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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1275: Darkness Godly Spirit

Chapter 1275: Darkness Godly Spirit

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“Divine Constitutions?” After hearing Arasina’s words, Zhao Fu felt that they seemed quite familiar. He thought about it and remembered that when he had conquered the Church, Geoffrey had given Zhao Fu 24 women with Divine Constitutions.

However, because those women were quite reluctant and Zhao Fu had only just taken in Geoffrey and wanted to pacify the Church, he had kept them there and had not brought them to the Great Qin Palace.

Now that he needed 24 God Emissaries, those 24 women with Divine Constitutions were a perfect match.

This meant that Zhao Fu did not have to go through the trouble of searching for people with Divine Constitutions, and he could directly make them God Emissaries and then develop Fallen Angels. Zhao Fu smiled and ordered people to bring those women here.

“We greet Your Majesty!” After arriving, the women paid their respects to Zhao Fu. It had been a while since they had met, and these women wore white robes and had golden hair, jade-green eyes, and snow-white skin. They gave off a holy and pure aura.

Zhao Fu did not ban religions and promoted competition between ideologies. Under Great Qin’s development, the Church was one of the biggest religions in Great Qin, and as the Holy Daughters of the Church, they were respected and worshipped by countless people.

Their attitude towards Zhao Fu was now much more respectful, and they were no longer as resistant towards him. They now understood that following Great Qin was their only option.

Sensing the Light aura from their bodies, Arasina frowned, saying, “They’re followers of Light and can’t become This God’s God Emissaries!”

Zhao Fu felt quite startled, but he soon understood. After all, Arasina was a Fallen Angel and was of Darkness, while the Church belonged to Light. They were enemies, so these women naturally could not become Arasina’s God Emissaries.”

However, Zhao Fu did not look too disappointed and asked, “If they fall to Darkness, they can become your God Emissaries, right?”

Arasina nodded and coldly said, “They need to truly accept Darkness to become Darkness God Emissaries.”

Zhao Fu looked at the women. Without even asking, he knew their answer from their expressions – they were all determined to continue serving Light.

“Great Qin requires you to become Darkness God Emissaries. Fallen Angels will be of immense help to Great Qin,” Zhao Fu said gently.

One of the women came out and bowed before saying, “Your Majesty, we have been raised in our faith since we were young and will serve our Lord forever. I’m sorry but we must refuse your request.”

Zhao Fu’s gaze became cold. He could not afford to consider their feelings because this matter was incredibly important to Great Qin. It was impossible to give up on something so beneficial to Great Qin just because of how they felt.

Zhao Fu looked at Arasina and asked, “Do you have any ways to make them fall to Darkness?”

Hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to make these followers of Light fall to Darkness, a trace of a smile appeared on her face as she said, “There are a few methods. There are two effective ones: The first is to have them kill their family and friends and have their souls go through extremely great pain; the second is to make them prostitutes and have their bodies be ravaged. Within their despair and pain, it’ll be easy for them to fall.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked at the women and asked, “Which method do you want to choose?”

The women’s faces became pale and started to feel terrified because they could not accept either of those methods. Thinking about killing their family and friends and being ravaged by countless men, some of them already started to sob.

The voluptuous woman in the lead looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Your Majesty, you are a good ruler. You can’t do such a thing to us.”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, “You’re wrong; during special times, for Great Qin, We can do anything.”

Those words set their fate in stone. Some people sobbed while others had pale faces, and some had serious expressions while others had looks of despair in their eyes.

Some people took out daggers with resolute gazes and prepared to slit their own throats; only then would they escape this destiny. That way, they would not have to kill their family and friends or become prostitutes.

However, Zhao Fu waved his hand and locked them down. He frowned as he said, “Why must you be like this? As long as you’re willing to fall to Darkness, We will not force you to do any of those things. Also, the god that you will worship is right by Our side; she is much more powerful than some ephemeral god.”

Some people had already accepted their fate and nodded and accepted; willingly falling to Darkness was much better than being forced. However, there were still seven people who would rather die than fall.

Zhao Fu felt quite annoyed; developing Fallen Angels required 24 God Emissaries, no less.

In the end, Zhao Fu thought about the Darkness Crystal he had obtained from killing the Darkness Dragon King. He took it out and crushed it, causing a massive amount of Darkness Power to flow out.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and the massive amount of Darkness Power covered the women and started to invade their bodies, causing them to fall to the ground in pain.

“Arasina, start turning them into God Emissaries and see if it’s possible.”

Hearing this, Arasina coldly harrumphed, “You’re always so domineering. How despicable.”

Following this, Arasina took out a dagger and cut her palm, causing black blood to flow out. Arasina controlled the blood and sent it into the women’s foreheads, forming a Darkness Mark.

Under the invasion of the Darkness Power and Darkness God Power, the women struggled on the ground in pain. Their holy aura disappeared, and an aura of darkness spread out.

Following this, intense black light spread out from their backs and two pairs of black wings tore through their robes, giving off a darkness aura.

“Success!” Arasina said with a trace of delight. God Emissaries were of a great help to her by helping her spread her faith and absorb even more Faith Power. During important times, they could also be powerful bodyguards.

Zhao Fu also smiled. He had decided to try this on a whim, and he had actually succeeded in converting them to Darkness.

Now, they had successfully become God Emissaries and received Darkness Power, so their pain naturally stopped. They returned to normal, but they were different than before because Darkness had invaded their souls.

When they got up, their demeanors were quite icy and seemed somewhat seductive and evil.

Because their robes had been torn, their white bodies were exposed. However, they did not show any intent to cover themselves up and instead looked at Zhao Fu enticingly.

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