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The Legendary Mechanic (Web Novel) - Chapter 541: Escaping After Provoking Me? Not Going to Happen!

Chapter 541: Escaping After Provoking Me? Not Going to Happen!

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Far away in the intense battlefield between the Godoran and DarkStar fleet, Nakapu received news that Black Star had managed to block the sudden ambush and was even trying to wipe them out. A strange look could be seen on his face before his brows began to furrow.

“Black Star actually has such strength? This isn’t compatible with the intelligence!”

They had formulated their battle plan based on the intel that they had, and the error of the intel had resulted in them underestimating the strength of their enemies. As such, a huge error had been made in the development of their battle plan, and the state of the battle was not in their favor. Nakapu’s expression was no longer calm, and a grave look could be seen on his face.

“Black Star managed to protect Planet Aquamarine, and the small fleet won’t be of much use. With the strength that he has shown, even if the assault force were to retreat, they would definitely suffer a huge loss. The fleet under my command is tangled together with Godora, and if this situation drags on, it is very likely that Godora will send reinforcements…”

After pondering for a few seconds, Nakapu came to a conclusion. The ambush mission had failed!

“All forces take note. Cease battle and retreat immediately!”

Knowing that he had already failed, Nakapu was not willing to continue the battle and decisively ordered a retreat.

The DarkStar fleet broke away from battle and began their retreat. Because the Godoran fleet used space jamming equipment, the DarkStar fleet was not able to speed up and jump into dark space. Thus, DarkStar was trying to break away from the Godoran fleet and counter the effects of the space jamming equipment with their own equipment. The further the distance between them and the Godoran fleet, the easier it would be for them to get rid of the interference.

This meant that the DarkStar fleet would be able to escape the moment they pulled away a certain distance.

Nakapu’s face was expressionless as he stared at the porthole with the colorful explosions from the battlefield being reflected on his face.

This was the first time that DarkStar had suffered a loss in an ambush mission. Thinking about it, Nakapu’s gaze turned cold.

If he had known of Black Star’s strength, he would not have tried to minimize the loss of his forces and would have sent his entire fleet into a head on battle with Godora’s defense line. However, there was no ‘if’ in this world. Since the outcome was already determined, there was no time for him to regret. He could only accept his defeat. Nakapu let out a sigh and calmed himself down.

He would never allow this to happen again.

Above Planet Aquamarine, the battle was in its most intense state. The spaceships that were under the control of the Black Star Mercenary Group had achieved a balance with the enemy’s spaceships with their firepower being equal.


An enemy ship had its protective shield destroyed under concentrated fire, and half of the ship was quickly smashed into bits. It then dove down toward the ground like a meteor, disappearing from the eyes of those present.

There were less than ten remaining DarkStar spaceships that received the retreat order from Nakapu and heaved sighs of relief as they hurriedly escaped from the battlefield. As they escaped, the mercenaries chased them while firing rapidly.

The mission for this assault force should have been extremely simple. They only needed to hover in space and continuously fire their cannons. However, they had never expected to receive retaliation from the Black Star Mercenary Group, and they actually were not a match for the other party! While they were superior in terms of numbers, their enemy’s spaceship was too high ranked and could dodge the majority of their attacks. Furthermore, even if their attacks landed on the enemy’s ship, their attacks were not even able to break the protective shield. On top of that, they were on the losing end when it came to the strength of their Supers. As long as the enemy boarded their ships, they were finished.

With their assault force suffering heavy losses, they did not want to stay there any longer but had no choice due to the orders from their higher ups. It could be said that the retreat order had come in an extremely timely manner.

“We finally chased the enemy away!”

Seeing the satellite image, the leaders of the Six Nations were overjoyed. The enemies had come ferociously, and the golden skinned freaks of Godora had abandoned them. Just when they thought that they were finished, Black Star had stood up and defended the planet from the incoming enemies. The various territories had only suffered minimal damage and were still in good condition.

This outcome was much better than what they had expected.

At this moment, Han Xiao returned to the BlackLight Stealth. Ginette turned around, and before she had the chance to be smug, she was grabbed by the shoulders and thrown from the pilot’s seat into Sylvia.

“Aiyoh!” Ginette and Sylvia were both sent rolling on the ground.

“Ow ow ow…” Sylvia rubbed her head and took a deep breath. Her head had been smashed by Ginette’s Battle Suit.

Ginette rubbed her ass, and a trace of anger could be seen on her face. “Oi, why are you throwing me around? I am a girl! Can’t you be gentler!”

Han Xiao could not be bothered to deal with her and took his mechanical suit off before sitting in the pilot’s seat. Rubbing his wrists, he said in a low voice, “The battle isn’t over yet, and the enemy’s flagship is still in battle with Godora’s fleet. We will be able to reach the battlefield quickly with BlackLight Stealth’s speed, and this is the best chance to deal the enemy a heavy blow. Tell the others to remain on Planet Aquamarine. I will be back quickly.”

At this moment, Herlous had just returned to the BlackLight Stealth. After hearing those words when he entered the door, he turned around and jumped out without hesitation!

What a joke! He obviously was not willing to ride a spaceship piloted by Black Star!

“You want to interfere in that battle‽” Ginette was startled. “We’ve already blocked the enemy, so there isn’t a need for us to participate in a head on battle.”

Han Xiao shook his head. “We have only defeated a couple of spaceships attempting to ambush us. This isn’t a big loss to DarkStar. The commander of the enemy forces is the key. Since he dared ambush us, we must give him a good fight!”

His target was the enemy’s flagship, not the escaping spaceships. As the old saying went—Don’t chase a poor thief. It meant that he should not chase an enemy without money! At least this was how the Great Mechanic Han understood it.

Thus, he would go after the leader!

After exposing his strength, DarkStar would definitely refresh their intel on him, and the enemy would definitely come up with measures to deal with him in the future. Unless he could secretly scam another wave of players, it would not be possible for DarkStar to receive another error in their intelligence. Thus, it would be best for him to make use of this opportunity to increase his battle merits. Defeating a DarkStar flagship was also a mission requirement in the mission [Godora’s Ally].

Han Xiao piloted the BlackLight Stealth out of the atmosphere and locked onto the coordinates of the battlefield. It was still a distance away from him.

According to the information from Godora, it seems like the enemy was currently retreating. With the speed and stealth abilities of BlackLight Stealth, he was definitely capable of arriving at the battlefield in time.

The next moment, BlackLight Stealth transformed into a ray of light and disappeared from sight.

The ray of light stopped a short distance away from the battlefield. If they went any further, they would be in the region of the space jamming region. The chaotic battlefield was right before their eyes with bright colorful balls of exploding cannons all over the place. The powerful homing missiles exploded into a huge ball of flames, and the plasma cannons melted the protective shields of the spaceships.

“What an intense battle…” Han Xiao’s gaze swept past the radar. “DarkStar is indeed retreating. The largest spaceship in the middle should be the flagship.”

Locking onto his target, Han Xiao estimated the distance. He needed to enter the battlefield for the enemy’s flagship to be within the range of his Data Transmitter. Furthermore, the AI of the enemy’s flagship would definitely have a stronger defense.

“Nagakin, I am settled on my side. What about you?”

With the transmission being connected, Nagakin’s appearance could be seen. His spaceship was currently the target of the enemy’s fire and was facing an endless wave of attacks. The spaceship was currently trying its best to avoid all the incoming attacks and could not approach the enemy’s spaceship.

“Black Star? You are on the battlefield‽”

Han Xiao nodded. “Long story short, I can infiltrate the AI of the enemy, so I am preparing to attack the enemy’s flagship. If you can approach the enemy, I will be able to disable the nearest few frigates and create an opportunity for you to charge the enemy ship.”

Hearing that, Nagakin’s eyes lit up. “Alright! Let’s do that!”

At the same time, Barette’s voice sounded in the communicator. “We can try that. My fleet will try to restrain the enemy’s fire and allow Officer Nagakin’s ship to approach the enemy’s flagship.”

Based on his judgement, Barette knew that it would be impossible to sink DarkStar’s fleet. He had just received news of the battle at Planet Aquamarine, so he had confidence in Han Xiao’s strength.

While he was not concerned about Planet Aquamarine, Barette did not dare underestimate and doubt Han Xiao’s strength.

To create a mercenary group with some fame in the Shattered Star Ring in a few years, he naturally was not someone to be underestimated. He definitely had the strength to back up his fame.

Ginette’s face changed color upon hearing that. “We are charging into the battlefield‽ It is far too risky! Cannon fire is flying in all directions, and even I’m not confident in avoiding all those attacks. This is only a small spaceship, and a single mistake will put us in grave danger!”

“Humph, my piloting skills have been tested through time. I wouldn’t make a mistake.” Han Xiao shook his wrists and sped up while shouting, “Sit tight!”

The BlackLight Stealth sped up rapidly and sliced straight into the battlefield. It swerved past the chaotic attacks and weaved through the battlefield through rolling, abruptly stopping, diving, cycling around, and many more other piloting techniques. It was like an agile black bird freely roaming the chaotic battlefield, easily passing through the gaps in the endless lights of battle.

The view outside the ship was spinning, and Ginette hurriedly tied herself to her seat. At the beginning, she was afraid that Han Xiao would make a mistake. After focusing her attention on the outside for a short while, her entire brain seemed to be spinning, and her face became completely pale with the urge to vomit at any moment.

“Slow… slow down. I can’t see clearly!” Ginette could not help but yell out. She had never imagined that Han Xiao’s piloting skills were superior to even hers. This skill of his was sufficient to be the ace pilot of any organization!

“Heh, since you are not piloting the ship, why do you need to see clearly?” Han Xiao clicked his tongue.

Ginette turned around, and her eyes widened in shock. She saw Han Xiao using a few mechanical arms controlled by his nerves to control the spaceship while he attempted to infiltrate the AI of the enemy’s ship. He was actually doing two things at once.

Sylvia was frightened to the point her face turned pale. “Te… Teacher, please don’t be a reckless pilot!”

“Don’t make noise. I am busy. Don’t distract me.”

The moment the BlackLight Stealth entered the battlefield, the DarkStar fleet noticed their entrance. With a single look, Nakapu’s expression changed.

“This is Black Star’s spaceship! Why is he here?”

All of a sudden, Nakapu thought about the battle report from the assault force and roared, “Not good! He is here for revenge. Everyone, listen up. Don’t let that black spaceship come near us!”

Nakapu could not help but be wary of Black Star’s hacking abilities. If he got close to their ship, their flagship will probably be infiltrated, and they would be in danger.

DarkStar’s fleet immediately changed targets, and the BlackLight Stealth immediately faced a greater amount of pressure. They also changed their formation, and the blood colored flagship no longer stayed in the middle of the formation but flew toward the front in an attempt to distance themselves from Han Xiao.

“It seems like they have noticed me,” Han Xiao said with a frown. “Don’t want me to get close?”

Right at that moment, Barette’s fleet began their retaliation and suppressed DarkStar’s fleet. At the same time, they began tearing apart the rearguard of DarkStar to create a gap for BlackLight Stealth to enter.

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he immediately piloted his ship into the gap. With his piloting skills, even with the focused fire from the enemy, he was like a fish in water.

The BlackLight Stealth was a stealth spaceship created with the technology of the Federation of Light, and its speed was far superior to the technology of Godora and DarkStar. It was a pity that BlackLight Stealth did not have the weapons of the Federation of Light. If he had a Particle Cannon equipped, he would have been able to shoot through the defenses of a few dozen spaceships, and there would have been no need to go through this hassle.

There were differences in the strength of particle cannons, and it was dependent on the technique of the user and caliber of the energy source. The particle cannons used by Godora and DarkStar were all ordinary goods in the universe.

At the same time, a warning signal was given in the enemy’s flagship.

“Warning! The battleship is being infiltrated! Please take appropriate measures! Warning! The…”

The warning sound from the battleship’s AI became white noise, and Nakapu’s expression darkened.



All of a sudden, all the lights shut down, and the engine of the battleship stalled. The speed of the battleship plummeted, and the DarkStar battleships behind it overtook it immediately. The flagship fell to the rear of the formation, and even its communication channel was cut off.

The entire battleship was overly reliant on AI support. The moment the AI was paralyzed, the entire battleship would be paralyzed. If they wanted to pilot the ship manually, their reaction speed could not keep up with that of an AI.

As long as a Virtual Mechanic had the space to show his abilities, he would be the biggest killing weapon in the entire battlefield!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All of a sudden, a couple of banging sounds could be heard from the outside of the ship as though something had banged onto the body of the ship. However, with the AI of the ship paralyzed, there was no way to know what was going on.

But with a simple guess, the members on board the ship knew what was about to happen and hopelessness could be seen on their faces.

“It’s… it’s Nagakin…”

Nakapu’s fingers trembled. He was finally afraid.

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