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The Legendary Mechanic (Web Novel) - Chapter 545: Sensory Organs

Chapter 545: Sensory Organs

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The first phase of the Mutation Disaster was an irregular outburst across the entire planet. It signified the first time the Mutation Source controlled its strength. The first symptom of the second phase was all the infected individuals acting up together. Compared to the first phase, the Mutation Source would not be limited by controlling ordinary individuals. Certain elite soldiers and weaker Supers could also become targets of its control. The most obvious change would be the fact that the infected individuals no longer acted randomly but acted as though they had a goal.

The objective behavior of the infected individuals was the first sign of the Mutation Source gaining intelligence. Compared to the chaos in the first phase, the escape of all the refugees was due to the control of the Mutation Source.

“For the Mutation Source to command all of these refugees to escape, it probably doesn’t want these infected individuals to gather together. Furthermore, it may have detected that someone has been trying to help these infected individuals escape from its grasp. Thus, it wants to get the infected individuals far away from this place. To the Mutation Source, every single one of these infected individuals are a ‘sensory organ’,” Han Xiao said with a frown. In his previous life, something similar had also happened. While there was no official explanation given, the various players had come up with their deductions and conclusions. Thus, he was able to guess the thoughts of the Mutation Source.

The only problem was, the second phase had broken out much earlier than in his previous life.

It may be due to a random chance, or it may also be because of the butterfly effect, Han Xiao thought to himself. Because of his actions, there were plenty of events that had developed extremely differently from his previous life. This was not the first time that he had met such a situation, and Han Xiao quickly regained his cool after a short moment of shock.

While it was outside his expectations, he did not become completely flustered.

Walking out of the conference room, the commotion on the outside became larger and larger. Han Xiao immediately sent out all of the mercenaries and the players under him. The first thing that he had to do now was control all of the infected individuals. With the Mutation Disaster in the second phase, the strength of the Mutation Source would be stronger, and the original suppressant that they gave to these infected individuals now required three times the dosage. They naturally did not have enough medicine on hand, and the only thing they could do was forcefully subdue the infected refugees.

The Sanctuary and Godora became busy, and the players all received a new mission. Seeing the mission progress of the Main Storyline falling, none of them dared delay and hurriedly got to work.

In comparison to the tens of millions of refugees in the Sanctuary, the number of available manpower was not high. Together with the players, there were only a million or so. However, since all the players were Supers, it was not too difficult for them to subdue ten ordinary individuals at once.

The refugees nearest the outside began escaping in all directions like an expanding circle. The spaceships on standby all took off immediately and flew toward the outermost rim of the circle while firing white colored doughnut-shaped vibration waves.


The white colored rings swept past the crowd, and the refugees all collapsed onto the ground, jolted unconscious.

Since he had known that there would be this explosive phase during the Mutation Disaster, Han Xiao had already arranged the corresponding measures to deal with it. He had equipped all the spaceships with large-scale Vibration Cannons. While the effect of these Vibration Cannons was extremely weak and could not daze a rank C Super for even half a second, it was just right for dealing with ordinary individuals. It would shock them unconscious and not harm their lives.

Because he had these measures up his sleeves, Han Xiao was not concerned about the number of refugees that he kept in the Sanctuary. Even if they all broke out in illness at the same time, he was confident that he would be able to reduce the losses to the bare minimum. Rather, it might be more convenient for him to gather them all together.

A couple of spaceships jolted the refugees unconscious from the inner circle to the outside and worked together with the players to clear up the refugees nearest the center before clearing up those refugees on the outside. The refugees on the outermost rim of the circle escaped the furthest, but Han Xiao could not start by knocking them unconscious as they would end up being trampled by those behind them.

Ka ka.

A mechanical arm suddenly stretched out, and Han Xiao sped across the city walls. Looking at the commotion on the outside, the running refugees were like a black wave rising and falling as they dashed outside, kicking up a large dust cloud.

Taking out a communicator to contact the other spaceships of the Six Nations, the scene being shown on the communicator was similar. Not only in the Sanctuary, the entire Six Nations was also a similar scenario.

With the Mutation Disaster spreading rapidly, it means that the pressure of their disaster relief efforts will also be greater. Oh, even if DarkStar doesn’t come to ambush us, the situation on Planet Aquamarine isn’t too optimistic. Planet Aquamarine is probably the first planet that has reached the second phase of the Mutation Disaster among all the calamity planets. But with my help, the different Sanctuaries on Planet Aquamarine and the Six Nations should have the appropriate measures to deal with this chaos. It is must better than the storyline in my previous life at the very least.

Han Xiao calculated the losses in his heart. If the Mutation Source did not have a consciousness before this and was only acting on instinct, from the second phase onward, it would be an opponent with a target and much more difficult to deal with. Furthermore, the Mutation Source would grow even more rapidly after the second phase.

“Thankfully, it is about time for me to hand the original mutation source in my hands to Godora. As long as Godora is able to formulate the appropriate antidote and weapon to deal with the Mutation Source, the Mutation Disaster will be solved.” Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled.

The sun set in the distance, and the evening sky was dyed orange.

The chaos in the Sanctuary began to die down, and after spending a few hours, the majority of the refugees were finally subdued. Those that had escaped the furthest had managed to run a few dozen miles, but thankfully, the Sanctuary was located in the wilderness without any vegetation in the surroundings. Thus, it was impossible for the refugees to escape the detection of the spaceships.

In the surrounding ten miles, the refugees were scattered all over the ground. Some players were moving around according to the missions issued by the Sanctuary to inject the guards of the Sanctuary with three times the usual dosage so that they would be able to increase their manpower. All others were taking care of this huge mess but carrying all the scattered refugees back into the Sanctuary.

On the city wall, Bennett had a solemn expression as he asked his assistant, “How are our losses?”

His assistant shook his head in response, indicating that they had not been calculated.

“‘The losses of the Sanctuary are the lowest,” Han Xiao interrupted. “The Six Nations are still trying to quell the chaos, and they are almost done.”

“At least it isn’t the worst-case scenario.” Bennett heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Xiao shook his head. “The Mutation Disaster has already grown, and we will be facing an even more perilous situation after this. Not to mention whether or not the suppressant will still be effective after this, just the ability of the Mutation Source to control the infected individuals will be the greatest danger. We have captured so many of its ‘sensory organs’, and it is very likely for it to control a bunch of animals to attack the Sanctuary or Six Nations. It may also choose to control the infected individuals to create destruction and attack our facilities from within.”

Hearing that, Bennett’s face turned dark, and he felt a lingering fear in his heart. He was not an unduly humble person, but he was clear that without Han Xiao being around, it would be impossible for the natives of Planet Aquamarine to cope with the disaster on their own.

“What are you getting ready to do?”

“Nothing.” Han Xiao raised his bows. “The mercenaries under my charge are extremely bored, and a beast tide won’t be a big issue. We shall observe the situation first for the other problems. You must try to adapt to the new situation quickly.”

“I understand.” Bennett nodded.

It was possible for the Mutation Source to be hiding underground or in the ocean. The radar database also did not have any records of the Mutation Source’s fluctuations, and it was difficult to locate it. Trying to search for it was no different from searching for a needle in a haystack. Because of the uniqueness of the Mutation Source, before having a cure for it, it would be extremely difficult to deal with it. The Mutation Source was capable of absorbing energy and was able to absorb most attacks as fertilizer for its growth, rendering ordinary attacks completely useless against it. Furthermore, it was able to split apart rapidly and was extremely difficult to catch.

Currently, Han Xiao did not wish to deal with the Mutation Source personally as it was far too disgusting and was not in his interest. Apart from giving Godora a headache so he could reap some benefits, there was another reason. The Mutation Disaster was a temporary protective charm. If the Mutation Disaster was quelled on Planet Aquamarine, he would not be able to predict what DarkStar’s next move was. The enemy might choose to destroy Planet Aquamarine directly.

While there was nothing for him to be afraid of since he could easily leave, it would be impossible for him to fit Planet Aquamarine into his pocket and take it along with him to escape. The only ones with such an ability were probably the three great Universal Civilizations or beyond Grade A Supers that had special abilities.

After putting aside his thoughts, Han Xiao gathered his subordinates, and his gaze swept over all of them. With a heavy voice, he said, “According to my estimations, there may be a large beast tide in the next few days. Take some men to patrol the area. The moment there are signs of beasts gathering together, destroy them early and don’t allow the beasts to approach the Sanctuary.”

Everyone’s face lit up. After being idle for so many days, they finally had something to do.

The happiest person was definitely Harmon. Carrying his large axe, he said in a gruff voice, “I like hunting.”

After thinking for a moment, Han Xiao added, “Right, take the Inhumans who have just joined for some training. Do not let them be too bored in the Sanctuary.”

The majority of the players were currently staying in the Sanctuary. While it was not because they were forced, the daily repetitive disaster relief missions would bore them as well. Apart from the daily selection trials, there was not much of an opportunity for them to fight. Those who were already in the Black Star Mercenary Group naturally were not able to join the selection trial and did not have a chance to do battle at all. Thus, it was likely that they were extremely bored as well.

During the second phase of the Mutation Disaster, the attacks of the beast waves would definitely be more frequent, and it was the best chance for the players to go out and hunt some beasts. They would be able to let off some steam while allowing the mercenary group, which was a few hundred times larger, to build some bonds.

Furthermore, if they did not fight monsters, the players would not be in urgent need of equipment.

In some location on Planet Aquamarine, a black figure was seated cross legged in a cave like a statue. After a long while, its pure white eyes spun around.

“Trapping… my… sensory organs… irritating…”

The simulated body began talking to itself. It had only gained this body a few days prior, and it still could not speak fluently.

After obtaining a body that belonged solely to itself, the Mutation Source felt a sense of freedom. While it could share the senses of the infected individuals and even control them to a certain extent, it was only able to have absolute control of the simulated body.

Just a while ago, the Mutation Source had evolved successfully, although it did not even know about its own evolution and only felt its senses toward the ‘sensory organs’ becoming much clearer.

Every infected individual was a ‘sensory organ’ in the eyes of the Mutation Source. The infected individuals were like the different body parts of a human, and the Mutation Source treated them like part of its body. When it could not move around in its infant stages, it could only understand the world through these ‘sensory organs’.

Right now, it could clearly feel many of its ‘sensory organs’ being trapped in a few different locations. Just when it wanted to order its ‘sensory organs’ to spread out and not gather together, it saw the refugees being suppressed by Han Xiao and the others. As such, it immediately understood the situation.

They are my enemies! They are harming my sensory organs!

In the original thoughts of the Mutation Source, there was no righteous or evil nor any sense of moral standards. It did not have much common sense either and only had the basic instinct of a living being. It could even be considered to be extremely pure.

To the Mutation Source, the act of suppressing the refugees was akin to controlling his ‘sensory organs’. It felt as though its limbs were being restricted without being able to move one bit. With these ‘sensory organs’ being gathered together, it was not able to understand the world around it.

Furthermore, some of the ‘sensory organs’ had been injected with some kind of substance, severing its connection with the ‘sensory organs’. It was akin to blinding it or making it deaf.

Thus, it was extremely displeased.

Its instincts told it that if it was attacked, it had to retaliate.

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