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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1273: End of the Cosmos Historical Remnant

Chapter 1273: End of the Cosmos Historical Remnant

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Just as Zhao Fu expected, as he continued to advance the might became stronger and stronger. An ancient and chaotic aura flooded forwards; Zhao Fu knew clearly what aura this was – it was the aura of reincarnation.

Facing the aura of reincarnation, Zhao Fu’s Sovereign Bloodline actually showed a trace of fear. After all, no matter how powerful an Emperor was, they would still die in the end.

This Reincarnation Power was one of the ultimate powers of the Heaven Awaken World. After all, nothing in this world could escape from reincarnation.

It was not just a Sovereign Bloodline that would feel fear; even a Divine Bloodline would feel fear as well. Perhaps even a higher-being would feel fear in front of this kind of Reincarnation Power. After all, without becoming a Celestial, even a higher-being would not be able to escape reincarnation.

The aura of reincarnation here was the most ancient aura of reincarnation. It was much more powerful than when Zhao Fu had fused with the Six Paths Demon Images.

The golden dragon had told Zhao Fu that building a Reincarnation Stage required a Six Paths Jade, which could only be obtained from entering the Six Paths of Reincarnation. The Six Paths of Reincarnation were defended by the Six Paths Demon Images, and the true bodies at that. The ones within Zhao Fu’s body were only clones.

With them defending the Six Paths of Reincarnation, perhaps even a Celestial would not be able to enter. As such, Reincarnation Stages were incredibly rare, and only extremely powerful people could create them.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to advance, and that might became stronger and stronger. The aura of reincarnation also became more powerful, and not only did the Sovereign Bloodline displayed signs of fear, but Zhao Fu’s body also instinctively trembled. It was as if all of his cells were terrified.

Zhao Fu continued onwards, and soon, his very soul started to flicker like a candle’s flame, causing him to fall into terror. He started to lose control of his mind, forcing him to stop.

This was not just because of the fear, but that massive might caused small cuts to open up all over Zhao Fu’s body. In front of the world’s most ancient Reincarnation Power, even Zhao Fu’s powerful Sovereign Bloodline could not hold up.

Zhao Fu’s expression became savage; he had to reach the top of this altar. No matter what methods he used and whatever the cost. It would be worth it even if it cost him everything.

“Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!” Six massive roars sounded out as Zhao Fu started to fuse with the Six Paths Demon Images. A terrifying power exploded out, and a massive ghostly flame spread out, causing wild gales to blow out.

Zhao Fu’s body became pale white, and muscles bulged all over his body. Violet scales also appeared on him, and a pair of demon horns grew on his head. A pale-white eye appeared on his forehead, and his mouth became filled with fangs as a pair of black wings grew on his back.

Zhao Fu now also grasped that terrifying Reincarnation Power. However, compared to the Reincarnation Power coming from the altar, it was like comparing a newly-born baby to an elderly person who had lived for a long time.

Even though it could not compare, it gave Zhao Fu the power to resist it. With the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, the pressure that he was enduring was greatly reduced.

Now, Zhao Fu no longer felt that fear from before, and he invigorated his Sovereign Bloodline. A Six Paths of Reincarnation magic formation appeared behind him, giving off powerful light in all directions, and countless remnant spirits from the Six Paths of Reincarnation appeared behind him.

In the end, Zhao Fu was able to step onto the altar, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He coughed up blood not just from the massive might he had been enduring but also from the damage of fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images.

However, when Zhao Fu stepped on, he felt as if his mind was going to explode. His mind became completely blank and the ancient aura of reincarnation in the surroundings flowed into his body, and a Reincarnation Mark appeared on his forehead.

The mark was circular and had six dots as well as many lines. It was gray and looked quite mysterious and ancient.

After obtaining the Reincarnation Mark, Zhao Fu’s Six Paths of Reincarnation Bloodline was greatly upgraded. In the future, the damage he took from fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images would be greatly reduced, and he would have much greater control over the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power.

At the same time, his control over the Six paths Demon Images greatly increased, and he would not have to worry too much about them trying to break free. Zhao Fu now had Reincarnation Power, which could greatly suppress them.

After coming back to his senses, Zhao Fu looked around the altar and saw stone statues. These statues were all old monks and they were all sitting cross-legged on the ground as if they were reading scriptures. They were about as tall as normal people, and there were 300 or so of them.

There was a circular jade stage that was one meter tall at the center of the altar. Sitting on it would allow one to go through reincarnation.

Zhao Fu walked over and found that there was a black, circular jade with a taichi diagram on it, on which there was a crack.

The golden dragon explained, “That’s a Reincarnation Jade, and it has a crack because someone has used the Reincarnation Stage before. A Reincarnation Stage can only be used three times.

“From the looks of it, you’re the first person to pass the Reincarnation Trial. The person who used the Reincarnation Stage was most likely the owner of the Cosmos Historical Remnant. He’s most likely not dead and reincarnated.

“For some reason, he has not returned to the Cosmos Historical Remnant this entire time. Perhaps something unexpected happened when he was reincarnating.”

Hearing the golden dragon’s words, Zhao Fu felt a chill. Even without thinking about it, he knew that the owner of the Cosmos Historical Remnant was definitely incredibly terrifying. Otherwise, the Cosmos Historical Remnant and the Reincarnation Stage would not exist.

Zhao Fu looked around and prepared to leave; he was not interested in reincarnating right now. As he left, he obtained a key, which allowed him to return to this space, but he could only use it once.

After returning outside, Zhao Fu received a system announcement, “Congratulations, you have passed five trials. You are at the first level and will receive the corresponding reward. The Cosmos Historical Remnant will close in three days.”

Zhao Fu looked at the system announcement and did not pay it much mind. He had obtained massive gains from the Cosmos Historical Remnant, and he smiled as he returned to the Darkness God Palace with Arasina.

The Darkness God Palace was a type of treasure and could be made bigger or smaller, and everything in it could be preserved and did not have to be rebuilt, making it easy to take it away.

Zhao Fu made the Darkness God Palace smaller and stored it on him. He brought the Darkness God Palace’s people with him and returned to the second level. Syndra had been waiting there for quite a while, and because of the Contract between her and Zhao Fu, she knew that Zhao Fu was still alive.

Zhao Fu then returned to the fourth level and gathered his people waiting for him there. When he had first entered the Cosmos Historical Remnant, it had just been Zhao Fu and Lin Yan’Er. He had never thought that when leaving, there would be so many of them – in total, there were 20 or so people.

Everyone returned to Great Qin, and Zhao Fu’s exploration of the Cosmos Historical Remnant officially concluded.

At the same time, the many things that had happened within the Cosmos Historical Remnant quickly spread. Even though the people outside knew of the rankings, they did not know of the specifics of what had happened inside. After hearing about what had happened, they all fell into shock.

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