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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 300: Strong Oppression

Chapter 300: Strong Oppression

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Ye Mo’s Giant Dragon Powers could absorb energy from the natural elements at all times and restore his strength. The battle with Sun Shi did not expend much of the Giant Dragon Powers in his body. In addition to his automatic recovery, the amount of energy that was in Ye Mo body was almost the same when it was at its peak.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Tang Malong’s anger escalated as he immediately shouted, “Ye Mo, I shall let you know the true strength of the guards!”

His body erupted as black flame poured out. Behind him, a pair of Flame of the Sun Wings formed. With every flap of his wings, flame was ignited from below his feet.

“My flame may not be as strong as the true Flame of the Sun, but my father planted a Flame of the Sun seed inside my body – I already possess the aura of the Flame of the Sun. Let’s see how you’re going to block this!”

With a loud roar, Tang Malong flapped his wings and flew straight up into the sky. The Flame of the Sun flapping in the sky poured out heat waves and fiery winds.

“Disciple, be careful. This Tang Malong has been nurtured by Tang Hao’s true teachings. He cannot be compared to that guard just now.”

Feng Qingyang looked up to see Tang Malong in mid-air. Before he could even finish speaking, Tang Malong generated a Flame of the Sun bow in his hand and locked onto Ye Mo below.


A Flame of the Sun arrow burned through the air and shot towards Ye Mo.

“If you want to fly, fly then!”

Ye Mo started to channel all of his Giant Dragon Powers inside his body, causing his body to start expanding. Before the Flame of the Sun arrow could reach its target, Ye Mo vanished from where he was standing.

“Where’s Ye Mo? Did he disappear?”

“Look! Ye Mo is in the sky. How are the wings that he generates so big? Even True Energy Realm fighters may not be able to generate a pair of wings so large. Furthermore, why does the outline of the wings resemble that of a dragon?” One of the league members shouted loudly as everyone raised their heads and looked up.

On Ye Mo’s back was a pair of Dragon Wings that were 60 feet wide, flapping in the wind. The Dragon Wings gave off an aura of slaughter and destruction, causing many to avoid looking at it directly.

As the Dragon Wings flapped nonchalantly, the aura of the Flame of the Sun Wings started to wane. If not for Tang Malong controlling and channelling his energy to the wings, that pair of wings would have been extinguished at any moment.

“What kind of technique did this kid train to be able to form such a frightening pair of wings?”

Tang Malong finally started to take Ye Mo seriously. His Flame of the Sun Wings, clearly affected by Ye Mo’s Dragon Wings’ flapping, became unstable and his energy levels started to fluctuate. “This kid’s strength is clearly only in the Energy Shaping Sixth Realm. His energy quality cannot be compared with mine. So why is the pair of wings that he generated giving off such a pressurizing force?”

Adjusting his energy levels again, he prepared to shoot out another Flame of the Sun arrow. However, Ye Mo flapped his Dragon Wings, formed into a shadow, and instantly flew towards Tang Malong. He charged at him with a dragon spear in hand. Just like that, a violent light blade engulfed his body.

“Sun Mixed Energy!”

Tang Malong, holding a definite advantage in terms of strength, activated an ultimate defensive technique upon facing Ye Mo’s attack.

Sun Mixed Energy was a technique that used the Flame of the Sun to form an absolute defense around one’s body.

A Flame of the Sun shield appeared and surrounded Tang Malong, causing Ye Mo’s attack to instantly vanish upon connecting with him.

“Let’s see how many stabs you can block!”

Ye Mo flapped his Dragon Wings once again, not giving Tang Malong any time to take a breather. Unleashing all of his Giant Dragon Powers, every light blade became stronger and stronger as Ye Mo continued, stabbing at Tang Malong multiples times. Almost in an instant, Ye Mo had launched a hundred light blade attacks.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The light blades made a buzzing sound upon striking the Flame of the Sun shield. Taking multiple hits, the shield trembled, and Tang Malong, who was inside the shield, started to take multiple steps back in retreat as a stream of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth. He was evidently on the receiving end of an internal attack that invaded his vital organs.

“Ye Mo, you are asking to die!” A sharp voice rose as Tang Malong waved his hand, causing the Flame of the Sun shield to twist and retract. In his hand, a 30-feet long Flame of the Sun sword formed!

“Spirit-Killing Giant Sword, die!”

A huge sword rumbled, opening up a layer of black flame fire waves that threatened to slice the sky in half as it surged relentlessly towards Ye Mo.


Ye Mo retracted his wings and wrapped them around his body. The Spirit-Killing Giant Sword directly struck atn the Dragon Wings, but that only caused Ye Mo to take a few steps back. He had managed to counter Tang Malong’s attack without breaking a sweat.

“What? Is he still human? How is he able to use his wings to block an attack from his opponent? The Spirit-Killing Giant Sword is a weapon that can easily split an Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighter in half.”

The crowd was utterly shocked by what they had just seen.

Tang Malong was at a disadvantage ever since Ye Mo displayed his energy wings. Almost all of his techniques had failed to even make a scratch on Ye Mo. Having waited for a hint of a loophole to exploit, he displayed the Spirit-Killing Giant Sword, an ultimate, death-guaranteed technique, only for it to be blocked by Ye Mo’s wings.

“This Ye Mo, why is he so strong? Didn’t Zheng’er say that his strength level was only in the Energy Shaping Eighth Realm? Don’t tell me, he managed to make a breakthrough of this degree within just one month?”

“Now that you’re done attacking, it’s my turn.”

Ye Mo let out a loud roar, his deafening aura enough to swallow up the earth. Opening his Dragon Wings, his body rumbled again as dragon wings flapped and wild winds roared around him. With both hands gripping his spear, he charged towards Tang Malong, resembling the grim reaper collecting lives.

The Ye Mo now was like a true monster in human form. Every move was able to generate large amounts of trembling force.

“Don’t think that you will be able to defeat me just like that,” said Tang Malong, slightly angered.

“Go and die!”

Ye Mo let out another roar and his wings vibrated again. Ye Mo instantly turned into a dark shadow, and then, it was as if time had stopped.

As all the league members watched with their eyes wide and jaws on the floor, Tang Malong flew straight down from the sky with a hole in his chest. Blood poured out continuously.

“Impossible!” Tang Malong said before immediately passing out.

Seeing what had happened, Tang Hao immediately appeared beside his son, continuously feeding pills into his mouth as he started to treat his injuries.

“The fight is over. All of you should hurry and leave. The sky is going to be completely dark soon!”

Floating in the air, Ye Mo looked at the guards like Satan descending upon earth.

“That pair of Dragon Wings is so strange. Facing his wings, Malong was unable to unleash his aura!”

Tang Hao was secretly shocked.

Tang Malong’s strength was indeed more than what he had just shown. However, under Ye Mo’s flawless suppression, he was unable to truly demonstrate his strength.

This pair of Dragon Wings was extremely strong and ruthless.

“Alright, alright. Stumped by a Qingyun League member, no less. I shall admit defeat this time. However, after I advance into the Transcendence Realm, the whole arrangement between the three leagues and two factions is going to change.” As he spoke, Cao Zhengchun instantly turned into a lightning strike and disappeared from where he stood.

Tang Hao and Luo Tao also returned without any getting what they had set out to get. In an instant, besides a few Qingyun League members, the only people remaining in the Qingyun League arena were Feng Qingyang, Yao Qingyun and, of course, Ye Mo.

Just like that, the conflict was resolved.

Of course, all the credit should go to Ye Mo’s strength. A month ago, had he not defeated Li Tianyang to become a top 10 fighter in the Qingyun Rankings, he might have already been sent to the guards by the Qingyun League.

As for today, had he not made the breakthrough to advance his powers and caused problems for their opposition, he would still not have been able to escape his fate of being captured.

He attributed all of this to his strength. Only through strength could one take control over their own fate.

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