2020-08-09
Chapter 1852 - The Demon Empress2020-08-08
Chapter 1851 - Truly A God2020-08-08
Chapter 1850 - Who Are You Actually?2020-08-07
Chapter 1849 - Infrasonic Weapon2020-08-07
Chapter 1848 - Starlight Chaos2020-08-06
Chapter 1847 - Devour To Replenish Power2020-08-06
Chapter 1846 - The Three Great Spirit Dragon Kings!2020-08-06
Chapter 1845 - The Unconquerable Mis2020-08-06
Chapter 1844 - The Abyssal Legion’s Commander2020-08-04
Chapter 1843 - The Abyssal Spirit Dragon2020-08-04
Chapter 1842 - The War Came Again The2020-08-03
Chapter 1841 - The Abyssal Outburs2020-08-03
Chapter 1840 - A Whale?2020-08-02
Chapter 1839 - The Sea God Army Crisis2020-08-02
Chapter 1838 - Try Again!2020-08-02
Chapter 1837 - The Battle Of Father And Son Part 22020-08-02
Chapter 1836 - The Battle Of Father And Son Part 12020-08-02
Chapter 1835 - You Must Take Care Of Yourself2020-07-31
Chapter 1834 - Wulin And Xiao Wu2020-07-30
Chapter 1833 - Overall Defence2020-07-30
Chapter 1832 - Divine Origin2020-07-30
Chapter 1831 - Fuse With Father’s Bloodline2020-07-30
Chapter 1830 - A Promise To The Little Princess2020-07-29
Chapter 1829 - I Want To Go To The Human World2020-07-29
Chapter 1828 - Kill The Evil Devil Killer Whale King2020-07-28
Chapter 1827 - The Battle2020-07-28
Chapter 1826 - The Collision2020-07-27
Chapter 1825 - What Clansmen?2020-07-27
Chapter 1824 - The Sixth Examination2020-07-26
Chapter 1823 - Body Forging2020-07-26
Chapter 1822 - Break Through The Ring Seal2020-07-25
Chapter 1821 - Ten Thousand Beast Platform’s Expansion2020-07-25
Chapter 1820 - Adulated?2020-07-24
Chapter 1819 - Called Up Gu Yuena2020-07-24
Chapter 1818 - Life Wither2020-07-22
Chapter 1817 - Restarting The Production Of Superweapons2020-07-22
Chapter 1816 - The Abyssal Passage Disappeared2020-07-22
Chapter 1815 - The Flirtatious Kiss2020-07-22
Chapter 1814 - Ling Zichen’s Brilliance2020-07-22
Chapter 1813 - Not Just Insane2020-07-21
Chapter 1812 - Ling Zichen’s Excitement2020-07-20
Chapter 1811 - Long Live Federation2020-07-20
Chapter 1810 - Explode, Eternal Heaven!2020-07-20
Chapter 1809 - You Are Tang Sect’s Pride2020-07-19
Chapter 1808 - Cannon God, The Human Form Weapon!2020-07-19
Chapter 1807 - Pledge To Live And Die Together With The Army2020-07-18
Chapter 1806 - Success2020-07-18
Chapter 1805 - Spirit Pagoda Master Gu Yuena2020-07-17
Chapter 1804 - Twin Dragon’s Arrival2020-07-17
Chapter 1803 - The Spirit Monarch From Level Two Of The Abyss2020-07-17
Chapter 1802 - The Arrival Of The Formidable Enemy2020-07-16
Chapter 1801 - Silver Dragon Suppression2020-07-15
Chapter 1800 - Evil Sickle2020-07-15
Chapter 1799 - Fatal Crisis2020-07-14
Chapter 1798 - Still Did Not Work2020-07-14
Chapter 1797 - Complete Resistance2020-07-14
Chapter 1796 - Bloodriver Moved2020-07-13
Chapter 1795 - The Alert2020-07-12
Chapter 1794 - Modifying The Eternal Heaven2020-07-12
Chapter 1793 - Alarmists’ Prophecy?2020-07-11
Chapter 1792 - What’s The Big Deal With Holding Hands?2020-07-11
Chapter 1791 - Tang Wulin’s Blood2020-07-10
Chapter 1790 - Ling Zichen’s Conditions2020-07-10
Chapter 1789 - The Evolution Of The Ancient Life Tree2020-07-09
Chapter 1788 - Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array2020-07-09
Chapter 1787 - The Unexpected Rescue2020-07-08
Chapter 1786 - Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array2020-07-08
Chapter 1785 - Free To Advance Or Retreat2020-07-07
Chapter 1784 - Advance At High Speed2020-07-07
Chapter 1783 - Golden Body Took Action2020-07-06
Chapter 1782 - Terrifying Hive Of Bees!2020-07-06
Chapter 1781 - Air Force Takes Off2020-07-05
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