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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1274: God Emissary

Chapter 1274: God Emissary

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The most eye-catching were naturally the top five geniuses. Everyone else seemed dim under their immense light. All of the other geniuses seemed far too ordinary, and the most brilliant out of even the five geniuses was naturally that mysterious Emperor.

He had single handedly defeated four other geniuses and was undoubtedly the strongest out of all of them. Everyone felt quite curious as to his identity.

However, everyone believed that mysterious Emperor came from the Heaven Domain. After all, out of the five geniuses, the information about two of them had been revealed: One of them was from the outer Domains but was the disciple of a higher-being, while the other was the Imperial Prince of a true Empire.

Given this, the three others’ identities were definitely incredibly terrifying as well, or else they would not have such power.

The most shocked were the people from the Ancient Stem Domain because they knew that mysterious Emperor. They had never thought that he would perform so shockingly at the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

The Dao Cultivation Sect’s Sect Master had a look of disbelief on his face as he asked Bai Shengjun, “Jun’Er, did you really lose to that person?”

Bai Shengjun had a dispirited look as he nodded.

This caused the Dao Cultivation Sect’s Sect Master’s expression to become somewhat unsightly. The disciple he took the most pride in had lost to that person; that person’s accomplishments would definitely be able to shock the world.

“A mistake! I made a mistake! If I had stopped them during the Ancient Stem Banquet, perhaps things would not be like this.” It was the first time the Dao Cultivation Sect’s Sect Master had felt so much regret.

The ones who felt the worst were naturally the three factions with enmity with Zhao Fu. Now that they saw that Zhao Fu had such power, they felt somewhat fearful. That person had enough power to threaten them, so they searched for Zhao Fu’s location even more madly, wanting to get rid of this threat.

Yin Ruoshi also told everything she had seen and heard to the Heavenly Music Sect’s Sect Master. The Heavenly Music Sect’s Sect Master also realized that she had underestimated Zhao Fu. If she had known that Zhao Fu had such power, she would have done all she could to protect Zhao Fu. That would have been worth it because Zhao Fu would definitely be able to repay them greatly in the future.

The Heavenly Music Sect’s Sect Master sighed and also regretted her decision.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. After returning to Great Qin, he quickly got three things done. The first was to start mining the Darkness God Iron, the second was to mass-produce Darkness Crystals, and the third was to develop Fallen Angels.

These three things were all very important to Great Qin, so they had to be completed quickly.

Zhao Fu placed the Darkness Key on a teleportation channel that was 10,000 meters wide. This teleportation channel was a very advanced teleportation channel, and it could transport 10,000 people at a time.

Now that Great Qin had roughly ten billion soldiers, if he wanted all of them to be able to have Darkness God Iron equipment, they needed an ocean of ore. This would require many people to mine.

After activating the teleportation channel, Zhao Fu transported himself first. He arrived at a very large space that was filled with Darkness God Iron, which gave off a dense darkness aura. Even the ground was made of the ore, and there was no ordinary dirt or rocks.

Looking at this massive space, Zhao Fu smiled; he could already imagine the sight of Great Qin’s army dressed in black armor.

Zhao Fu quite liked the color black. In the past, even though Great Qin used black armor, that was achieved using dyes. Now that they had Darkness God Iron and Darkness Crystals, Great Qin’s soldiers would all become darkness soldiers.

Together with the color black, Great Qin would sweep across the world. When people say black in the future, they would only think of Great Qin.

After looking around and confirming that there was no danger, Zhao Fu handed this matter to Li Si and had him organize a large number of people to come to mine the ores.

The second matter was creating Darkness Crystals. This was not as easy to deal with; they first needed a place of darkness, the bigger the better. After all, to create Darkness Crystals, they needed a large amount of Darkness elemental essence.

There were not any suitable places in the human world, and Zhao Fu thought about an abyss in the Fish Scale world. That abyss was quite big and was extremely dark; no light could reach that place, making it a suitable place to create Darkness Crystals.

Apart from this, they also had to construct many things. The first was a Darkness Gathering Magic Formation. This magic formation had to be massive; only then could it gather a massive amount of Darkness elemental essence.

Zhao Fu also had to construct a Darkness City there. This was so Syndra could reside there, as she had to maintain the magic formation with the Darkness Origin Crystal in her body. It was also so that others could reside there to help out with the various management affairs of the Darkness Crystals.

After hearing that Zhao Fu wanted her to go to that place, which was far away from the Great Qin Palace and the human world, Syndra was quite unhappy. After all, it seemed that Zhao Fu only wanted her for creating Darkness Crystals.

She did not want to be treated like this; she wanted to be the Darkness Empress and have great authority.

However, she could not change Zhao Fu’s mind because that abyss was the most suitable place for creating Darkness Crystals. In the end, Syndra still agreed to do this happily because Zhao Fu promised her that if she could find a method to have the magic formation operate without her, she could do as she pleased.

Syndra was happy because she naturally had a way to deal with this. As long as she sent her Darkness Power and Darkness Blood into the magic formation every now and then, the magic formation would be able to continue to operate even without her there.

She could just go there every now and then and spend the remaining time in the Great Qin Palace.

Moreover, Syndra also asked Zhao Fu for an army to develop a Darkness Corps. Zhao Fu granted her this because he knew that she had the ability to.

Not just her, but many of the people he had brought out of the Cosmos Historical Remnant had talent as commanders or had special abilities. The most terrifying of them was most likely Mosax’s Nothingness Domain, which could drain all powers.

Zhao Fu would make arrangements for them in the future and place them in suitable places.

The third matter was to develop Fallen Angels. Fallen Angels were quite powerful, and even though the ones produced would not be pure Fallen Angels, they would still not be weak.

Zhao Fu had already established the Darkness God Palace in a region, and it naturally gathered Darkness aura. After being established, it gathered large amounts of Darkness aura, causing the lighting to become dim, and the entire region became a region of darkness.

“Arasina, what are the 24 God Emissaries?” Zhao Fu stood above the place for developing Fallen Angels and asked Arasina. Developing Fallen Angels not only required a high-grade Fallen Angel godly spirit but also 24 God Emissaries.

Arasina coldly harrumphed, “God Emissaries are naturally This God’s emissaries. They can use This God’s divine power and can connect with This God. Those who want to become God Emissaries must have Divine Constitutions; that constitution is the most suitable for becoming a God Emissary.”

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