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The Long-awaited Mr Han (Web Novel) - Chapter 502: He Really Was An Imbecile

Chapter 502: He Really Was An Imbecile

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But would Lu Man really be afraid of him?

“Sure, I will be waiting. You better make sure that before this happens, Lu Qi can still hold on.” Lu Man laughed sarcastically. “It seems like you still haven’t understood what’s going on all along. As long as all of you stop looking for me for trouble, Lu Qi won’t end up like how she is right now. Why can’t you understand this even after so long?”

He really was stupid.

Why can’t he just live his life simply? Was it that hard to just live carefully and mindful of his relationships?

Suddenly Lu Qiyuan was left frozen.

However, right after that, he self-righteously believed that he almost fell into Lu Man’s trap .

“Stop finding excuses! This is all because you are unfilial!”

However, right now, Lu Man couldn’t care less about wasting her talking with him. “Go and think it through properly. For each time that you come to stir up trouble for me, I will cause twice the amount of trouble for Lu Qi.”

After she spoke, she slammed the door on his face and locked it.

Unhappy, Lu Qiyuan was just about to bang on the door again.

Before his hand touched the door, he suddenly recalled Lu Man’s warning.

Thinking that Lu Man had single-handedly created such a storm and turned the tides on the internet, he struggled inwardly and in the end, pulled back his hand.

Lu Qiyuan gritted his teeth tightly. He was actually threatened by a pathetic little brat!

Yet, he honestly did feel threatened by her!

Finally, it quietened down outside of the door and Lu Man also couldn’t be bothered to check if Lu Qiyuan left. As long as he wasn’t disturbing the neighbors, even if he were to loiter around the door for an entire night, she wouldn’t bother with him either.

“Mom.” Lu Man then carefully took the vegetable knife from Xia Qingwei’s hand and placed it back in the knife rack.

“I’m fine. Look, I’m completely alright. He didn’t hurt me.” Lu Man let Xia Qingwei take a look. Her face was completely fine.

It was not that Xia Qingwei finally realized it. Lu Qiyuan didn’t hit Lu Man’s face.

However, Xia Qingwei couldn’t believe that Lu Man wasn’t hurt at all. She grabbed onto Lu Man’s wrist and rolled her sleeves up. Instantly, she saw that near Lu Man’s elbow, it had already started to bruise.

“And you said that you were fine!” Xia Qingwei scolded harshly as she pulled Lu Man back to the living room. After finding some ointment from the medicine box, she started massaging Lu Man’s elbow, rubbing the bruise away.

Lu Man also wished for the bruise to fade sooner. Otherwise, should Han Zhuoli see it, it sure would be troublesome.

“That b*stard!” Xia Qingwei got furious as she saw the bruise. She was afraid that Lu Man would feel terrible if she were to cry, so she held her tears back.

She hated herself for being useless. Even as a mother, she still needed her daughter to protect her.

“Mom, I’m fine. Look at me, I’m pretty good. Besides, after this time, Lu Qiyuan wouldn’t dare to even try to mess with us again.” As long as her talent was sufficiently shocking and terrifying, Lu Qiyuan wouldn’t dare to mess with Lu Man for Lu Qi’s sake.

It was honestly rather ironic too. Lu Qiyuan came multiple times to hit her and scold her for Lu Qi’s sake, but in the future, he won’t dare to seek trouble for Lu Man again also because of Lu Qi.

Lu Man smiled mockingly in disbelief.

However, when Xia Qingwei looked over, she hurriedly hid her smile, afraid that Xia Qingwei would worry again.

“Originally I thought that I could talk to you more tonight.” Xia Qingwei sighed. “Let’s not chat anymore. You must be tired from all the filming too. Now that you’re back, have a good rest.”

“Sure, we still have a lot more time to talk about.” Lu Man smiled and hugged onto Xia Qingwei. “I’m going back to school tomorrow for lessons.”

“So soon? You’re not going to rest at home for a couple more days?”

“No, I’ve missed quite a few classes, and finals are coming up pretty soon. I have to start preparing for it earlier too,” Lu Man explained.

“When is your movie going to be released in theatres?”

“After filming, editing, and finally after going through all the checks and screening, if all’s well, it would probably be released during the summer period. That would be the best time as we would get more audience since it’s summer and the box office collection would be better too. I just hope that we can finish it in time and schedule in the summer.”

“Since you still have to go to class tomorrow, rest earlier tonight.”

After saying goodnight to Xia Qingwei, Lu Man cleaned herself up a little and went to bed.

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