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The Legendary Mechanic (Web Novel)


What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love?

What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC – you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched!

What will happen when our protagonist’s two realities coincide?

Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past life’s knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

373 • 2019-03-29 11:55:36


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 572: Tanking the Main Cannon‽ (1)2019-12-11
Chapter 571: Is This Guy a Cockroach‽2019-12-10
Chapter 570: Siege2019-12-09
Chapter 569: Army Appear!2019-12-08
Chapter 568: Imminent Danger!2019-12-07
Chapter 567: The Endless Potential of Selling Intelligence2019-12-06
Chapter 566: Your Mothership Isn’t Bad. It’s Now Mine.2019-12-05
Chapter 565: Unexpected Reinforcements2019-12-04
Chapter 564: The Beginning of the Storm2019-12-03
Chapter 563: Feidin, Son of Luck2019-12-02
Chapter 562: Destruction2019-12-01
Chapter 561: Mechanical Beast Guards Army!2019-11-30
Chapter 560: Boss Mission2019-11-29
Chapter 559: Storm. Lock On.2019-11-28
Chapter 558: Fight for Time2019-11-27
Chapter 557: Successful Research. Taking the Initiative.2019-11-26
Chapter 556: An Experienced Individual Indeed2019-11-25
Chapter 555: Reactions from All Sides2019-11-24
Chapter 554: It Is Time to Show My True Imagination2019-11-23
Chapter 553: Negotiations2019-11-22
Chapter 552: Hang in There, We Will Win!2019-11-21
Chapter 551: Ames’ Curiosity2019-11-20
Chapter 550: It’s Time to Take out the Dusty Juicer2019-11-16
Chapter 549: Seeking Death2019-11-16
Chapter 548: Seeking Death2019-11-15
Chapter 547: The Time Has Arrived2019-11-14
Chapter 546: DarkStar’s Next Move2019-11-13
Chapter 545: Sensory Organs2019-11-12
Chapter 544: Second Phase of the Mutation Disaster2019-11-11
Chapter 543: Butterfly Effect2019-11-11
Chapter 542: I’ll Give You Another Chance to Repeat Yourself2019-11-11
Chapter 541: Escaping After Provoking Me? Not Going to Happen!2019-11-10
Chapter 540: Virtual Intrusion (2)2019-11-09
Chapter 539: Virtual Intrusion (1)2019-11-08
Chapter 538: Choosing to Pursuit2019-11-07
Chapter 537: Raid (2)2019-11-06
Chapter 536: Raid (1)2019-11-05
Chapter 535: Impending Crisis2019-11-04
Chapter 534: Operation Begins2019-11-03
Chapter 533: Not Angry, Not Angry At All2019-11-02
Chapter 532: Openly Poaching2019-11-01
Chapter 531: Advancement, Virtual Mechanic!2019-10-31
Chapter 530: Ridiculous Truth (2)2019-10-30
Chapter 529: Ridiculous Truth (1)2019-10-29
Chapter 528: New Clue2019-10-28
Chapter 527: Tense Atmosphere2019-10-28
Chapter 526: Godoran Rescue Team2019-10-25
Chapter 525: Aurora2019-10-25
Chapter 524: Hila2019-10-25
Chapter 523: New Combat Mode (2)2019-10-25
Chapter 522: New Combat Mode (1)2019-10-25
Chapter 521: Tracing Back to Origins, One Final Link2019-10-24
Chapter 520: Bell of Death Island (2)2019-10-23
Chapter 519: Bell of Death Island (1)2019-10-22
Chapter 518: The Bargaining Chip Is the Future2019-10-21
Chapter 517: Six Nations Seek Aid2019-10-20
Chapter 516: Feelings Are Not Enough—One Has to Employ a Routine2019-10-19
Chapter 515: With a Single Slash, Your Wallet Will Be Dried Up2019-10-18
Chapter 514 - Time to Harvest2019-10-17
Chapter 513: The Truth of the Mutation Disaster2019-10-16
Chapter 512: Reunion2019-10-15
Chapter 511: Acting Cool2019-10-14
Chapter 510: Black Star’s Return!2019-10-13
Chapter 509: The Players Return, Eruption of the Mutation Disaster2019-10-12
Chapter 508: New Version, New Phase2019-10-11
Chapter 507: The Arrangement Comes into Effect2019-10-10
Chapter 506: Mass Production Design, Onset of the Disaster2019-10-09
Chapter 505: Location of the Base2019-10-08
Chapter 504: Getting Investments2019-10-07
Chapter 503: Effect and Plan2019-10-06
Chapter 502: DarkStar’s Shock2019-10-05
Chapter 501: I Have Lost the Ability to Be Fooled2019-10-04
Chapter 500: Return2019-10-03
Chapter 499: Battle of Noriosse (5)2019-10-02
Chapter 498: Battle of Noriosse (4)2019-10-01
Chapter 497: Battle of Noriosse (3)2019-09-30
Chapter 496: Battle of Noriosse (2)2019-09-29
Chapter 495: Battle of Noriosse (1)2019-09-28
Chapter 494: Emergency Plan2019-09-27
Chapter 493: Aroshia’s Origins (2)2019-09-26
Chapter 492: Aroshia’s Origins (1)2019-09-25
Chapter 491: Welcome Back2019-09-24
Chapter 490: Sharp Contradiction2019-09-23
Chapter 489: Anur2019-09-22
Chapter 488 - Retreat2019-09-21
Chapter 487: I Do Not Believe Heroes Cannot Fall to Their Deaths!2019-09-20
Chapter 486: Fierce Battle2019-09-19
Chapter 485: The Gangster Mechanic2019-09-18
Chapter 484: Chaotic Entry2019-09-17
Chapter 483: Seeking Aid and Recruitment2019-09-16
Chapter 482: Trap2019-09-15
Chapter 481: Thank You2019-09-14
Chapter 480: Eternal Oracle, Aesop Hurricane2019-09-13
Chapter 479: Blink2019-09-12
Chapter 478: There Is One Type of Book That Will Never Be Obsolete in Any Era2019-09-11
Chapter 477: DarkStar Traitor2019-09-11
Chapter 476: Attack2019-09-10
Chapter 475: Strange Godoran2019-09-10
Chapter 474: Shattered Star Ring’s Door—Noriosse!2019-09-09
Chapter 473: Shattered Light (3)2019-09-09