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The Legendary Mechanic (Web Novel) - Chapter 546: DarkStar’s Next Move

Chapter 546: DarkStar’s Next Move

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The Colton Star Cluster consisted of many different Star Systems, and Godora’s territory was in the Gavin Star System. From the star map, Godora was located in the south-west of the Colton Star Cluster and shared borders with three other Star Systems. The Fawn Star System, which was controlled by Holy Stone and Black Raven; Hutt Civilization controlled by the Skywalker Star System; and the Hyde Star System, which did not have a dominant ruling party.

The Hyde Star System was in a state of conflict, and a local high-grade civilization had not appeared. Its development could not be compared to a Star System that was ruled over by a civilization, but the entire Star System had abundant resources. Be it mining planets or energy planets, there was sufficient resources to last them for thousands of years.

The geographical location of Hyde was pretty special as it was connected to the territories of six different high grade civilizations. In the eyes of those high-grade civilizations, Hyde was undeniably a fat piece of meat. Regardless of whether if it was because of their resources or strategic location, this was a region that they had to fight for. The six high-grade civilizations expanded their territories, and each occupied a part of Hyde.

Hyde was not under the control of any civilization, and the six high-grade civilizations treated Hyde as new land for them to conquer. They divided Hyde up, but because they could not come to an agreement on the borders of the division, conflicts were extremely common between those six civilizations. Hyde was an important point among the foreign affairs department of the six civilizations, and none of them were willing to take a step back.

Of the six civilizations trying to slice up the Hyde Star System, Godora and the Hutt Civilization were included. Because these two civilizations shared a border, the conflict between the two civilizations was extremely intense.

Just when news of the Mutation Disaster in the Garton Star System was spreading rapidly, the Hutt Civilization welcomed a special visitor.

On an isolated planet without any inhabitants, a small spaceship landed in a black field. The hatch to the spaceship opened, and the leader of DarkStar drew a pattern on the ground with his finger casually while waiting for the individual whom he had contacted.


Not too long later, a loud shrill could be heard, and a spaceship landed from the sky. A man dressed elegantly walked down from the spaceship with dozens of guards following behind him.

The leader of DarkStar looked up, and dozens of lights were floating in the sky. Those lights were the protective fleet of the person whom he was about to meet. The person before him was an envoy who had been sent to communicate with him. The leader of DarkStar had contacted the Hutt Civilization and arranged this meeting.

The Hutt envoy waved his hands for his guards to retreat and walked forward alone. After sizing up the DarkStar leader, he said, “You truly are bold. You actually dare enter the Skywalker Star System without any men. Aren’t you afraid that I might catch you and hand you over to Godora?”

“I came alone to show my sincerity, and you definitely won’t deal with me,” the DarkStar leader replied without a trace of fear. “The presence of DarkStar is able to keep Godora busy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Alright, I also know that DarkStar’s reputation is poor, and Hutt definitely won’t be willing to have any relationship with us. However, no one will say no to benefits for sure.”

“A confident person usually dies because of his confidence,” the Hutt envoy said expressionlessly.

“Since you were willing to meet me, it means that you are interested in what I said. I shall just get straight to the point. The chaos that DarkStar has created will attract the main elites of Godora, and this is the best chance to seize territory in Hyde. As long as the two civilizations don’t break out in an all-out war, the peace treaty can go to hell…”

“You want to borrow our strength to give Godora pressure from the outside and in turn help you guys?” the Hutt envoy said coldly. “Humph, you are thinking too highly of the conditions that you raised. Face Godora in battle just for that little bit of territory? The risks are too large. The Star Cluster grade civilizations in the Shattered Star Ring will not allow us to break the rules as such. If we draw the attention of the three great civilizations, things will be even worse. The warring era is already over, and things aren’t as easy as you said.”

“A civilization without ambition does not have a future,” the DarkStar leader said calmly. “The situation in the galaxy is already fixed. If you do not think of a way to climb up, you will forever be a plaything for those above you in the food chain. Even if everyone hides their fangs, there isn’t a civilization that will truly accept their fate as such. The road ahead will get more and more narrow, and it is impossible to avoid competition. It is just that the lawful civilization will ensure that the loser won’t lose everything.

“Every minute, hundreds or thousands of battles are happening all over the universe, and you are clearer about this than me. To a certain extent, there is a silent consent toward war up to a certain level. Only an idiot would believe that a single piece of paper is able to wipe out all forms of conflict. Apart from submitting to the strength of the three great civilizations, the reason everyone chooses to follow this rule is because the rule ensures the safety of the loser. As long as the strength of a civilization reaches a certain level, the civilization will be able to avoid the fate of being wiped out, and this is beneficial to everyone.”

The Hutt envoy did not say a word. This was indeed something that was tacitly agreed upon. As long as creatures of intelligence were not wiped out, battles would never disappear. The only thing that would change was the way they chose to compete. The imagination of a living being brought with it endless possibilities, and since it was endless, it meant that it was impossible for all the different species to understand each other fully and coexist in peace.

While it was written on the peace treaty that the peace treaty protected all civilizations, when it was truly carried out, there would be an implicit understanding of the rules that only a civilization at the Star System grade would be qualified to receive this privilege. The universe was vast, and plenty of species disappeared every minute. Only civilizations that had a certain degree of strength and status had the right to be treated with importance. Being of the Star System grade was the minimum requirement.

Hutt and Godora were both at that level. Despite there being numerous conflicts between the two civilizations, their conflict would be controlled within a certain scale as they were clear that they could not do much to the other party. Thus, their focus was largely on the battle of benefits. Since they had a competitor whom they are unable to slaughter, they could only choose to scrap over benefits. In truth, the Hutt envoy had been extremely interested in the suggestion of the DarkStar leader from the start.

After a moment of silence, the Hutt envoy asked a question that caused the DarkStar leader to have a slight change in expression.

“DarkStar’s objective is to overturn the pureblood tradition of Godora and create a new Godora. However, the destruction that you’ve caused Godora has exceeded the bottom line, and you are recognized as a terrorist organization. Do you still think that you will have any chance of becoming a ruler?

“Your only chance will be a change in the regime, but not to mention the little possibility of that, the moment DarkStar comes into power, the punishment from the Star Cluster grade civilization will immediately come. Do you guys really think that you will be free of all sin after ruling over Godora? Unless you are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Star Cluster grade civilization, there will come a time when you will have to pay the price for your actions!

“I am truly curious what your DarkStar is thinking about.”

“This is none of your business,” the DarkStar leader said in a strange tone.

According to the degree of prosperity of the planet, Godora would allocate a different rank to the planet. The mother planet and a few other planets were Grade S. Below that was Grade A; Juberly Hub and Planet Golden Gate were examples. Another grade down was Grade B, and below that would be Grade C.

In the Garton Star System, an old looking spaceship descended onto a Grade B colony planet, and it seemed extremely insignificant in the busy space port.

Ember, who was in disguise, stepped out of the spaceship and looked around at the bustling crowd and troops not too far away.

The corner of his mouth then curled up coldly, and he raised his arms up to eye level.

“Reduce to dust.”

His voice was transmitted through a miniature communicator to a fleet not too far away from the colony planet awaiting their orders. There were three DarkStar motherships lying in wait.

The scale of this fleet was on a completely different level from the ambush that they had carried out on the calamity planets!

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