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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1059: Newbie World

Chapter 1059: Newbie World

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhao Fu looked at the 100 people in the lake. Their eyes were tightly shut and had fallen asleep. Their bodies and souls were all being corroded by that terrifying killing intent. Now, all Zhao Fu could do was wait.

At that moment, Zhao Fu took out millions of different swords that he had prepared earlier. The lowest grade was gold grade, and with Zhao Fu’s resources that spanned a few worlds, this was no problem at all.

Zhao Fu stabbed all of the swords around the lake, and together with the grass, lake, and blue sky, they formed a grand scene.

These swords were all for those who went into Sword Obsession. Those in Sword Obsession definitely needed a sword, and the swords left here would also be invaded by the killing intent, turning them into swords of killing. This would make it easier for them to fuse with those who went into Sword Obsession.

Nine days later, the people within the lake slowly opened their eyes. Their appearances had greatly changed; their hair and eyes became blood-red, and their pupils became sword-shaped as two fangs also grew out of their mouths.

Their hands had also become claws, and a blood-red sword mark appeared on the back of their hands. They no longer breathed and their hearts no longer beat; their eyes were cold and only gave off pure killing intent.

Their bodies rose out of the water, and they grabbed at the air, causing 100 swords around the lake to tremble and give off sword hums before flying into their hands.

The sword marks on the back of their hands gave off blood-red lights as countless thin, blood-red tentacles came out of their hands and wrapped around the swords. The blood-red tentacles gradually fused into the swords, causing the swords to become blood-red and seem to have a life of their own.

Swish, swish, swish…

The people leapt out of the lake, giving off massive blood-red auras. The water made of killing intent on their bodies automatically vanished.

Zhao Fu looked at the 100 people in front of him with satisfaction. Their auras were all extremely powerful, and even without City Lord Seals, their auras could compare to the City Lord of a Basic City.

Now, they stood in front of Zhao Fu without any thoughts in their mind except killing. No matter what they were like before, now they only obeyed Zhao Fu. No matter what he told them to do, they would absolutely comply.

Zhao Fu brought the 100 people to an Orc City. This was a Basic City in the wilderness, and Great Qin had not yet cleared this place. Zhao Fu just wanted to see the true power of Sword Obsession.

“Kill!” Zhao Fu waved his hand and gave the order to kill, following which the 100 people turned into rays of bloody light and shot into the City and started to kill.

In front of them, the Orcs were unable to resist at all. Whenever they attacked, they would instantly kill large groups. The countless Orcs could only run in terror, and the City Lord was easily killed in just a few moments.

Ten or so minutes later, everything called down. The Orc City was filled with blood and corpses lay strewn across the ground. There were hundreds of thousands of corpses, and only a small portion of the Orcs had escaped.

The people in Sword Obsession stood beside the corpses, their swords giving off faint blood-red light. The blood from the corpses were drawn out by a formless power and entered the blood-red swords, causing their strength to gradually become stronger.

Perhaps these people were too weak; Zhao Fu had only seen a one-sided massacre and nothing too special. The people in Sword Obsession had not been injured at all, so Zhao Fu naturally had not been able to see their true power.

Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed and relocated the Basic City. Because the people in Sword Obsession grew through killing, as did the Emperor Killing Sword World, Zhao Fu could not keep these people by his side. As such, he sent them to the frontlines; there would never be a shortage of killing there.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu did not take care of internal matters and instead sent people to collect information about the Ancient Stem Domain. Zhao Fu had never thought that the abnormal signs would have caused so many experts from all over the Ancient Stem Domain to come.

Zhao Fu was naturally quite wary towards them, and because he could not defeat them, he had to be extremely careful. He knew that those people were looking for him.

Because he had many things to do, he had put the matter aside for now, but now that he had time to deal with it, he had to treat it carefully. Zhao Fu currently had a layer of mysteriousness draped over him, but if that mysteriousness was gone, they would not hold back at all.

Before, Zhao Fu had not cast his sights so far, only on the surrounding dozens of worlds. Great Qin was still a newbie that still had not yet lost its protection, so Zhao Fu naturally could not cast his sights so far away.

However, now that Great Qin could cross worlds, very few people would treat it like a newbie.

Within the Ancient Stem Domain, very few people could develop so quickly, and this was especially so before their protection had even expired. Great Qin could still rely on the Heavenly Domain Boundary for protection and defend against dangers from outside; it was an incredibly shameless newbie.

Now that he had caused such a big matter, Zhao Fu had to have a greater understanding of the Ancient Stem Domain and prepare himself, or else he would not even know how he died.

Following this, Zhao Fu called over Yao Shi, who was the little fatty Zhao Fu had brought in from outside. He had come from the Medicine King World, which was within the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain. As such, he most likely had more of an understanding of the Ancient Stem Domain.

“Heavens, big bro, you caused such a commotion outside? All of the experts from the Ancient Stem Domain came? Big bro, you’re too terrifying.” Yao Shi had become even fatter, and he looked at Zhao Fu with shock. In front of others, he would call Zhao Fu Your Majesty, but in private, he still shamelessly continued to call him big bro.

At first, he did not know why Zhao Fu had called him over. However, after Zhao Fu had simply explained the matters outside, Yao Shi felt so shocked that he did not know what to say. He felt that following a big bro like this was simply too awesome; it had exceeded anything he had expected.

Back at the Elf world, he had felt that Zhao Fu’s identity was not simple at all, so he had shamelessly clung onto Zhao Fu. Only later did he find out that Zhao Fu was actually just someone from a newbie world.

However, Great Qin’s strength greatly shocked him; very few people in newbie worlds could have such strength. Great Qin’s rapid development had caused Yao Shi to feel incredibly happy, and he felt that he had not chosen the wrong person.

However, Yao Shi had still underestimated this big bro of his. Before he had even lost the newbie protection, he had done something that had sent the entire Ancient Stem Domain into an uproar; no one could compare to this kind of potential.

For him to have a big bro like this, Yao Shi was happy to death. He was sure that he could walk with this big bro to the pinnacle of the world.

After recovering from his shock, Yao Shi’s expression became serious as he said, “Big bro, I advise you to be infinitely careful; the strength of those within the inner regions is not something a newbie world can compare to. The main issue is your foundation. Even if it’s a Kingdom of the same level, there will still be a big gap.”

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