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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 302: Accepting The Mission

Chapter 302: Accepting The Mission

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“Looking for your daughter? Who is your daughter?” Ye Mo asked.

“Heh. The league leader’s daughter is naturally Yao Yue.” Feng Qingyang raised his brow and smiled.

“Senior Sister Yao Yue is the league leader’s daughter?” Ye Mo was astonished.

He studied the league leader and found that he indeed looked somewhat similar to Yao Yue. However, it was quite odd that he could have a daughter with such a tall and slender build.

“Why? Do we not look alike?” A warm smile surfaced on Yao Qingyun’s face when he spoke about his daughter.

“So will I be able to get that chief elect position by finding Senior Sister Yao Yue?” Ye Mo continued asking.

“Yes. In fact, Yao Yue also has a chief elect position within the Xuan Ji Sub-League. That was personally given to her by Xuan Ji. But due to the Martial Faction, Yao Yue had left Qingyun League. If Yao Yue willingly gives you the chief elect position she has, it does not go against Qingyun League’s rules. Therefore, you need to go find her now and help her complete the assassination mission.” Yao Qingyun tossed over a scroll to Ye Mo as he spoke.

Assassination missions could only be accepted by Elite League members. Normally, the targets of the assassination missions would be evil individuals or those from evil organizations.

Of course, this particular assassination mission mentioned by Yao Qingyun was clearly not a simple one. Ye Mo accepted the scroll. On the scroll was the description for the mission.

“This mission is very dangerous. I am not comfortable with Yao Yue doing this mission alone. Although you appear to be an Energy Shaping Sixth Realm warrior, you have the combat prowess to defeat an Energy Shaping Ninth Realm warrior. In a way, you are a puzzling opponent and will be very suitable for this mission. Therefore, this mission can only be yours. However, remember that even the gap between warriors in the Ninth Realm can be very big as well. Never underestimate your enemy.”

Many warriors were stuck at the Energy Shaping Ninth Realm their entire lives. These Ninth Realm warriors were extremely powerful and could easily defeat other Ninth Realm warriors.

Ye Mo was very clear on this. A prime example was Tang Malong. If he had not used his dragon wings to suppress Tang Malong’s momentum, he might not have been Tang Malong’s match if they had fought for real.

“Don’t worry, league leader,” Ye Mo assured him.

“Your name is Ye Mo, right? Although the league leaders have agreed to you joining the Martial Faction, old geezers like us can be quite fussy. Consider this mission a test from us old geezers as well. If you fail to complete this mission, forget about joining the Martial Faction. And if you are able to complete it, we will have a mystery gift for you. That gift will be considered your reward for having joined the Martial Faction,” said a white-haired old man sitting beside Elder Feng. The other old men around him nodded in agreement.

“Disciple, thank the elders.” Feng Qingyang signalled Ye Mo with his eyes. Ye Mo immediately understood his meaning and started saluting each of the elders with cupped hands.

Late at night, the moonlight shone upon the tranquil Qingyun League, giving it an eerie look.

At the Elite League member training area near the lake, Ye Mo opened the scroll given to him. Ling’er flew out from his Energy Center and stood beside him while studying the “not so simple” assassination mission.

“Head to the Windmoon Restaurant at Heaven’s Wall City and meet up with Yao Yue who is disguised as a prostitute of the Windmoon Restaurant. Pretend to be Yao Yue’s servant and cooperate with her to complete this mission.” The description was short, but Ye Mo knew that this mission was definitely a dangerous one.

Even the number one fighter of Qingyun Ranking had to pretend to be a prostitute. The assassination target was definitely someone with a significant background.

“Heaven’s Wall City? This will be difficult. Although Tianwu Kingdom has withdrawn my bounty, if I enter Heaven’s Wall City again, the imperial guards might not let me go. If I go there, won’t it be the same as sending a lamb to the tiger’s den?” Ye Mo was at a loss.

“To enter Heaven’s Wall City and work with Yao Yue to complete this mission, your identity might not be discovered.” Ling’er raised her eyebrows and rested her chin in her palms. “Do you have any methods of hiding your identity?”

“Hiding my identity?” Ye Mo snapped, and his eyes lit up as he continued, “I remember. From Encyclopedia of Herbology, there is a certain rank four pill called Face Change Pill. Eating this pill will allow one to change how he looks.” Then, Ye Mo opened his palms and the Encyclopedia of Herbology he obtained from the Mo Clan appeared in his hands.

Ling’er took the book from him and started flipping through the book while sitting on the floor. Before long, she found the introduction for the Face Change Pill.

“Face Change Pill, a rank four pill. Those using this pill can temporarily change their looks. The stronger the medicinal effect, the longer the change will last. Materials required: the Longxu Grass and Zhuye Leaf. Refinement method…” Ling’er started reading out the content of the book.

“Longxu Grass and Zhuye Leaf?” These were materials Ye Mo had never heard of before.

“Yes. According to the book, Zhuye Leaf is a rather common plant, but this Longxu Grass is comparatively rarer, with its appearance resembling the whisker of a dragon. It grows in places of extreme cold.” Ling’er read from the book.

“These two materials can be found at the League Points Hall!” Ye Mo was about to put the book away when Ling’er snatched it from him.

“I will be keeping this book for you. In any case, I have nothing to do. I can read this book while I’m free.”

Then, Ling’er turned into a beam light that disappeared into Ye Mo’s Energy Center. The next day, before the sky turned bright, Ye Mo headed towards the League Points Hall. The escort mission had earned him 20,000 league points.

After entering the League Points Hall, he walked towards the medicinal ingredients area. After searching for a while, he finally found the Longxu Grass that was priced at 10,000 league points. Ye Mo took a stalk of the Longxu Grass and a stalk of Zhuye Leaf and prepared to leave.

Right after he left, he saw Dongfang Ao coming towards him with a smile on his face. Xiao Yun was following close behind him. When they saw Ye Mo, their faces fell. Ye Mo’s victory over Tang Malong had been spread over the entire Qingyun League. They had naturally heard of it as well.

However, Dongfang Ao was an Energy Shaping Ninth Realm warrior and was number two on the Qingyun Ranking. He had been in the Ninth Realm for many years and believed that Tang Malong was definitely not his match.

“Where are the three seals?” Dongfang Ao asked arrogantly.

Ye Mo blanked slightly before he sneered, “Has the person behind you not told you? You are not getting any Burden Water Seals from me.”

Dongfang Ao frowned and continued coldly, “Ye Mo, don’t think that you can be arrogant and conceited just because you have defeated a Ninth Realm warrior. Among the younger generation of the Qingyun League, I am the strongest.” With Yao Yue’s departure, he was indeed the strongest of the young generation.

“Are you done talking? If you are, I’m leaving.”

Ye Mo sneered and ignored their threat. This was the League Points Hall. That Dongfang Ao would not dare to do anything here. Holding his ingredients, Ye Mo paid the league points and left.

When he returned to his cultivation area, he spent several hours refining a Face Change Pill. He activated the pill with his Dragon Power before stuffing it into his mouth. A magical scene unfolded. The youthful face of Ye Mo started warping and changing.

“Haha, Brother Ye Mo, you are much better looking now.” Indeed, the current Ye Mo had fair and tender skin, a tall nose, and a sharp chin. In fact, his current look was comparable to even Li Suifeng.

“Congratulations. From today onwards, you are a handsome guy. You could even become a gigolo at the brothel!”

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