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The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1140 - Member of Parliament Mo Lan

Chapter 1140: Member of Parliament Mo Lan

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That was when she started having issues with the use of alcohol. However, she did not expect to see him again under such circumstances.

‘He’s in Mingdu City! He’s in Mingdu City!’

Although Mingdu City was huge, at least she would not be looking in the whole Douluo Continent like a needle in a haystack. Moreover, Shen Family’s status in Mingdu City had given her many resources to look for this person. She had to find him no matter the cost.

When she thought about this, Shen Xing had felt excitement for the first time in a while. She must catch that fellow and make him kneel in front of her to beg for her forgiveness. Then…

As for what would happen next, she had not figured that out yet. Currently, the only thing she wanted to do was to catch this hateful fellow.

Shen Xing combed her long wet hair. Her gaze became unprecedentedly determined.

For Tang Wulin, the encounter with Shen Xing was but a little overture. He returned to the hotel and went to his room to begin meditation. Every day’s cultivation time was the best of the day for him. The feeling of sudden improvement every time he cultivated was not the only reason he felt this way. More importantly, he could relax his spirits to the greatest extent and better feel everything in the outside world during the process of his cultivation.

His forging today had given him many new sensations. His understanding of the Spirit Realm Domain deepened again.

Spirit Domain Realm was almost the limit for soul masters. Nobody was sure of what came after it. Everyone only knew was that it was virtually impossible for anyone to proceed further than Spirit Domain Realm. Not even a Limit Douluo could do that. One might have to become a god to reach the Divine Origin.

He did not say anything for the entire night. Early morning Tang Wulin gave his savings card to Long Yuxue for her to buy some necessities for everyone. With a co-captain like her, he could truly be at ease.

Tang Wulin already had some plans about their future moves. After contacting Mo Lan in Mingdu City, he would bring the others and leave this place as soon as possible. They would first go somewhere near Shrek City’s former location. Including Heaven Dou City, the Shrek City’s vicinity was without a doubt the most influenced region by Shrek Academy. It would be more helpful for them to find supporters of Shrek Academy there.

Tang Wulin finished his breakfast and went to the café where he agreed to meet Mo Lan. He did not directly go inside the café, but he instead walked around the outside. He did not put any makeup today but intentionally wore a cap. The cap’s broad brim covered his face.

He simply observed the surroundings as he probed around with his spiritual power. He did not sense anything wrong. He then stood still in a corner of the street. He silently waited for the time of their appointment.

Caution was the parent of safety. This was what the old demons taught him. The lapse of caution at any moment could cost him his life. Tang Wulin knew that he shouldered a heavy responsibility. The only person he could count on right now was himself. Hence he was in a perpetual state of alertness. Once he noticed that something was off, he would choose the safest course of action at the moment.

“Mister, would you like some cigarettes?” A merchant passed by Tang Wulin with his goods cart.

Tang Wulin glanced at him and waved his hand.

The merchant continued on his way.

Tang Wulin saw a familiar silhouette far away.

Her body was still gentle and graceful. She wore a professional suit of black and looked neat and full of experience. However, on her formerly gentle and beautiful face, Tang Wulin saw the hardships of life.

She seemed to have aged a decade in just a few years. Not far behind her, another young girl followed. The young girl had a slender build and was on the skinny side. She was about a hundred and seventy centimeters tall and wore simple white sports attire. The strange thing was that her hair was also white. Only her eyes were blue. She appeared to be quite peculiar.

Tang Wulin could even sense a threat coming from her. It was clear that this young girl who looked no more than twenty years old was an expert. She was an exceptional expert at that.

The two females entered the café. After taking another look at his surroundings, Tang Wulin walked towards it too. He pushed the door open and entered.

Mo Lan was already seated at the promised spot. The young girl who had followed her sat at a neighboring table. The waitress was saying something to Mo Lan.

Tang Wulin controlled his excited emotions before he strode toward Mo Lan. He sat opposite her.

Mo Lan’s body shook when she saw him. When Tang Wulin removed his cap and revealed his original appearance, the waitress’s voice beside her seemed to have been cut off. A film of tears appeared in the pair of beautiful eyes that looked like they had been around for an eternity.

The white-haired girl looked at Tang Wulin with puzzlement. However, her luscious buttocks had already left her seat. She was like a female leopard that was storing her energy in preparation to pounce at him.

“Sister…” Tang Wulin softly called out.

Mo Lan’s tears could not be stopped. They instantly gushed forth as she grabbed Tang Wulin’s hand. “Little brother, little brother…” She sobbed too bitterly to speak.

The waitress was diligent. When she saw this scene, she quickly left them alone. Tang Wulin and Mo Lan locked eyes.

Mo Lan’s tears could not be stopped. No matter how strong she was, no matter how many times she told herself that she had to be strong, when she saw Tang Wulin again, the gates of her heart could not help but be opened. She sobbed bitterly in front of this little brother who had once saved her life.

Tang Wulin grabbed her hand. Millions of words were insufficient to convey what they had experienced.

Mo Lan had lost her family. For Tang Wulin, it was the same.

When the white-haired girl saw Mo Lan crying sadly, she was first surprised but she quickly frowned and walked up to her and gave her some tissue.

Mo Lan accepted the tissue and wiped her tears. She tried very hard to calm her emotions.

“I never thought that I’d be able to meet you again in this lifetime.” This simple statement from her contained endless bitterness.

Tang Wulin did not make a sound. He only tightly held her hand.

It was only now that Mo Lan could take a good look at him. Compared to before, the current Tang Wulin was much taller and more handsome. With his tall and straight body, he already had the appearance of an adult. However, what pained Mo Lan was that the steadiness that flowed out of Tang Wulin was something that was beyond his age. When she thought about the things that he might have experienced, there was no doubt that the pain he suffered was not any lesser than hers.

As the daughter of Heaven Dou City’s Administrator, she had always kept an eye out for Tang Wulin, who was a Shrek Academy student.

He had gone missing on Star Luo Continent for three years and still quickly became the current Shrek Seven Monster’s captain. Mo Lan knew all this information that was difficult for outsiders to know about.

They had been apart for roughly five years now. Tang Wulin had grown up. He had lost the energy he had back then, but in its place was this steadiness.

How much hardship would he have to endure to become like this?

“I thought that you’ve…” Mo Lan’s eyes teared up again.

Tang Wulin said, “I’m still alive. Sister, don’t worry. I’m doing well.”

“Mm.” Mo Lan kept nodding, but she could not stop her tears from overflowing again.

Tang Wulin gently shook her hand. “Sister, since we’re both alive those people have to pay. We must do this for us and the entire human race.”

When she heard these words, the tears in Mo Lan’s eyes seemed to have instantly evaporated. A deep and profound hatred gushed forth from her eyes. She did not even notice herself digging nails into Tang Wulin’s palm.

“Yes, they must pay.”

“This isn’t a place to talk. Little brother, come with me,” as she said this, Mo Lan pulled Tang Wulin as they went out.

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