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The Legendary Mechanic (Web Novel)


What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love?

What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC – you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched!

What will happen when our protagonist’s two realities coincide?

Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past life’s knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

563 • 2019-03-29 11:55:36


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 664 Lagi’s Past, Creeping Evil2020-02-19
Chapter 663 Psionic Core, War Situation2020-02-17
Chapter 662 Multiplied Strength2020-02-16
Chapter 661 A New Level2020-02-15
Chapter 660 Legendary Point: Indestructible Body.2020-02-14
Chapter 659 Beyond Grade A Level Attack!2020-02-13
Chapter 658 Fighting Eight People Alone!2020-02-12
Chapter 657 Gloat When Winning, Hide When Losing2020-02-11
Chapter 656 Danger Is Equal to Opportunity2020-02-10
Chapter 655 The First Battle2020-02-09
Chapter 654 The War Begins2020-02-08
Chapter 653 Ten Year Plan2020-02-07
Chapter 652 Version Update, the Start of Ten Years2020-02-07
Chapter 651 The End of Season Two2020-02-07
Chapter 650 Milestone2020-02-07
Chapter 649 Group Taunt2020-02-06
Chapter 648 Divisions2020-02-06
Chapter 647 Advanced Strengthened Life2020-02-06
Chapter 646 Training Soldiers2020-02-06
Chapter 645 Galaxy Pro League Season Two2020-02-06
Chapter 644 The Ancient Ones2020-02-06
Chapter 643 Crushed2020-02-06
Chapter 642 Counterattack2020-02-06
Chapter 641 Mid Lane High Ground, Come for a Team Fight.2020-02-06
Chapter 640 Ambush2020-02-06
Chapter 639 This Talent Is Wonderful to the Point I Don’t Want to Upgrade It2020-02-06
Chapter 638 In the Chaotic Crimson Tide, Storms Are Forming (2)2020-02-06
Chapter 637 In the Chaotic Crimson Tide, Storms Are Forming (1)2020-02-06
Chapter 636 How Can One Draw a Prize Without Touching Feidin?2020-02-06
Chapter 635 After I Plant a Ward on You, You Will Be My Teammate2020-02-06
Chapter 634: The Calamity Battle2020-02-06
Chapter 633: Formation of the Organization, an Assault Invitation2020-02-05
Chapter 632: Gundam Is a Man’s Romance2020-02-04
Chapter 631: Prologue of the Crimson Tide, Request From a Star Cluster Civilization2020-02-04
Chapter 630: Development Status and Bottleneck2020-02-02
Chapter 629: Mysterious Killer2020-02-01
Chapter 628: Two Years Later2020-01-31
Chapter 627: Black Spirit Race2020-01-30
Chapter 626: Victory2020-01-29
Chapter 625: The Strongest Tribe, Launching of Biochemical Weapons2020-01-28
Chapter 624: One Batch at a Time (2)2020-01-27
Chapter 623: One Batch at a Time (1)2020-01-26
Chapter 622: Plan B, Migration2020-01-25
Chapter 621: The Race with the Highest Potential2020-01-24
Chapter 620: Budding Civilization2020-01-23
Chapter 619: Sunil’s Grade A Main Storyline2020-01-22
Chapter 618: Class Advancement!2020-01-21
Chapter 617: Planet Sunil’s Natives!2020-01-20
Chapter 616: The Party Ends, Trip to Sunil.2020-01-19
Chapter 615: Austin’s Gift2020-01-19
Chapter 614: Official Party2020-01-17
Chapter 613: Turned Table2020-01-16
Chapter 612: Resource Battle?2020-01-16
Chapter 611: The Battle2020-01-14
Chapter 610: Openly Poaching2020-01-13
Chapter 609: New Territory, Empire Envoy2020-01-12
Chapter 608: Probing2020-01-10
Chapter 607: Provoke2020-01-10
Chapter 606: Bloodshed Land2020-01-10
Chapter 605: The Tyrant’s Invitation, Shattered Star Ring Territories2020-01-10
Chapter 604: Bad Feelings Most Likely Will Turn True2020-01-10
Chapter 603: Machinery Innovation!2020-01-10
Chapter 602: Perfect Mechanical Sense2020-01-10
Chapter 601: No Reason Not To2020-01-10
Chapter 600: DarkStar Remnants2020-01-08
Chapter 599: Stepping onto the Right Path and Expanding Blueprints2020-01-07
Chapter 598: Man vs. Fleet2020-01-06
Chapter 597: Behind Enemy Lines Alone2020-01-05
Chapter 596: Stalling and Luring2020-01-04
Chapter 595: Malekith’s Ambush! (2)2020-01-03
Chapter 594: Malekith’s Ambush! (1)2020-01-02
Chapter 593: Sudden Emergency2020-01-01
Chapter 592: The Investment from Noriosse2019-12-31
Chapter 591: Changing Main Cities2019-12-30
Chapter 590: Influence2019-12-29
Chapter 589: Recorded in History2019-12-28
Chapter 588: Award Ceremony2019-12-27
Chapter 587: Berserk Ape2019-12-26
Chapter 586: Payment in Hand2019-12-25
Chapter 585: Mastermind2019-12-24
Chapter 584: Escaped Fish2019-12-23
Chapter 583: The Ending Is Usually Decided Before the Battle Even Starts2019-12-22
Chapter 582: The Counterattack Begins2019-12-21
Chapter 581: Refreshing Everyone’s Understanding2019-12-20
Chapter 580: Depart2019-12-19
Chapter 579: It’s Time2019-12-18
Chapter 578: Stepping into the Calamity Grade!2019-12-17
Chapter 577: Attention from Everywhere, Black Star Army2019-12-16
Chapter 5762019-12-15
Chapter 575: Mission Reward, Plan Preparations2019-12-14
Chapter 574: Tanking the Main Cannon‽ (3)2019-12-13
Chapter 573: Tanking the Main Cannon‽ (2)2019-12-12
Chapter 572: Tanking the Main Cannon‽ (1)2019-12-11
Chapter 571: Is This Guy a Cockroach‽2019-12-10
Chapter 570: Siege2019-12-09
Chapter 569: Army Appear!2019-12-08
Chapter 568: Imminent Danger!2019-12-07
Chapter 567: The Endless Potential of Selling Intelligence2019-12-06
Chapter 566: Your Mothership Isn’t Bad. It’s Now Mine.2019-12-05
Chapter 565: Unexpected Reinforcements2019-12-04