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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 297: The Dominant League Chief

Chapter 297: The Dominant League Chief

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Even Ye Mo’s pupils dilated upon seeing his arrival. While he had never seen the League Chief in person, Ye Mo had seen him in paintings; there was one inside the Martial Saint Hall.

The Qingyun League Chief was the top dog of the league, his status far exceeding any other leaders, and rarely showed up in person.

However, today’s issue was enough for him to demand his presence.

He had a face of elegance, a head of ice blue long hair, and a youthful appearance. While only measuring at a little over five feet, with not a hint of True Energy detectable from his body, he was perpetually surrounded by a frost aura, evidently a fighter who had mastered the frost techniques.

Tang Hao remained unafraid despite the Qingyun League chief’s arrival as he said calmly, “Yao Qingyun, you finally show yourself. I thought you would have remained hidden within your own chambers.” However, the True Energy inside his body had started to increase its flow speed, preparing to unleash the True Energy clone of Cao Zhengchun.

Naturally, he came here prepared. Based on the strength levels of the two of them, capturing Ye Mo would be an incredibly difficult task.

The Commander’s clone was their ultimate trump card.

“The two of you, take your men with you and scram immediately!” Yao Qingyun immediately said, not even making eye contact with either of them.

Many of the league members present nodded their approval. What is dominance? This was dominance.

Tang Hao and Luo Tao’s expressions turned sour as well. They completely did not expect that Yao Qingyun’s first words would be to chase them away.

“How imposing, Yao Qingyun. Don’t think that just because you’re the Qingyun League Chief, that gives you the right to be so arrogant. This is the Tianwu Kingdom after all,” Tang Hao said furiously with a hardened expression.

“Don’t try to pressure me using the Tianwu Kingdom. Don’t tell me you’re going to bring up the Emperor himself? I won’t hand over Ye Mo even if you do. This is the Qingyun League, my territory. I don’t care who you are. No one gets to run wild in my territory,” Yao Qingyun said.

Looking at the League Chief who was not even as tall as him, Ye Mo’s heart was filled with admiration. This was the imposing manner in which a League Chief should conduct himself.

Regardless of whether he would be punished by the Qingyun League after this, the Chief was using his own powers to protect the Qingyun League’s dignity.

A purple lightning jumped out from Tang Hao’s body, morphing into a middle-aged man. He was clad in purple armor and had a tiger-like body and eager-like eyes, as if no one would be able to escape his sight. “Yao Qingyun, it has been a few years since we last met. I wonder, how is your training coming along?”

“Cao Zhengchun!” Seeing his arrival, Yao Qingyun could not help but frown. While he knew he was merely a True Energy clone, this matter still did not leave any room for complacency.

“Brother Ye Mo, that is Cao Zhengchun, but formed with True Energy. I’m afraid Cao Zhengfun has already started to train with the Transcendence Golden Body. Otherwise, his aura would not be this strong. This is something that even fighters in the final stage of the Spirit Devour Realm cannot compete with. This True Energy clone probably took him a year to cultivate. If we were able to absorb it, tsk tsk!” Ling’er’s eyes sparkled.

Ye Mo looked at Cao Zhengchun. Had it not been for Ling’er’s reminder, he would not have been able to differentiate that the man before him was formed from True Energy!

“This kill order was sent down by me. Ye Mo killed more than 10 of my guards. If I do not capture him, how can my kingdom guards still instil fear in others?” asked Cao Zhengchun calmly.

“Ye Mo, why did you kill the guards. Speak the truth!” Yao Qingyun turned to look at Ye Mo with his ice-cold, piercing eyes, as if he could see right through him.

Anyone who was stared at by those eyes would not dare to even think of lying.

“I received a mission which required me to protect the Qi Clan carriage on their journey to the Heaven’s Wall City. Due to the Qi Clan finding the map to a Transcendence Golden Body – Ye Qing’s Transcendence Golden Body – the Cao Clan sent their guards to intercept the carriage and try to steal the map. My mission was to protect the carriage team. Those guards were not strong enough and ended up getting killed by me. Upon arrival at the Heaven’s Wall City, they came to settle things again and tried to start trouble with me, forcing me to make a move and kill them. Had I not kill them, they would have killed me.” Ye Mo’s tone was extremely calm. His every word was instilled with impenetrable reason.

“Oh, when did the incident with the guards ambushing the carriage happen? Also, regarding the Transcendence Golden Body map, when was that?” Elder Feng teased, wearing a smile on his face.

Hearing this, Cao Zhengchun almost choked on air. The reason for capturing Ye Mo was naturally to silence him. The Hellfire Wargod Transcendence Body was something that few knew about, and Ye Mo was one of them. There was a reason for this huge mobilization of force.

Nonetheless, Ye Mo mentioned the map incident in front of Yao Qingyun and Feng Qingyang. These two were both strong fighters in the Spirit Devour Realm. There was no way that they would not be curious about that.

“Who would’ve thought that the map to the Hellfire Wargod Transcendence Body would be in the hands of the Cao Clan? I see, so it turns out that you wanted to capture Ye Mo to silence him. It appears that you have miscalculated this,” Yao Qingyun said with a gentle smile.

“Kid, watch your mouth. Would the Cao Clan really do something like that?” Cao Zhengchun shouted in anger as the lightning surrounding him started to crackle, twisting like small lightning snakes.

“The Sky-Trembling Giant Sword technique that your Cao Clan guards displayed was pretty impressive, as was the Will of the Time Disruption Spear from Cao Sanshi.” Ye Mo showed a hint of a smile as he spoke while shaking his head. “I saw these two techniques from your guards when they ambushed the carriages. However, they were pretty average.”

One of the Energy Shaping Ninth Realm guards could not help but mutter under his breath, “That Cao Sanshi is worthless trash. He thinks he can be this arrogant just because he defeated him? There are plenty of fighters like Cao Sanshi among the Cao Clan guards. To think that someone like him can become a top 10 fighter in the Qingyun Rankings. Looks like this ranking is filled with garbage.”

This voice was soft but unusually jarring to the ears of the Qingyun League members. On the other hand, a flurry of smiles could be seen from the Cao Clan side.

Ye Mo must have been opportunistic to be able to defeat Cao Sanshi. By the looks of it, Ye Mo was at most in the Energy Shaping Eighth Realm.

An Energy Shaping Eighth Realm fighter in the top 10 of the Qingyun Rankings! Past elites in the Qingyun Clan were all Energy Shaping Ninth Realm.

A realm difference was like the gap between heaven and earth.

Tang Hao also secretly gave his approval to his subordinate as Cao Zhengchun also laughed mockingly. Cao Sanshi was merely a minor captain of the reserve army with average powers. Had he not been able to realize the sword will that he had taught him, he would not even have made it as a minor captain.

“Who was that? Who said garbage? Step out!” Ye Mo immediately locked on to where the voice came from.

The guard was named Sun Shi, a formal warrior in the guards, who was around 20-years old. His strength level was already in the Energy Shaping Ninth Realm, an impressive feat even for the Qingyun League.

Seeing Tang Hao give him the signal to step forward, Sun Shi laughed coldly as he stepped out from the team, his body upright as he looked at Ye Mo condescendingly. “Why? I said it. For someone of your strength level to be able to become a top 10 fighter in the Qingyun Rankings, I cannot help but question how weak the top nine fighters must be. Compared to us guards, if they’re not garbage, what are they?”

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