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The Legendary Mechanic (Web Novel)


What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love?

What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC – you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched!

What will happen when our protagonist’s two realities coincide?

Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past life’s knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

977 • 2019-03-29 11:55:36


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 801 Spar2020-05-27
Chapter 800 Pressure2020-05-27
Chapter 799 “Dynasty Ruler“ Urranrell and “Dark Lord“ Clotti2020-05-26
Chapter 798 Dynasty Mother Plane2020-05-25
Chapter 797 Inter-Star Field Stargate2020-05-25
Chapter 796 Plan2020-05-24
Chapter 795 Goal2020-05-23
Chapter 794 The “True Protagonist“2020-05-22
Chapter 793 Golden Leek!2020-05-22
Chapter 792 - Teny Amenos2020-05-21
Chapter 791 Star Field Profit Blueprin2020-05-20
Chapter 790 Main Storyline— Flickering World2020-05-20
Chapter 789 Meeting and Goal2020-05-19
Chapter 788 Migration and Negotiation2020-05-18
Chapter 787 Showing One“s Face for the Mission2020-05-18
Chapter 786 Everything Comes at the End of Fawning2020-05-17
Chapter 785 Forums“ Response and Themed Episode2020-05-16
Chapter 784 Voluntary Retreat!2020-05-15
Chapter 783 Celebrities of the Future2020-05-15
Chapter 782 Interlude, an Unexpected Gues2020-05-14
Chapter 781 EsGod“s Suggestion2020-05-13
Chapter 780 Heber Stellar Furnace Cultivation2020-05-13
Chapter 779 - 779 Your Ally Is Not Bad...2020-05-12
Chapter 778 Counter2020-05-11
Chapter 777 Sudden2020-05-11
Chapter 776 The Battle2020-05-10
Chapter 775 The Battle Begins!2020-05-09
Chapter 774 Spending Potential Points Sure Is Comfortable2020-05-08
Chapter 773 Star Field Trend2020-05-08
Chapter 772 Negotiations and Hidden Currents2020-05-07
Chapter 771 You“d Better Not Run2020-05-07
Chapter 770 Independence2020-05-07
Chapter 769 - Huge Sensation!2020-05-05
Chapter 768 - 768 Announcement 22020-05-04
Chapter 767 - 767 Announcement 12020-05-04
Chapter 766 Setting Up the Black Star Guards Regimen2020-05-03
Chapter 765 Prelude to Change2020-05-02
Chapter 764 The Impending Storm2020-05-02
Chapter 763 Intense Battle2020-05-02
Chapter 762 Apologies, I Won“t Let You Support My Ass2020-05-02
Chapter 761 Negotiations2020-05-02
Chapter 760 Exclusive Race!2020-05-02
Chapter 759 Born!2020-05-02
Chapter 758 Like Rain Pouring on a Field2020-05-02
Chapter 757 This Is Not Personal; It“s Just Too Tempting.2020-04-30
Chapter 756 Genetic Optimization and Ambitions2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 755 Preparing for a Hot Potato2020-04-29
Chapter 754 Did I Become Blind?2020-04-28
Chapter 753 Striking Firs2020-04-27
Chapter 752 Emperor Mechanic!2020-04-27
Chapter 751 - 751 Arrival2020-04-27
Chapter 750 Unexpected Invitation2020-04-27
Chapter 749 - 749 It Will Not Be So Easy!2020-04-24
Chapter 748 - 748 Target: Evolution Cube!2020-04-24
Chapter 747 - 747 Eternal Light and Sardeem“s Attention2020-04-23
Chapter 746 - 746 Planet Macipher and the Cornerstone Summit Corporation2020-04-22
Chapter 745 - 745 Tomar2020-04-22
Chapter 744 EsGod“s Intention The2020-04-21
Chapter 743 News from Harrofal2020-04-20
Chapter 742 One Cannon Is Enough2020-04-20
Chapter 741 Hidden Talen2020-04-19
Chapter 740 Swaggering through the Novice Village2020-04-18
Chapter 739 Guests2020-04-17
Chapter 738 Purple Crystal“s Thoughts2020-04-17
Chapter 737 Changes2020-04-16
Chapter 736 Plans of Expansion2020-04-16
Chapter 735 Evolve! Advancing on the Path of a Tank!2020-04-16
Chapter 734 Mislead2020-04-16
Chapter 733 Protecting the Law2020-04-16
Chapter 732 Cultivation Plan2020-04-16
Chapter 731 Return2020-04-16
Chapter 730 Universal Treasure2020-04-11
Chapter 729 Wanted2020-04-10
Chapter 728 Enchantment and Leaving Tutelage2020-04-10
Chapter 727 Psychic Toxin2020-04-09
Chapter 726 Psyker2020-04-08
Chapter 725 Hidden Scheme2020-04-08
Chapter 724 Fertilizer2020-04-07
Chapter 723 Money Is the Most Terrifying Weapon2020-04-07
Chapter 722 Going to War2020-04-06
Chapter 721 The World Doesn’t Lack ‘Smart People’2020-04-05
Chapter 720 Players, I’m Gonna Earn Till I Explode!2020-04-04
Chapter 719 Fertilization2020-04-03
Chapter 718 Defensive Measures Against Thieves2020-04-03
Chapter 717 Changing in a Blink2020-04-02
Chapter 716 New Version-Crimson Tide!2020-04-01
Chapter 715 Seven Years2020-04-01
Chapter 714 Dried Experience2020-03-31
Chapter 713 Grade S Mission Reward!2020-03-30
Chapter 712 DarkStar’s End, the Leader’s Sacrifice2020-03-29
Chapter 711 Discrimination Transformation Movement2020-03-29