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The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel)


Tang Hao was an honest man making an honest living, but despite all his honesty and kindness, life often looked the other way. Even when he stood up for a man in the streets, he ended up being beaten to a pulp and the man he stood up for? He disappeared. That left Tang Hao with nothing to prove and a hefty medical bill blowing through his savings. However, while he lay unconscious in the hospital, he could feel a warmth coming from the jade pendent he wore as it began to feed him with a trove of priceless information. Now discharged, and still armed with the same naivety and honesty, what will our village peasant do with this newfound power? Will he go on to conquer the hearts of a hundred women? Will he defeat the mightiest crime lords? Only time will tell, but for now, fate has many whimsical plans for Tang Hao.

123 • 2020-06-08 08:59:34


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 153: Zhao Qingxue Calls2020-07-01
Chapter 152: Bringing Family to Justice2020-07-01
Chapter 151: Secretary Qian Panics2020-07-01
Chapter 150: Captain Gao2020-06-30
Chapter 149: I’ll Beat You Up Too2020-06-29
Chapter 148: My Boss Knows Kung Fu2020-06-29
Chapter 147: The Arrogant Hu Dahai2020-06-28
Chapter 146: Back to Tang Village2020-06-28
Chapter 145: The Beautiful President2020-06-27
Chapter 144: A Robbery2020-06-27
Chapter 143: Billionaire2020-06-26
Chapter 142: Dumbstruck2020-06-26
Chapter 141: Meeting Liu Bingyao2020-06-25
Chapter 140: Cousin Brother Tang Bowen2020-06-25
Chapter 139: Saving Taoist Master Chang Qing2020-06-24
Chapter 138: Octagon Alley2020-06-24
Chapter 137: You Don’t Have Integrity2020-06-24
Chapter 136: Someone Abducted Taoist Master Chang Qing2020-06-24
Chapter 135: Giving Out Talismans2020-06-22
Chapter 134: I’ll Waste You2020-06-22
Chapter 133: The Miserable Grandmaster2020-06-19
Chapter 132: The Grandmaster Wets His Pants2020-06-18
Chapter 131: Grandmaster Chacha2020-06-18
Chapter 130: Luo Feng’s Shock2020-06-17
Chapter 129: Overdosing On Idiot Pills2020-06-17
Chapter 128: Another Idiot Appears2020-06-16
Chapter 127: You’re Not Worthy2020-06-16
Chapter 126: My Name Is Tang Hao2020-06-15
Chapter 125: Zhou Delong2020-06-15
Chapter 124: Utter Depravity2020-06-14
Chapter 123: Stay Away From Her2020-06-14
Chapter 122: Scumbag Stepfather2020-06-13
Chapter 121: Cultivator’s Abode2020-06-13
Chapter 120: Case Closed2020-06-12
Chapter 119: Old Master He Arrives2020-06-12
Chapter 118: More Arrogant Than You2020-06-10
Chapter 117: The District Mayor’s Son2020-06-10
Chapter 116: Female Ghost in Red2020-06-09
Chapter 115: There’s A Problem With Your Bra2020-06-09
Chapter 114: Captain Zhou Asks for Help2020-06-08
Chapter 113: Brother-in-Law’s Awkward Problem2020-06-08
Chapter 112: Brother Bao Kneels2020-06-08
Chapter 111: A Despicable Man2020-06-08
Chapter 110: A Slap in the Face2020-06-08
Chapter 109: Zhao Changfeng2020-06-08
Chapter 108: Harvesting Lingzhi2020-06-08
Chapter 107: Weight-Loss Potions Are Selling Like Crazy2020-06-08
Chapter 106: Wang Changsheng2020-06-08
Chapter 105: Fighting Zombies2020-06-08
Chapter 104: Corpse Cave2020-06-08
Chapter 103: Killing Chen Sandao2020-06-08
Chapter 102: Sis Xiangyi Is In Trouble2020-06-08
Chapter 101: One Of A Kind Boss2020-06-08
Chapter 100: He Is The President?2020-06-08
Chapter 99: This Person Is A Little Weird2020-06-08
Chapter 98: Meeting Fu Renjie Again2020-06-08
Chapter 97: Are You A Ghost?2020-06-08
Chapter 96: Life Extension of Three Years2020-06-08
Chapter 95: Old Master He2020-06-08
Chapter 94: A Request from the Secretary2020-06-08
Chapter 93: The New Principal2020-06-08
Chapter 92: A Godlike Guy2020-06-08
Chapter 91: A Commotion At School2020-06-08
Chapter 90: Return to First High2020-06-08
Chapter 89: Buy Buy Buy2020-06-08
Chapter 88: Sending Yan’er To School2020-06-08
Chapter 87: Mad Dog2020-06-08
Chapter 86: All Your Family Members Are Gigolos2020-06-08
Chapter 85: Meeting Zhang Tianhao Again2020-06-08
Chapter 84: Liu Bingyao’s Call2020-06-08
Chapter 83: Disgraced2020-06-08
Chapter 82: Lavish Presents2020-06-08
Chapter 81: So What If I Slapped You?2020-06-08
Chapter 80: Cousin Brother Shi Dazhu2020-06-08
Chapter 79: Planting Crops2020-06-08
Chapter 78: The End of the Student Gathering2020-06-08
Chapter 77: Extremely Shocked2020-06-08
Chapter 76: Captain Zhou is Here2020-06-08
Chapter 75: Unfounded Accusations2020-06-08
Chapter 74: Rescuing the Beauty2020-06-08
Chapter 73: A Scumbag2020-06-08
Chapter 72: Drinking Alcohol2020-06-08
Chapter 71: Liu Bingyao2020-06-08
Chapter 70: Shocked2020-06-08
Chapter 69: Little People2020-06-08
Chapter 68: Junior High Student Gathering2020-06-08
Chapter 67: Lecher! Pervert!2020-06-08
Chapter 66: Another Encounter with Zhao Qingxue2020-06-08
Chapter 65: Stardream Bracelet2020-06-08
Chapter 64: A Depressed Taoist Master2020-06-08
Chapter 63: Taoist Master Submits2020-06-08
Chapter 62: Taoist Master Chang Qing2020-06-08
Chapter 61: Haunted House2020-06-08
Chapter 60: Imperial Jade2020-06-08
Chapter 59: Traffic Was Heavy On The Roads.2020-06-08
Chapter 58: It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!2020-06-08
Chapter 57: Two Spirit Stone2020-06-08
Chapter 56: Yan’er’s Decision2020-06-08
Chapter 55: Century-Old Lingzhi2020-06-08
Chapter 54: Utterly Dumbfounded2020-06-08