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The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel)


Tang Hao was an honest man making an honest living, but despite all his honesty and kindness, life often looked the other way. Even when he stood up for a man in the streets, he ended up being beaten to a pulp and the man he stood up for? He disappeared. That left Tang Hao with nothing to prove and a hefty medical bill blowing through his savings. However, while he lay unconscious in the hospital, he could feel a warmth coming from the jade pendent he wore as it began to feed him with a trove of priceless information. Now discharged, and still armed with the same naivety and honesty, what will our village peasant do with this newfound power? Will he go on to conquer the hearts of a hundred women? Will he defeat the mightiest crime lords? Only time will tell, but for now, fate has many whimsical plans for Tang Hao.

486 • 2020-06-08 08:59:34


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 428: A Group of Renowned Doctors2020-11-23
Chapter 427: First Time In the Capital2020-11-23
Chapter 426: Meeting Ling Wei Again2020-11-22
Chapter 425: Another Forced Kiss2020-11-22
Chapter 424: One Hundred Million Yuan Profit2020-11-21
Chapter 423: Assistant Han’s Appeal2020-11-21
Chapter 422: It’s Done2020-11-20
Chapter 421: Tang Hao Is Busy2020-11-20
Chapter 420: Is It Necessary?2020-11-19
Chapter 419: Reinforced Troop2020-11-19
Chapter 418: A Visitor From Overseas2020-11-18
Chapter 417: Aftermath2020-11-18
Chapter 416: The End of An Episode2020-11-17
Chapter 415: One-Sided Brawl2020-11-17
Chapter 414: Mao Mountain Is Here Too2020-11-16
Chapter 413: Trouble In Dragon Tiger Mountain2020-11-16
Chapter 412: Tang Hao, the Supervillain2020-11-15
Chapter 411: The Heavenly Master Arrives2020-11-15
Chapter 410: The Heavenly Master From Dragon Tiger Mountain2020-11-14
Chapter 409:2020-11-14
Chapter 408: Totally Insane2020-11-13
Chapter 407: The Assassins From Hindustan2020-11-13
Chapter 406: Retaliation2020-11-12
Chapter 405: Danger Everywhere2020-11-12
Chapter 404: Attack of the Assassins2020-11-11
Chapter 403: A Gathering of Assassins2020-11-11
Chapter 402: Top Secret2020-11-10
Chapter 401: Five Hundred Million US Dollars2020-11-10
Chapter 400: Burning Envy2020-11-09
Chapter 399: Shizuka Tamamo2020-11-09
Chapter 398: Fox-Like Divine Beauty2020-11-08
Chapter 397: Song Linfei2020-11-08
Chapter 396: Humiliation2020-11-07
Chapter 395: Meigyoku Group2020-11-07
Chapter 394: Utterly Flustered2020-11-06
Chapter 393: Tang Hao Is Confused2020-11-06
Chapter 392: Number One Gangster of Province Z2020-11-05
Chapter 391: Teacher Jiang Asks For Help2020-11-05
Chapter 390: Gone With the Wind2020-11-04
Chapter 389: The Sun Rises2020-11-04
Chapter 388: Mao Mountain VS Wang Family2020-11-03
Chapter 387: Into the Enemy’s Nest2020-11-03
Chapter 386: Hu Dahai Cries2020-11-02
Chapter 385: Hu Dahai’s Lucky Break2020-11-02
Chapter 384: Another Encounter With Taoist Master Chang Qing2020-11-01
Chapter 383: Incredibly Cathartic2020-11-01
Chapter 382: Set-up2020-10-31
Chapter 381: It’s All Tang Hao2020-10-31
Chapter 380: This Is My Name Card2020-10-30
Chapter 379: Trading Blows2020-10-30
Chapter 378: A Clash Between Women2020-10-29
Chapter 377: First Time In River Delta City2020-10-29
Chapter 376: Forming A Conglomerate2020-10-28
Chapter 375: Charity Foundation2020-10-28
Chapter 374: Another Encounter With Tamamo2020-10-27
Chapter 373: The Fall of Miki Group2020-10-27
Chapter 372: He’s A Freak2020-10-26
Chapter 371: Human-Shaped Arsenal2020-10-26
Chapter 370: Only One2020-10-25
Chapter 369: In Dongying2020-10-25
Chapter 368: An Intimate Night2020-10-24
Chapter 367: I Think I Like You A Little Bit2020-10-24
Chapter 366: Living Together2020-10-23
Chapter 365: A Resolute Decision2020-10-23
Chapter 364: I’d Rather Die Than Marry2020-10-22
Chapter 363: Set Up2020-10-22
Chapter 362: Pouring Out Troubles2020-10-21
Chapter 361: President Ling’s Troubles2020-10-21
Chapter 360: Let’s Plant Something2020-10-20
Chapter 359: Fainted Again2020-10-20
Chapter 358: I Remember You2020-10-20
Chapter 357: A Formidable Opponent2020-10-19
Chapter 356: Otherworldly Beauty2020-10-18
Chapter 355: Looks Delicious2020-10-18
Chapter 354: Meeting Makoto Miki Again2020-10-17
Chapter 353: Wipe Out Miki Group2020-10-17
Chapter 352: A Tumultuous Lunar New Year2020-10-16
Chapter 351: Lunar New Year2020-10-16
Chapter 350: The Bronze Jar Exploded2020-10-15
Chapter 349: Clash of the Titans2020-10-15
Chapter 348: Planting Trees2020-10-14
Chapter 347: Recruitment Frenzy2020-10-14
Chapter 346: Makings of A Conglomerate2020-10-13
Chapter 345: A Desire For Expansion2020-10-13
Chapter 344: Why Don’t You Call Yourself Dragon Proud Sky2020-10-12
Chapter 343: Too Arrogant2020-10-12
Chapter 342: Partnership Breakdown2020-10-11
Chapter 341: Divine Liquor2020-10-11
Chapter 340: Grandpa Repays the Debt2020-10-10
Chapter 339: All of You, Get Lost Now2020-10-10
Chapter 338: Grandpa Is Awake2020-10-09
Chapter 337: A Bunch of Ingrates2020-10-09
Chapter 336: Cai Village2020-10-08
Chapter 335: We Have Money Anyway2020-10-08
Chapter 334: Tang Hao, the Chef2020-10-07
Chapter 333: Utter Shock2020-10-07
Chapter 332: Young Master Li2020-10-06
Chapter 331: An Invitation From Liu Bingyao2020-10-06
Chapter 330: Spring Brook Is Finished2020-10-05
Chapter 329: Bringing Down Spring Brook2020-10-05
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