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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 299: Devastation

Chapter 299: Devastation

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Seeing that not only did Ye Mo not dodge his attack, but had closed his eyes as well, Sun Shi became even more furious. The two giant energy knifes’ aura further increased as they pierced the air.

Standing rooted to the ground, Ye Mo remained unmoving with both of his eyes closed.

He had completely submerged in the subconscious state!

Just as the giant energy knives were about to strike Ye Mo, he suddenly dodged it, his body moving in a snake-like motion. It seemed like a close call, but he had escaped Sun Shi’s attack in an extremely clever manner.

Seeing that Ye Mo was actually able to escape his Wild Blades of Troubled Times, his clone raised both his arms as two energy long knives formed again, shooting out and flying through the air. Both knives were extremely sharp.

Even for Energy Shaping Eighth Realm fighters, they would be split in half immediately upon coming into contact with the knives.

As for Sun Shi himself, he instantly shifted behind Ye Mo.

“Thousand Hands Knife Technique!”

With an explosive roar, Sun Shi consecutively unleashed hundreds of knife strikes in an instant. For the fighters present who were of weaker strength levels, they were completely unaware of how Sun Shi had unleashed that attack.

Everyone was taken by surprise – now this was Sun Shi’s true strength!

However, what happened next shocked everyone even more. Not only did Ye Mo’s dragon spear block the attacks from Sun Shi’s clone, Ye Mo’s body shifted continuously, evading Sun Shi’s attacks, as if he had eyes on the back of his head.

How on earth did Ye Mo do that?

“The subconscious state!”

Beside Feng Qingyang, Yao Qingyun, Tang Hao, Cao Zhengchun and Luo Tao were all shocked as well.

“This Ye Mo actually realized the subconscious state. This state is not something that an Energy Shaping Realm fighter can easily realize. Ye Mo’s talent is frightening.”

Ye Mo had indeed reached the subconscious state. The strength of the state was not in its offense, but in its execution. In terms of technique, let alone two Sun Shi’s, even if there were seven of them, Ye Mo would have been comfortable being surrounded. He would have been able to take each of them down one by one.

Initially, based on Ye Mo’s move, he would have been able to directly absorb Sun Shi’s clone. However, this type of ability would have been way too devastating. He dared not reveal too much of his own secret in front of these elite fighters.

Sun Shi unleashed one wild attack after another, heavily coated with knife aura. The force of this aura became more and more powerful. However, he was either unable to hit Ye Mo, or Ye Mo expertly blocked his attacks.

Bam, bam, bam, bam!

Multiple strikes from Sun Shi rained down like a thunderstorm, but all of a sudden, Ye Mo managed to exploit a loophole. He struck a fist from distance as an energy wave roared. A single punch directly passed through the waves of knife auras, causing the whole surrounding to be filled with energy force. When the hit landed on Sun Shi’s chest, he was sent stumbling backwards.

Ye Mo’s movement was completely flawless. Just as Sun Shi’s clone was in a state of confusion, the dragon spear in his hand stabbed towards it.


Ye Mo punctuated a whole in Sun Shi’s clone. The surroundings started to tremble as well, as if a peaceful lake surface was disrupted by wave after wave of rippling force.

“How did Ye Mo do that? How was he able to display such a strong technique with his eyes closed?” Sun Shi’s thoughts filled his mind as he steadied himself. He was a trained guard – he would not be so easily defeated. At that moment, he took out a bow from his Dimensional Bracelet and created distance between himself and Ye Mo.

“Wild Tiger Explosive Arrow!”

In a sudden, he pulled the trigger as the sound of a spring being activated could be heard. Channeling all of his body’s energy into the bow, he shot out an energy arrow.

The arrow pierced through the air and flew towards Ye Mo. A giant wild tiger formed above the energy arrow and, roaring in anger, pounced towards Ye Mo, threatening to bite him.

With a spear strike, Ye Mo attempted to counter this next blow.

The wild tiger let out a roar and exploded in mid-air, scattering Ye Mo’s attack and causing him to take multiple steps backwards. Following that, another arrow flew towards him. This time, the wild tiger turned into a white crane. A white shadow soared through the sky with a long, piercing cry.

“White Crane Explosion, die!”

Facing Sun Shi’s multiple waves of attack, Ye Mo suddenly opened his eyes. The heart minion sent out three consecutive stabs as a 300-fet light blade instantly swept across the field, engulfing the white crane within it.


Sun Shi’s white crane was destroyed by the light blade and was instantly deflected towards Sun Shi’s side, causing him to fly backwards. His clothes tore open as fresh blood poured out. Landing on the ground, Sun Shi immediately lost consciousness.

“As a top 10 member of the Qingyun Rankings, I am indeed very weak. If you couldn’t even defeat someone as weak as me, does it mean that you guards are even weaker?” Ye Mo asked calmly.

“Hahahaha!” Hearing this, Yao Qingyun let out a big laugh, extremely satisfied. “Cao Zhengchun, the strength of our Qingyun Rankings league member is indeed nothing impressive. You guards are still the strong ones.”

“Hahahaha!” The surrounding league members followed suit, bursting into wild laughter.

“You are nothing but a piece of garbage!” Tang Hao eyed Sun Shi and scolded loudly. Then, he gave Ye Mo a death stare. “Ye Mo, this was initially merely a sparring contest. Why were you so brutal?”

Retracting his dragon spear, Ye Mo replied coldly. “All of you heard it just now – that Commander Cao wanted Sun Shi to kill me. If I was not strong enough, I’m afraid I would not have merely ended up being unconscious. I would have died. Not killing him now is already a show of compassion. All of you should thank me for showing mercy towards your guards.”

“You!” Tang Hao’s rage was uncontrollable as he thought about making a move. However, with two Spirit Devour Realm fighters, the leader of the Qingyun League and an elder of the Qingyun League, in front of his eyes, as well as the Spirit Devour Realm woman in the Qingyun League, he was hesitant to act rashly.

“He is indeed garbage. How about going a few rounds with me?” Tang Malong suddenly walked forward with a smile on his face.

“Why? Are you all thinking of a gauntlet match? If one fighter fails, a stronger one shows up? Is a True Energy Realm fighter going to appear to fight me later?” Ye Mo said calmly. His words, however, did cause the expressions of the guards to all harden.

“You?!” Tang Malong let out an angry cry and prepared to launch himself towards Ye Mo, only for Feng Qingyang to immediately step out. With a wave of his arm, he sent Tang Malong flying back to his camp.

“My disciple just had a huge battle with one of your guards, and most of his energy has been spent. Don’t tell me you’re planning on taking advantage of a man when he’s down?” Feng Qingyang said.

Yao Qingyun opened his mouth once again, his tone harsh and strong. “Now, the fight has already be fought. If there is nothing else, leave my Qingyun League. If you want to fight for real, wait for the league war!”

The talents showcased by Ye Mo today had shocked him. There was no way that he would hand over Ye Mo now. If they were to engage in battle now, the Qingyun League would fear no one.

Tang Malong said a few words beside Tang Hao’s ear, and following that, Tang Hao did the same to Cao Zhengchun. Cao Zhengchun nodded his head, saying, “If you want us to leave, we will refuse. How about this instead: we wait until Ye Mo recovers his energy and let him have a fight with Tang Malong. If Ye Mo wins, not only will we leave immediately, the kill order will also be taken down. If Ye Mo loses, he shall immediately follow me back.”

As Spirit Devour Realm fighters, Yao Qingyun and Feng Qingyang could naturally see that Tang Malong’s level of training was not something that Sun Shi could compare with. Furthermore, Tang Malong was ultimately Tang Hao’s son, which meant that he was naturally going to have a lot of tricks up his sleeves and trump cards in hand. Even if Ye Mo had managed to realize the subconscious state, he may still not be a match for him!

“There’s no need to wait for me to recover my energy. If you want to fight, let’s fight now. I’m scared that if the sky turns darker, all of you won’t recognize your way back home!”

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