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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood (Web Novel) - Chapter 303: Windmoon Restaurant

Chapter 303: Windmoon Restaurant

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The Heaven’s Wall City was bustling as always. After entering the city with the Transportation Magical Formation and going through inspection by the imperial guards, Ye Mo went to the public square of the city. He immediately felt how lively the city was.

After asking around, he found that Miss Hua Ling, a courtesan at the Windmoon Restaurant, would be taking off the veil from her face for the very first time.

“Is Miss Hua Ling Senior Sister Yao Yue?”

Ye Mo was not scared that his identity would be revealed since he had completely changed his appearance. Even if he stood before Yao Yue now, she might not be able to recognize him.

After asking around for the way to the Windmoon Restaurant, Ye Mo headed there. Night arrived, and nightlife in Heaven’s Wall City commenced. The entire city was brightly lit. The Windmoon Restaurant, a place of endless pleasure, was especially bright.

It was filled with people as usual. Tonight, however, the crowd there was even larger than normal. On the second floor, many courtesans in heavy makeup and revealing clothing were shouting for customers.

Standing in front of the door was a brothel keeper. A smile hung on her face, which was also covered with heavy makeup. She was welcoming the guests. As for Ye Mo, he followed the crowd and entered the restaurant.

In the Windmoon Restaurant, nobody was left alone. Each male had a gorgeously dressed female keeping him company. When Ye Mo entered, a good-looking woman walked over with a smiling face and hugged his arm.

“Mister, you are so handsome. Let Xiao Xing accompany you.” Xiao Xing’s eyes lit up when she saw Ye Mo’s delicate looks. She usually served brutes or guests with hideous looks, so she was very happy to see Ye Mo even if she did not end up making any money off Ye Mo.

“Sure. Let us find a suitable place to have a chat.” Ye Mo flashed her an enchanting smile and followed her to a corner before sitting down.

After sitting down, Xiao Xing poured a glass of wine for Ye Mo and passed him the glass before saying, “Mister, are you here to see Miss Hua Ling as well?”

Ye Mo took the glass and said with an indifferent smile, “No. I am only here because I see that this place is quite lively.”

Xiao Xing appeared slightly confused as she asked. “Oh? Mister, are you not aware that this is a brothel? A place where men seek pleasure?”

“I am not three years old. Of course I am aware of that. I only got curious when I saw that your Windmoon Restaurant was very busy today.”

“Our main courtesan, Miss Hua Ling, is going to unveil herself this evening. Of course this place is busy tonight.”

The Windmoon Restaurant was filled with people. People were laughing and talking, and most of the conversation revolved around Hua Ling.

“Miss Hua LIng has arrived!”

Then, an enchanting woman appeared at the base of the second floor stairs. Her face was covered by a veil and her long, jet-black hair cascaded down her neck. A pair of azure blue pupils shone frostily within her eyes.

She was slender and tall and dressed in a dark blue outfit. Both her legs were thin and long, and her entire person looked refined and elegant. Although her face could not be clearly seen, Ye Mo was able to recognize with a single look that this Hua Ling was Yao Yue.

In the past, Yao Yue would always be dressed in a long robe. Now that she was dressing up like this, even Ye Mo was intoxicated when he laid his eyes on her. He was not alone. All the man there were dumbstruck. Some of them started salivating, and some were already doing perverted things under the cover of their tables. In contrast to Yao Yue, the female companions beside them appeared incomparably bland.

“Tsk tsk. Miss Hua Ling is indeed a remarkably beautiful woman. Her eyes alone is able to suck me in. I would be willing to give up 10 years worth of my life span just to get a closer look at her.”

“I wonder how stunning Miss Hua Ling really is underneath her veil.”

The entire room was instantly filled with numerous remarks. Then, the brothel keeper walked up and stood beside Yao Yue.

“Dear respected guests, today, all the liquor is being sold at half price. We also have one piece of good news. Today, apart from taking off her veil, Miss Hua Ling will also be married off today.”

This single announcement drove the entire Windmoon Restaurant mad. In a brothel, to be married was a euphemism referring to the first time a courtesan would serve a man. Everyone’s faces flushed red, and their blood started burning. This single announcement excited the longing in everyone’s heart.

“Of course, to be Miss Hua Ling’s first man, you must be a remarkable man with great wealth. And without further ado, let us welcome Miss Hua Ling as she reveals her face,” the brothel keeper announced. Next, Yao Yue raised her hand. Everyone’s pupils dilated as they fixed their eyes on her face. Then, the veil dropped, revealing her face.

Her delicate face was incredibly enchanting. Even though she was not wearing any makeup, she still looked beautiful. Her face was flawless, and her skin was as fair as melting snow.

Many people gulped. The looks of this Hua Ling completely surpassed their expectations. Even the legendary imperial concubine might not be as beautiful as her.

“Excellent. Haha!” Suddenly, a shout broke everyone’s concentration as a man stood up with a perverted look on his face. “Miss Hua Ling is indeed a woman of remarkable beauty. You can accompany me tonight!”

This person was dressed in a gray robe. He had a gloomy gaze, and his aura was extremely powerful. Ye Mo could feel that his aura surpassed any Energy Shaping Ninth Realm warrior he had ever met before.

“If you can afford the price, you will get her,” said the brothel keeper with a smile.

“100,000 Mixed Energy Pills. Miss Hua Ling’s first time is mine,” the man said. He opened his palm and a huge bag appeared before him. The entire bag was filled with Mixed Energy Pills.

Ye Mo was completely dumbstruck by the sight of this. Who was this guy to take out 100,000 Mixed Energy Pills so easily? Who was he to possess such wealth? When the locals and the members of some minister families saw this, they were all astonished as well. Only someone from a huge clan would be able to afford this. This was a price only for a single night!

“You look too highly on me. Since you are offering 100,000 Mixed Energy Pills, I will be yours tonight,” Yao Yue replied with a smile so warm it made one feel like he was bathing in the spring breeze.

The brothel keeper immediately called over two burly men to carry the 100,000 Mixed Energy Pills away. Suddenly, a trace of killing intent emerged from the man. Ye Mo was very sensitive towards killing intent as he had comprehended the Will of Killing.

Sure enough, from the man’s sleeve, a white bamboo flute flashed out. The bamboo flute looked as if it was carved from bone.

“You guys really think she’s that valuable to be worth 100,000 Mixed Energy Pills? I am not paying, but I still want her,” the man spoke, and he started blowing on the flute. From the flute, layers of sound waves that were visible to the naked eye spread out. Everywhere the waves passed, the people there blacked out.

When the sound waves reached Ye Mo, he activated his Dragon Power to resist the sound waves.

“This is the Soul Suppression Bone Flute. Those hearing its melody will have their soul suppressed and fall under the control of the one playing the flute. But how long will one stay under control of this flute?” Ling’er’s voice sounded in Ye Mo’s consciousness. She raised her hand and a seal shot towards the Mortal Gate in Ye Mo’s brain, blocking the sound waves. After blocking the sound waves, Ye Mo feigned a dull expression on his face. He could see the man leisurely walking towards Yao Yue.

“Little beauty, my sound wave is capable of controlling the soul of others. Although the effect will only last for an hour, it is sufficient for me to give you endless pleasure.” The man had a perverted smile on his face as he carried Yao Yue up the stairs and walked towards the second floor.

When he reached the second floor, he turned around and looked down at the people downstairs before smiling smugly. “I am going to go crazy in this room. Have fun down there.” The moment these words sounded, Ye Mo felt a soft and bony hand wrapping around his neck.

“Mister!” Xiao Xing called out sweetly, her eyes filled with desire.

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