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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 298: Strength after Advancement

Chapter 298: Strength after Advancement

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Sun Shi’s words were direct slaps to the faces of all the league members.

Some of the Tiandi League members showed unimpressed smiles. All of their fighters in the Tiandi Rankings were Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighters.

“Is that true?” Ye Mo looked at Sun Shi calmly and said, “You say that the league members in the Qingyun Rankings are all weak. As a top 10 fighter in the rankings, I will battle you and see who is weaker, your guards or our league members!”

“Disciple, now is not the time for you to punch above your weight. That guard is an Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighter. Even if you were able to defeat Li Tianyang, you are still not his match.” With a single wave of his arm, Feng Qingyang immediately pulled Ye Mo back.

“Feng Qingyang, these youngsters are merely sparring. Why are you interfering? Don’t tell me all you fighters in the Qingyun Rankings are all weaklings? League members who are all style but no substance? Furthermore, your student is so arrogant with that stubborn mouth of his,” said Tang Hao.

“Master, I am confident.” Ye Mo’s gaze sparkled as he gave Feng Qingyang a smile of confidence.

Looking at Ye Mo’s expression, Feng Qingyang felt something in his heart and was immediately overcome with delight – had his student mastered the Iceheart Technique? To what degree had he master the technique? Was he capable of defeating two versions of himself?

“How do you want to battle? Based on your aura, your strength is merely in the Energy Shaping Sixth Realm. While you may have the power to kill an Energy Shaping Eighth Realm fighter, you are still not a worthy match for me.” Sun Shi walked forward, stretching his limbs. “Since you are asking for death, don’t blame the guards for their ruthlessness.”

“Sun Shi, do not hold back. It would be best if you kill him off with a single hit and reinforce the guards’ authority for us. I will immediately promote you to the position of a captain,” said Cao Zhengchun coldly.

“That Ye Mo is basically seeking death. Does he not know the difference in power between Sun Shi and himself?”

“This Ye Mo is only 16-years old. To be able to train up to the Energy Shaping Sixth Realm and the Eighth Realm in terms of actual battle power is indeed quite impressive. He must have cultivated some sacred treasures and strengthened his entrances and veins using them. However, fighters like him often lack stamina towards the end.”

The Cao Clan guards, along with some Tiandi League members, all revealed unimpressed smiles.

“Are you questioning my stamina? That’ll depend on whether you are competent enough!” Ye Mo walked forward slowly, showing no signs of fear.

“You think too highly of yourself!” Sun Shi’s eyes squinted. All of a sudden, he unleashed a frightening aura from his body. This pressurizing aura was something that only Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighters could activate to stifle their opponent. Following that, a swing of his palm formed an energy web that tried to wrap Ye Mo from the top of his head.

At the moment that the attack landed, Ye Mo suddenly moved. It was as if the move awakened the Giant Dragon, and his body started to give off a destructive, murderous aura, causing all the Energy Shaping Realm fighters to be hit with a suffocating feeling. This was killing instinct and purple flame spirit combined with the Giant Dragon Powers.


Ye Mo’s body shook, and the web-like energy force was struck away just like that. With 300 rays of Giant Dragon Powers channeled towards the entrance of his right hand, a dragon claw formed, reached out, and destroyed Sun Shi’s attack with a single swipe.

Everyone had the feeling that Ye Mo was like a Giant Dragon descending down upon them, carrying a ruthless aura with it. This single swipe was brutal and extremely powerful.

Sun Shi’s expressions changed instantly, and he immediately started to channel his Energy Center wildly. An energy armor formed on his body, blocking Ye Mo’s attack.

However, just as he generated the energy armor, a palm appeared right in front of his chest. His whole body immediately flew up and backwards for tens of yards before he could steady himself.

Clutching his chest, Sun Shi coughed out a huge mouthful of blood.

A palm strike, merely a palm strike, was enough for Energy Shaping Sixth Realm Ye Mo to defeat Sun Shi. While Sun Shi did not utilize his full power, this scene was enough to show his imminent defeat.

“How is this possible?”

It was as if a sword had pierced the heart of Commander Cao Zhengchun. Upon witnessing what had happened, even the ground below his feet started to crack and collapse as he was filled with rage.

One of his own men had been defeated by Ye Mo with a single move.

Everyone showed expressions of disbelief at that moment. An Energy Shaping Sixth Realm fighter had actually defeated a Ninth Realm fighter with a single blow!

“Who would’ve thought that only after a month, Ye Mo’s strength levels would have risen again?”

“Indeed, I’m guessing that this Ye Mo may even reach the True Energy Realm before the league war.”

“The True Energy Realm is not so easily achieved. For Ye Mo to be able to challenge above his realm, he must have cultivated some sacred treasures. People like him often stagnate in the Energy Shaping Realm. Fighters in the True Energy Realm are all fighters who worked their way up by way of actual solid training.

Upon seeing what had happened, Feng Qingyang’s eyes were filled with delight as well. This technique was not part of the Iceheart Technique, but an attack that already exceeded the Energy Shaping Ninth Realm!

“Disciple, have you made another breakthrough?”

“Yes, master. I have advanced to the Energy Shaping Sixth Realm. Even normal Ninth Realm fighters are no match for me,” Ye Mo said respectfully.

This was Ye Mo reserving his strength as well. Had he generated a dragon spear and displayed the Human-Spear Unity, unleashing three times the light blade, that Sun Shi would have been dead with a single stab.

“Haha, disciple, there’s more to it, am I right? You have also realized the state of sub-consciousness and strengthened your battling powers.” Elder Feng smiled, evidently pleased.

“Indeed, I have already mastered the Iceheart Technique and exploded in strength levels. Those so-called guards are mere weaklings. How dare those guards be compared to our Qingyun League?”

Ye Mo’s words were not just for Feng Qingyang to hear, but for the League Chief as well. He was the top dog in the Qingyun League, and if Ye Mo was able to impress him, it would naturally prove to benefit him in the long run.

For the Qingyun League members, hearing Ye Mo’s words was like music to their ears.

“Haha, good, good, League Chief, now you see, my disciple’s talents are not far off from your daughter’s!”

“Arrogant kid. That was merely a moment of carelessness which allowed your attack to connect. Let’s see how you’re going to defeat me now!”

With a roar, Sun Shi’s whole body trembled and a twisting flow of aura appeared. An energy clone appeared beside him.

“You may be strong, but you’re ultimately only in the Energy Shaping Sixth Realm. Now that I’ve summoned my energy clone, let’s see how you’re going to defend against the attack of two people!”

Between his words, Sun Shi awakened his energy, and with a twitch of his legs, he launched himself towards Ye Mo, he and his clone charging from either side of Ye Mo. In an instant, a wave of sharp aura was unleashed as two huge energy knives manifested from thin air. Piercing through the air with extreme force, the attack from both sides struck towards Ye Mo’s head.

“Wild Blades of Trouble Times!”

This move was one of the Cao Clan’s guards’ assassination techniques. The technique was filled with a ruthless aura and carried a hint of Will of the Knife. Anyone who gets struck with this technique would feel as if they have been sliced wildly by a flurry of blades, leaving any witness to the attack devastated as well.

Furthermore, this move was unleashed by two Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighters. Seeing Sun Shi’s face of fury, it was evident that he had no intention of holding back. Not that he had unleashed all his strength, this was not something that the previous move could rival.

Just as the Qingyun League members were worrying for Ye Mo, he suddenly shut his eyes as a dragon spear formed in his hand!

Standing there, he was completely unmoved!

Besides the few Spirit Devour Realm fighters, everyone else watched on in shock – what was with Ye Mo?

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