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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 296: Abundance of Strong Fighters

Chapter 296: Abundance of Strong Fighters

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The stage was made up of a special material. It was extremely strong, indestructible even by sharp weapons, let alone by flame. However, with a single, casual gesture, Tang Hao set the observation stage on fire, with the flame seemingly growing stronger and stronger as the seconds passed.

The Qingyun League members around the stage had long evacuated the area.

Luo Tao was also surprised by Tang Hao’s Fire of the Sun. “What a move, the Fire of the Sun – I’m guessing you have already entered the mid-stage of the Spirit Devour Realm? However, let me tell you, don’t be complacent. Within the Qingyun League, there are plenty of fighters who have already entered the mid-stage of the Spirit Devour Realm as well and have completely mastered their techniques.”

“Valued guest, setting my Qingyun League on fire instead of notifying us beforehand of your arrival!”

An old voice could be heard from afar. An elder clad in green long robes appeared. With a huge sword of his back, he sent out an attack from a distance. With a gentle gesture with his hand, spring winds instantly filled the air, and the raging black fire was completely extinguished.

“It’s Feng Qingyang. Why are you here? Have you recovered from your burn injury?” Seeing his appearance, Tang Hao revealed a hint of a mocking smile.

Touching his burnt cheek, Feng Qingyang landed on the ground from the air as he smiled gently. “Thanks to you, I have advanced to the mid-stage of the Spirit Devour Realm.”

“What? You advanced again?” Hearing this, Tang Hao’s face revealed an expression of shock.

“Why? Mobilizing such a huge force to confront my Qingyun League, there is no doubt that all of you are after Ye Mo and intend on using his capture as a sign of solidifying your authority?” Feng Qingyang’s voice echoed throughout the whole arena.

Even Ye Mo, who was flying in the air, heard his voice crisp and clear. He immediately turned around and headed towards the arena.

Seeing that Feng Qingyang spoke with such defiance, Tang Hao replied coldly, “Haha, Ye Mo openly killed my guards in the Heaven’s Wall City, violating the city’s rules. If he were to be allowed to escape scot-free simply because he is a member of the Qingyun League, can the rules of Heaven’s Wall City even be considered as rules anymore?”

As he spoke, one could see that spirals of flames had start to ignite around him.

The whole arena was hit with a heat wave.

The weaker Outer League members felt as if the energy in their bodies were about to be set aflame while Inner League members all channeled their inner energy to defend against the heat wave.

The guards behind him all showed unimpressed smirks on their faces – that was merely the tip of the iceberg of Deputy Commander Tang’s powers.

“Qingyun League members do not kill without reason, especially in the Heaven’s Wall City. Unless your guards were doing some unthinkable things?” asked Feng Qingyang.

“Master!” Suddenly, a hardened voice was heard as Ye Mo leapt from the sky, landing in front of Elder Feng.

“Deputy Commander, it’s Ye Mo!” Among the guards, one of them held the wanted order, comparing it with Ye Mo’s face.

“Turns out, you little traitor is a disciple of Feng Qingyang. That explains your arrogance in daring to kill my guards openly in the Heaven’s Wall City.”

“Tang Hao, I know best regarding who my disciple is as a person. Even if he did kill the guards, it is definitely because they were wrong in the first place,” Feng Qingyang said calmly.

“Hmph!” With a cold grunt, Tang Hao took a step forward, his body starting to emit the Fire of the Sun. He said, “We are here in the Qingyun League under the order of Commander Cao, who has ordered us to capture Ye Mo and bring him back to the Heaven’s Wall City. Furthermore, Ye Mo has possession of an evil item in the form of the Bloodsoul Skeleton Flag. This is a crime and is completely unforgivable. Also, Feng Qingyang, you shall be punished as well for failing your disciple as his master.”

“You come directly to my Qingyun League, and not only do you intend on capturing our league member, you want to punish an elder of the league as well. Are you treating the league as a punching bag?”

Feng Qingyang let out a cold grunt as circles of clear wind filled with sand started to surround his body.

“Feng Qingyang!” All of a sudden, Tang Hao erupted as well, sending out a punch with each fist as all the Fire of the Sun surrounding him gathered to form a Fire of the Sun long spear. The spear burned with a black flame, and with a swing, released the power of the Skyburn. With the black flame enshrouding the night sky, a black flare lit up, further increasing the intensity of Tang Hao’s attack.

Squinting, Feng Qingyang grabbed a handful of air as a green whirlwind formed. The Fire of the Sun long spear’s force immediately waned upon connecting with the whirlwind. Feng Qingpang counted Tang Hao’s attack.

“Endless Clear Winds!” Feng Qingyang looked at the Fire of the Sun long spear and quietly mouthed a few words, and that was enough to cause the long spear to completely vanish.

With a crunching sound, the grounds that both of them stood on cracked and collapsed at the same time.

These two Spirit Devour Realm fighters were testing each other.

However, just simple sparring like this was enough for everyone to see that while Tang Hao’s fire spear was strong, Elder Feng was a level above him.

“Tang Hao, I was already able to take you on when my strength level was at the initial stages of the Spirit Devour Realm. Now that I have reached the mid-stage of the Spirit Devour Realm, do you really think you are a match for me?” Feng Qingyang said proudly. He had once went down the wrong path, but now that he has managed to overcome his inner demons, his powers were far greater than his counterparts in the same realm.

At this moment, Luo Tao walked forward, separating the two of them with a few swings of his arm. “Alright, stop this, both of you. I am here under the order of Commander Cao to assist Tang Hao in the capturing of Ye Mo, not here to see a fight. If you two are going to fight for real, I’m afraid this Qingyun League arena of yours is going to be destroyed.”

As Elder Feng retracted his attack, he slowly walked towards Ye Mo with a slight change in his expression, signaling for him to not be nervous. “A month ago, the Qingyun League has already stated our stance: Ye Mo is ultimately a talent of the Qingyun League, a top 10 fighter in the Qingyun Rankings. His talents are held in high regards by the League Chief and the three sub-league chiefs. Do you think we will hand Ye Mo over?”

Watching what was going on, Ye Mo was indeed rather shocked. There were already tens of True Energy Realm fighters among the guards. This was the first time that he had seen so many True Energy Realm fighters gathered together. Furthermore, Tang Hao and Luo Tao were all ultimate fighters in the Spirit Devour Realm, almost at the top of the pyramid

“Top 10 fighter in the Qingyun Rankings? Someone like him is good enough to be your top 10 fighter? You Qingyun League fighters are way too weak.” Tang Malong, who stood behind Tang Hao, walked forward as he smiled calmly. “I saw everything that happened that day with my very own eyes. Based on your strength, I’m guessing you’ll be only good enough to do some miscellaneous labour behind the scenes if you were part of our guards. To think that even you can become a top 10 fighter in the Qingyun League! Seems like there’s nothing impressive about the Qingyun League after all.” Tang Malong stared directly at Ye Mo with a gentle smile.

“Who dare says that about my Qingyun League? The nerve of you!”

The surrounding Qingyun League members squinted their eyes.

“Master League Chief!”

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