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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel)


“Ding! Soulbinding has been successfully completed; you will now head to the Heaven Awaken World.” After hearing this, Zhao Fu’s vision darkened as he fell to the ground.

With bleak prospects in the real world, Zhao Fu’s life is turned around when countless crystals fell from the sky one night, which people could use to enter an alternate, game-like world. After obtaining an ancient Chinese empire’s legacy, Zhao Fu uses his intellect and resourcefulness to develop his own empire from a tiny village. However, with enemies both in the real world and in the Heaven Awaken World, he must make brilliant decisions and use creative schemes to survive.

463 • 2019-03-27 21:36:28


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1426: Startling the Underworld2020-01-25
Chapter 1425: Impermanence2020-01-25
Chapter 1424: Xie Yue2020-01-24
Chapter 1423: Yama2020-01-24
Chapter 1422: Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation2020-01-23
Chapter 1421: Treasury2020-01-23
Chapter 1420: Nether Spirit Guard2020-01-22
Chapter 1419: Nether Spirit Energy2020-01-22
Chapter 1418: Palace2020-01-21
Chapter 1417: Seven Wondrous Flowers2020-01-21
Chapter 1416: Flower Ghost2020-01-20
Chapter 1415: Emperor Heaven2020-01-20
Chapter 1414: Sealing Spirit2020-01-19
Chapter 1413: Sword Spirit2020-01-19
Chapter 1412: Eye Spirit2020-01-18
Chapter 1411: Soulcarving Beast2020-01-18
Chapter 1410: Summoning Scroll2020-01-17
Chapter 1409: Ghost Bloodline Pearl2020-01-17
Chapter 1408: Reincarnation Eye2020-01-16
Chapter 1407: Sky Demon Primogenitor Heart2020-01-16
Chapter 1406: Tower of Trials2020-01-15
Chapter 1405: Impermanence Family2020-01-15
Chapter 1404: Black and White Impermanences2020-01-14
Chapter 1403: Second Prince2020-01-14
Chapter 1402: Ghost Lord Kingdom2020-01-13
Chapter 1401: Ghost City2020-01-13
Chapter 1400: Ghost God2020-01-12
Chapter 1399: Six Paths of Reincarnation2020-01-12
Chapter 1398: Seeking Yin Beast2020-01-11
Chapter 1397: Nether Ghost City2020-01-11
Chapter 1396: Condition2020-01-10
Chapter 1395: Underworld2020-01-09
Chapter 1394: Fishmen People2020-01-08
Chapter 1393: Yin Beast2020-01-08
Chapter 1392: Underworld Gate2020-01-07
Chapter 1391: Underworld Treasure Trove2020-01-07
Chapter 1390: Battlefield2020-01-06
Chapter 1389: Mud Soldiers2020-01-06
Chapter 1388: Nine Suns2020-01-05
Chapter 1387: Sun God Stone2020-01-05
Chapter 1386: Man-Eating Vine2020-01-04
Chapter 1385: Chaos Evil Race2020-01-04
Chapter 1384: Powerful Outer World Factions2020-01-03
Chapter 1383: Gray Pearl2020-01-03
Chapter 1382: Withered Grass Domain2020-01-02
Chapter 1381: Heaven Awaken World People2020-01-02
Chapter 1380: Insects2020-01-01
Chapter 1379: Insect Den Wyvern2020-01-01
Chapter 1378: Insect Soul2019-12-31
Chapter 1377: Wind God Empire2019-12-31
Chapter 1376: Royal Palace2019-12-30
Chapter 1375: Gender Equality2019-12-30
Chapter 1374: Poem Sword2019-12-29
Chapter 1373: Spite2019-12-29
Chapter 1372: Ghost Baby2019-12-28
Chapter 1371: Reincarnation Revival2019-12-28
Chapter 1370: Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation2019-12-27
Chapter 1369: Blood Spirit Crystal2019-12-27
Chapter 1368: 8 Suns2019-12-26
Chapter 1367: 12 Moons2019-12-26
Chapter 1366: Outer World2019-12-25
Chapter 1365: Primal Chaos Aura2019-12-25
Chapter 1364: Fate God Race2019-12-24
Chapter 1363: Monarchical Power2019-12-24
Chapter 1362: Fate God Race2019-12-23
Chapter 1361: 13 Goddesses2019-12-23
Chapter 1360: Wind God Race2019-12-22
Chapter 1359: Ghost Master2019-12-22
Chapter 1358: Elder2019-12-21
Chapter 1357: Wind Spirit World2019-12-21
Chapter 1356: Mysterious World2019-12-20
Chapter 1355: Mei Qiangu2019-12-20
Chapter 1354: Barrier Vortex2019-12-19
Chapter 1353: Wind God Empire2019-12-19
Chapter 1352: Death Race World2019-12-18
Chapter 1351: Corpse Pall World2019-12-18
Chapter 1350: Celestial Peach2019-12-17
Chapter 1349: Emperor Path Sword2019-12-17
Chapter 1348: Twelve Swords2019-12-16
Chapter 1347: Evil Sword of Chaos2019-12-16
Chapter 1346: Sword Forging2019-12-15
Chapter 1345: Sword Hum2019-12-15
Chapter 1344: Divine Soldier Pearl2019-12-14
Chapter 1343: King Armament2019-12-14
Chapter 1342: Princess Qingmu2019-12-13
Chapter 1341: Greenwood Kingdom2019-12-13
Chapter 1340: Spirit Destruction Crystals2019-12-12
Chapter 1339: Fallen Light Angel2019-12-12
Chapter 1338: War God’s Fury2019-12-11
Chapter 1337: God Race Stone2019-12-11
Chapter 1336: Ghost Spear2019-12-10
Chapter 1335: Attack!2019-12-10
Chapter 1334: Rock Spirit World2019-12-10
Chapter 1333: Empire Battle2019-12-10
Chapter 1332: Surprise2019-12-08
Chapter 1331: Desolate Crow World2019-12-08
Chapter 1330: War On All Sides2019-12-07
Chapter 1329: Xueru2019-12-07
Chapter 1328: War Beast2019-12-06
Chapter 1327: Desolate Crow Race2019-12-06