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The Lord’s Empire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1279: Dividing the Worlds

Chapter 1279: Dividing the Worlds

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The battle lasted for another five days, and in the end, the three worlds officially perished. Countless people died and corpses littered the lands, creating a shocking scene. Anyone who saw them could not help but feel sympathetic.

Most of the corpses were naturally from the three worlds. Facing the invasion from the six worlds, they naturally did not have much power to defend.

The other worlds lost very little, and it could be said that they had seized a total victory. They had captured many Cities and regions, gaining much. Everyone looked quite excited and not a single person was disappointed.

The three worlds had been divided by the six worlds, and the one that gained the most was naturally the Devil Horn Empire: it had gained three of the Half-Beast World’s five Continents, while one had been conquered by the White God World and one had been conquered by Great Qin.

Of the Grassi World’s six Continents, the Devil Horn Empire gained four, while the Lantong World gained one. In actuality, they had the time and ability to continue conquering.

However, because they were next to the Devil Horn Empire and were often invaded and threatened by the Devil Horn Empire, they were somewhat fearful and did not dare to fight with the Devil Horn Empire. As such, they were cautious and only took down one Continent.

The remaining Continent was naturally taken by Great Qin.

Of the Elf World’s Six Continents, the Devil Horn Empire took two, the Mermen World took one, the Charm Devil World took two, and Great Qin took one.

Just like that, the three large worlds were divided by the six worlds, making countless people sigh in pity. These three worlds’ names disappeared from maps, and their names would no longer appear in the future.

Disregarding the Continents, Great Qin gained the most in terms of population and Cities, and the Devil Horn Empire gained slightly less than Great Qin. After all, Great Qin’s focus had been on taking in people, so they had only conquered three Continents and did not continue attacking. Their gains in population were naturally quite great.

The Devil Horn Empire also had massive gains; after all, it had conquered a whopping nine Continents.

However, because the Devil Horn Empire had caused the demise of the three worlds, the people from the three worlds greatly hated the Devil Horn Empire, and with Great Qin extending kindness, Great Qin naturally gained more than the Devil Horn Empire.

This time, Great Qin gained six billion people and 30,000 Cities. Because this was all gained through submission, they did not suffer much losses, making them incredibly happy.

After dividing the three worlds, the other worlds seemed to come to a common understanding and started to quickly digest the territories they had taken over, causing the situation to return back to pace.

Yao Ming was not very satisfied with his gains this time. Even though he knew that other worlds might get involved, he did not expect so many of them to join, causing the situation to become quite complicated.

Great Qin had stolen most of the population, which made Yao Ming quite angry. He had not been able to conquer all three worlds, obtaining only nine Continents and not a single complete world.

This caused Yao Ming to feel incredibly unhappy. As he sat on his throne, his Ministers did not even dare to breathe loudly and they all lowered their heads in anxiousness.

“Alright, Your Majesty, you’ve already gained a lot this time, and the Devil Horn Empire has become much stronger. Don’t be so angry.”

Next to Yao Ming, there sat a peerlessly beautiful woman who wore a purple palace dress and a stunning figure. She gave off an incredibly noble aura; she was the Devil Horn Empire’s Empress, the person Yao Ming loved the most.

Hearing her comforting words, Yao Ming felt a bit better and started to give out rewards to those who had made contributions to this battle.

Similarly, within the Great Qin Palace, Zhao Fu smiled as he gave out rewards to those who had made contributions.

Zhao Fu then summoned the people who had submitted. There were many people he was familiar with, such as the Elf King. Back when Zhao Fu had gone to an Elf Kingdom to heal a Prince, he had obtained a World Tree Seed from him.

That Elf King, who had given Zhao Fu immense pressure in the past, now stood respectfully in front of Zhao Fu, not daring to say anything.

Now, the Elf King could not give Zhao Fu much pressure. After all, Zhao Fu was much stronger than him now, and the dynamic between them had completely changed.

There was another person who Zhao Fu was relatively familiar with, a pretty Grassi woman. Her name was Roxi, and she was the big miss of the Swan Goose Group.

Back when Zhao Fu had left the Legacy Land and gone outside, the first Kingdom he had entered was the Kershi Kingdom. Zhao Fu had found the Swan Goose Group to collaborate with, buying a large number of corpses and Talisman Stones from them. Roxi was the person who he dealt with, and after so many transactions they were quite familiar with each other.

Back when the Kershi Kingdom had discovered Zhao Fu’s existence, they had tried to hunt him down. Now, the Kershi Kingdom had disappeared into history.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised that he could meet Roxi again. There were also a few others who he recognized; they had all opposed Great Qin in the past and Zhao Fu naturally remembered their faces.

Seeing Zhao Fu smile at them, Roxi and the Elf King both felt incredibly shocked. They both remembered Zhao Fu, and quite clearly at that.

To the Elf King, Zhao Fu was the mysterious Emperor who had healed his son; to Roxi, he was the mysterious, rich ruler.

Right after they had met Zhao Fu, when they sensed Zhao Fu’s aura and how familiar he felt, they were uncertain as to whether he was the person they knew. Now that Zhao Fu had admitted to it, they were able to confirm this.

That mysterious person they knew was actually Great Qin’s Emperor, the most terrifying person in the surrounding ten or so worlds. He was the most legendary and glorious Emperor around.

They never would have thought that Zhao Fu’s true identity would be Great Qin’s Emperor, and they never would have thought that they would one day meet again under such circumstances. Now, they could only worship him in respect because he was the one sitting on that sovereign throne.

“Don’t worry, as long as you earnestly serve Great Qin, We will put aside the enmities of the past and will favor you greatly,” Zhao Fu said with a trace of a smile.

Hearing that Zhao Fu would not pursue old enmities and would even favor them if they performed well, everyone let out a sigh of relief. they smiled as they said in unison, “Thank you, Your Majesty! We will wholeheartedly serve Great Qin.”

Following this, Zhao Fu had them leave while he discussed the current situation with his subordinates. The situation had become quite complicated with many worlds joining in, so they had to prepare an appropriate countermeasure.

These worlds were all in their peak condition and were stronger than those three worlds. They could not be underestimated and were extremely dangerous.

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