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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1276: God Creation

Chapter 1276: God Creation

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The voluptuous woman in the lead twisted her body as she seductively walked over. She hugged Zhao Fu and said, “Your Majesty, now that you’ve made us like this, make sure you take responsibility in the future! Please enjoy us to your heart’s content.”

Zhao Fu looked at them in surprise; once these Holy Daughters had fallen, they had become even more wicked than ordinary people.

The Holy Daughter servicing him below was one of the ones who had resisted the most towards falling into Darkness. And yet, she had become the lewdest one.

It seemed that this was how the world was – the kinder and more upright people were, the more terrifying they would be once they fell. They would be even madder, more perverted, and more twisted; often the evilest people were once the kindest people.

“Your Majesty, I want some as well.” The group of Holy Daughters coyly smiled as they surrounded Zhao Fu, and soon indescribable noises could be heard.

“Bastard!” Arasina’s face became red, and she pinched Zhao Fu as she cursed at him in embarrassment. She was right next to him, and she was naturally dragged in as well.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, “Didn’t you want this as well? Also, can you be a bit more respectful when you talk to me?”

Arasina’s face became bright red and she turned her face away.

Following this, they went to the place for nurturing Fallen Angels. This was one of the most important places in the Darkness God Palace, and it was second to only the core of the Darkness God Palace. After all, this place could create a large number of Fallen Angels, and the 24 spears were all Legacy Weapons of 24 God Emissaries.

Zhao Fu had the soldiers take their clothes off and stand on a stage, while Arasina and the 24 God Emissaries flew into the sky.

Arasina stood at the center and controlled the black orb of light while the 24 God Emissaries each held a spear and spread out in a circle.

Arasina activated the orb of light in front of her, and boundless Darkness Power instantly gathered as countless runes lit up on the 24 spears.


A massive explosion sounded out as countless traces of Darkness Power gathered into a pillar of light and descended on the soldiers’ bodies. Expressions of pain appeared on the soldiers’ faces, but it seemed bearable, as they all remained standing.

The black pillar of light not only contained a large amount of Darkness Power but also a trace of the Fallen Angel bloodline’s power. It gradually entered the soldiers’ bodies, and the soldiers did not resist, quickly devouring this power. Soon, an aura of darkness spread out from their bodies.

Two gashes appeared on their backs, from which a pair of black wings gradually stretched out before spreading. Countless rays of black light shot out as a powerful aura burst forth.

Sensing this aura, a delighted look appeared on Zhao Fu’s face. Before, the soldiers had Stage 1 Cultivation, but they now had Stage 3 power. Their strength had instantly increased by two Stages.

Stage 3 soldiers were the most common standard of soldiers within the inner Domains. If Great Qin could have a large number of Stage 3 soldiers, they would be able to compare with factions in the inner Domains and surpass factions in the outer Domains.

Factions in the inner regions of the outer Domains predominantly had Stage 2 soldiers. However, it took ten or so Stage 2 soldiers to defeat a Stage 3 soldiers. Moreover, Great Qin had the Fallen Angels, which was a high-grade profession that had powerful stats. It would take at least 20 or so ordinary Stage 2 soldiers to defeat these Stage 3 Fallen Angel soldiers.

If Great Qin’s soldiers were all at Stage 3, they would no longer have to fear the Ancient Sword Sect and could directly attack. They would not even have to fear factions from the inner Domain and could sweep across the outer Domains.

However, things were not that simple. The Darkness God Palace could create 10,000 Fallen Angels per day, which was quite a shocking number, but this did not seem to be enough.

10,000 per day was 100,000 in ten days, one million in 100 days, and only three million or so per year.

Perhaps there would be a way to increase this in the future, but the Fallen Angels could not be used as Great Qin’s main force for now and could only act as a subsidiary force. However, once they had a large number of Fallen Angels, they would definitely have great effects.

After all, they could fly, so they could become Great Qin’s aerial forces and suppress enemies using their aerial advantage. Only after reaching Stage 4 or Stage 5 would ordinary soldiers gain the ability to fly, which gave the Fallen Angels a large advantage.

Arasina looked at the soldiers who had become Fallen Angels and flew down, saying in dissatisfaction, “These Fallen Angels are so weak! Don’t you have Darkness Crystals? If they fuse with Darkness Crystals ahead of time and possess Darkness Power, they will be able to become even stronger.

“Also, most of your soldiers have human bloodlines, and human bloodlines are not suitable for becoming Fallen Angels. Outlanders and demon bloodlines are not suitable either.

“The ones that are the most suitable are those with god bloodlines; they can wield the Fallen Angel’s power to the maximum. After all, Fallen Angels are a type of God Creation.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about the Spirit Light race. As part of the God Race they would be quite suitable. However, it was a pity that there was the Dark Demon world between the human world and the Spirit Light world; otherwise, Zhao Fu would have considered immediately attacking the Spirit Light world. They had refined a lot of the Primogenitor Statue, which would be quite useful when they fought.

“I understand. In the future I’ll send people to take care of various matters here while you take charge of the conversion process. I’ll order people to build you temples to provide faith energy and help you regain your power.”

Hearing that Zhao Fu was going to build temples for her, Arasina’s attitude became much gentler and she nodded.

Zhao Fu looked at her strangely and laughed before leaving the Darkness God Palace. After taking care of the three most important things, there were still many matters for him to deal with.

The first was related to the Blood God Demons. Because the Cosmos Historical Remnant had opened ahead of time, the matter relating to Blood God Demons was put aside temporarily. Blood God Demons were quite terrifying, and Zhao Fu did not want to give up on them.

The Desolate God was devouring a large amount of faith energy every day and was continuously recovering, and it should be able to create Blood God Demons by now. As such, Zhao Fu ordered people to start making preparations.

He then re-established the Cosmos Beast Den and gave the blueprint of the Nothingness Cloak to his subordinates and ordered them to mass-produce them. Zhao Fu also had his scholars research into constructing a sky city and prepare to build one.

Finally, apart from the seven princesses, Zhao Fu took all of the women he had brought back into his harem and made arrangements for the others.

For example, Molaf had the ability to move through nothingness, so he was suited to joining Eternal Night and perform assassinations. Lefran was proficient at illusions, so she could join the Flower Devil Corps, and Sejuani could be a captain of some Cavalry.

Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised to find that the Dragonblood Warrior Shyvana could use Wyvern blood to create a type of Dragonblood Warrior that had great power.

After taking care of them matters, Zhao Fu wanted to return to his palace to eat the Celestial Peach. However, he received news of something that had changed the entire situation.

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