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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 301: Escaping the Game of Chess

Chapter 301: Escaping the Game of Chess

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Night had fallen. Yao Qingyun allowed Ye Mo to find him at the League Chief Pavilion the next day before leaving.

Feng Qingyang was full of praise for Ye Mo. He was extremely satisfied with the performance of his disciple. Before he left, he reminded Ye Mo to be punctual when heading to the League Chief Pavilion tomorrow.

A sense of hope filled Ye Mo’s heart. Based on his performance today, he felt that he had gained Yao Qingyun’s aproval.

“Whether I can attain the right to become a league chief elect depends on tomorrow!”

Ye Mo immediately left the arena.

Inside the Xuan Ji sub-league conference hall, Ye Changsheng and Yan Zhi were seated together. A league member rushed in, clearly in distress.

“Brother Changsheng, I have bad news. Something shocking just happened, and it’s regarding Ye Mo. The Cao Clan Imperial Guards brought the Tiandi League members to capture Ye Mo. The Commander and Deputy Commander were both there, and even Tiandi League’s league chief, Luo Tao, was there. In the end, the League Chief and Elder Feng arrived, which resulted in the Cao Clan guards and Tiandi League members retreating with their tails between their legs.”

Hearing that, the teacup in Ye Changsheng’s hand shook so hard it almost cracked.

A month ago, Ye Changsheng was extremely satisfied upon hearing the news that Ye Mo was being hunted. Thinking that Ye Mo was going to die for sure, it turned out that Qingyun League immediately took down the kill order because Ye Mo was the one of top 10 fighters in the Qingyun Rankings.

In response, the Cao Clan Commander had personally led the imperial guards to the Qingyun League to capture Ye Mo. To think that even the League Chief made an appearance and allowed both powers to retreat like that! There must have been something more to this.

“Yes, however, Ye Mo was able to escape this time because of his strength. His current strength level have skyrocketed compared to what it had been a month ago. Even Energy Shaping Ninth Realm fighters cannot match him.”

Ye Changsheng slapped the table, causing a table corner to break, his expression unstable. “How did Ye Mo’s powers increase so quickly? This will be very disadvantageous for me if this goes on.”

“Changsheng, based on Ye Mo’s current talents that he had demonstrated, unless there is someone stronger than the League Chief who wants Ye Mo dead, Ye Mo will always be under the protection of the Qingyun League. However, I thought of an idea that may help you resolve your concerns,” said Yan Zhi.

“Oh? Yan Zhi, do you have a clever plan?” Ye Changsheng asked, delighted.

“The man I sent to the Sword Whisper Manor has returned, and I ended up finding a ground-breaking secret.”

“What secret?”

“The Yin Poison Society was already destroyed before Xie Xiu, and the rest left the Qingyun League. That means that Li Tianhe was lying!” said Yan Zhi.

Ye Changsheng heart trembled in excitement as he said, “So that means that Brother Xie Xiu was killed by Ye Mo?”

Yan Zhi nodded her head. “That’s not all. Song Yang could very well have been killed by Ye Mo as well. It’s just that we are still missing evidence. If we find evidence to prove that Ye Mo had killed Song Yang, he is guaranteed to die!”

“Haha, indeed, even the Emperor knows about Song Yang’s death. If Ye Mo is really Song Yang’s murderer, I’m afraid even Elder Feng and the League Chief will not be able to protect him!”

Ye Changsheng burst into laughter as he wrapped his arm around Yan Zhi’s slim waist.

“Hehe, I have a plan!” Yan Zhi muttered some words beside Ye Changsheng’s ear, and following that, both of them smiled maliciously.

They were slowly formulating a sinister plan.

A day went past just like that, but news of the events of the previous night had already spread across the whole of Qingyun League. Ye Mo, with his Energy Shaping Sixth Realm strength, had defeated Energy Shaping Ninth Realm Tang Malong, the son of Deputy Commander of the Imperial Guards.

There was discussion among the masses that, based on Ye Mo’s current strength, he could potentially compete for the top 3 spot in the Qingyun Rankings.

Ye Mo had become a household name.

The League Chief Pavilion was extremely grand, but the surrounding natural spirit auras were extremely thick. The moment Ye Mo neared the League Chief Pavilion, he felt an intense chill rush through his body.

There was definitely a Frost Pulse beneath the pavilion for it to be able to release such a frightening frost aura.

“Ye Mo, come in, we are all waiting for you in the main hall!”

The League Chief’s voice could be heard from within the pavilion.

Ye Mo walked inside the pavilion and saw that the interior décor was similar to normal pavilions. However, there were plenty of elders seated at both sides. These elders were all very strong, with even the weakest one reaching the True Energy Realm.

Elder Feng Qingyang and Elder Yun Tianxie were seated there as well. However, they sat closest to the League Chief on either of him.

As Ye Mo entered the main hall, all the elders from both sides cast their glances towards him.

“Ye Mo, visiting the League Chief.” Ye Mo clasped his hands together.

“Ye Mo, do you know the reason why I called you here today?” asked Yao Qingyun.

“I do not know.”

“Elder Feng, since you’re Ye Mo’s master, speak on my behalf!” said Yao Qingyun.

Elder Feng nodded his head and said, “Student, I told you in the past that our Tianwu Kingdom is split into two covert factions. Everyone seated here in the League Chief Pavilion are members of the Martial Faction while our League Chief is the Deputy Faction Leader of the Martial Faction.”

Ye Mo had previously heard Elder Feng mention that the Tianwu Kingdom was split into two factions, the Martial Faction and the Emperor Faction. Neither faction spoke about it explicitly, but the two major forces had already formed in private, one was against the Emperor, the other aiming to protect the Emperor.

The Emperor had little interest regarding these two forces. In his eyes, this was nothing more than a game to kill time.

“Yes!” Ye Mo nodded as he replied.

“The reason the League Chief brought you here is to express his wish to recruit you into the Marital Faction and become one of us. Based on your talents, with the Martial Faction’s nurturing, a few years would be all it takes, and you will definitely have the ability to become the next Ye Qing!” Elder Feng continued.

“Naturally, I am more than willing to join the Martial Clan. However, I have a query,” Ye Mo said. His target was to train to a level that would allow him to defeat the Emperor after two years, and doing so before the Emperor marries Qi Ying. The Martial Faction represented an opportunity for him to gain support towards this goal. With the existence of such an organization, he was naturally willing to enter it.

“You can speak your mind if you have any questions,” said Yao Qingyun.

“The Martial Faction is a faction that is against the Emperor, so why is the Emperor unaware of it?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

“Haha, for figures like the Emperor, unless it is something that truly angers him, he rarely asks us fighters about these things. All these years, only the affairs of the Empress has aroused his concern. He does not question any other affairs. Regardless of how much the Martial Clan and the Emperor Clan fight each other, they represent nothing more than a game of chess to him.” As he spoke, a solemn expression flashed across his face. “As for us, we have to nurture people who can escape from this game of chess!”

Escaping the game of chess and killing the person controlling the chess pieces was the ambition of the Martial Faction, an extremely arduous mission.

With the exception of Transcendence Realm fighters, it would be difficult for one to get the attention of the Emperor.

Even if one were to advance to the Transcendence Realm, they may not be a match for the Emperor.

With the Li Family ruling the Tianwu Kingdom for such a long time, there had not been anyone capable of overthrowing their rule.

“I understand!”

“I heard from Elder Feng that you are trying to attain the right to being a chief elect from the Xuan Ji League Chief.”


“Xuan Ji is an extremely unpredictable woman. Even I have no control over her. Once she is sure of something, even I myself would not be able to change her mind. If you want to attain the chief elect right from her hands, there’s only one solution.”

Yao Qingyun hesitated for a moment before saying, “Find my daughter, Yao Yue!”

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