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The Mightiest Little Peasant (Web Novel) - Chapter 150: Captain Gao

Chapter 150: Captain Gao

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Tang Hao felt immensely cathartic after beating up the two people.

He sat next to the farm with a pleased expression on his face. He thought that it would make for a more picturesque scene if he knew how to smoke.

Not far away, the two people with swollen faces were curled in the fetal position and wailed inconsolably.

“Just you wait, you Tang kid…” They mumbled and cursed.

With the snot beaten out of them, their voices were weak.

“President Tang!” Han Yutong came over with a worried expression on her face.

The villagers also realized that the situation took a turn for the worse. The police should be already on their way, and when they arrive, they would arrest Lil Hao and send him to prison.

That person had also said that he would get someone to dispatch Lil Hao when he would be in prison.

“Oh, Lil Hao! You’d better run away! We’ll stall the police for you,” Tang Dashun, the village elder, said urgently to Tang Hao.

“Right, Lil Hao, you should run away!” His uncle was also worried.

The villagers crowded around him.

In their eyes, Tang Hao was the village hero. He had beaten the two bastards to save the village. They could not bear to see Tang Hao being arrested.

Tang Hao smiled. “Elder, Uncle, there’s no need to worry. I’ll be fine.”

“But…” The village elder was still unconvinced.

“So what if they’re the police? If they’re on the two bastards’ side, we’ll fight them all the same!” A villager shouted as he held his hoe high in the air.

“That’s right! We’ll fight them!” The villagers replied indignantly.

About fifteen minutes later, ear-piercing police sirens were heard at the end of the road. Soon, they could see a convoy of police cars coming their way.

The police cars stopped once they were near. A group of police officers rushed out of the cars.

The police officers furrowed their brows. They could roughly guess what happened when they saw the scene.

Especially the group of hooligans with steel bats. They did not look like the good guys.

“What’s going on here?” A middle-aged man in a police uniform shouted as he led the squad of police officers.

He swept his eyes to survey the scene and saw the group of villagers holding farming equipment, then looked toward the bunch of hooligans.

He thought someone was playing tricks on his eyes.

‘Something’s not right!’

The villagers with the farming equipment had many women and old people in their midst. How would they stand up against a bunch of young and strong hooligans?

He was confused for a moment.

Then, he began to fret. The situation was extremely tricky. It would be impossible to bring all the villagers back to the police station!

“Oh, right! Where’s Mr. Ma?” The police officer suddenly remembered.

He looked to his left and right but did not see him.

“Mr. Ma!” The police officer shouted.

“Eh! I’m here!’ A weak voice was heard from behind the villagers.

The police officers went over there to see and were immediately stunned.

“F*ck me! That’s too horrible!”

The police officers twitched and their scalps went numb.

As police officers in charge of public security, they had seen their fair share of fights, but they had never seen a fight where someone was thrashed so badly. The two people on the ground looked like they had pig heads.

“Mr… Mr. Ma?” The police officer called him, he could not believe that it was him.

“You’re finally here, Officer!” Ma Yongnian wailed. He was almost crying tears of joy.

Then, his face contorted viciously. He pushed himself up and pointed at Tang Hao. “That’s him, Officer. He’s the kid that beat me up.”

The police officer breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that.

‘Things are a lot easier. I’ll just have to arrest the person who beat up Mr. Ma. Who cares about what the hooligans did?’

He turned around and stood straight, and his eyes were as sharp as lightning. “Who’s the kid that beat Mr. Ma up? You’d better own up now! Prepare to face the consequences!”

The villagers were immediately agitated. They lifted up their hoes and sickles.

“You police officers are just lapdogs of rich people! You only side the tyrants!”

“I’ll fight whoever dares to arrest Lil Hao! Don’t think that the Tang Village people are pushovers.”

The police officer furrowed his brows when he saw that.

The situation was tricky indeed!

“What do you think you’re doing? This is an obstruction of justice! Let me tell you, this is a crime!” The police officer roared sternly.

“Pah! You’ll have to arrest all of us!” The villagers became more agitated than ever.

“Alright, Elder, Uncle, and the rest of you. You don’t have to be so emotional,” Tang Hao stood up, parted the crowd, and stepped forward.

“I remember that your surname is Gao, right? Do you remember me, Captain Gao?”

Captain Gao heard a voice among the crowd calling his name. He was surprised and curious that someone in the mountain village recognized him.

When the person stepped out, he was immediately dumbstruck.

Then, cold sweat poured down his forehead.

Who was that person if not Tang Hao? That was a VIP-level name that everyone in the police station recognized.

Tang Hao had played a part in Deputy Superintendent An’s fall from grace, then was involved in Zhou Lingxue’s case, and had even caused the district mayor and his brother who held a leadership position in the city to be sacked.

Secretary Lin might not be in Westridge District, but he held an important position in the city and wielded a lot of influence.

Furthermore, he knew that Tang Hao had someone more powerful than Secretary Lin backing him.

He could not afford to lay a finger on him!

Captain Gao wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought hard. On one hand, it was Tang Hao. On the other, was the brother-in-law of Secretary Qian.

What was he to do?

“Why are you standing there for, Officer? Arrest him! I want to see him rot in prison!” Ma Yongnian roared.

Captain Gao was unhappy when he heard that. ‘You’re the idiot who crossed this bigshot! You don’t sound like you’re in the right,’ he thought.

Then Captain Gao grinned then stepped forward to shake Tang Hao’s hand.

“Oh, it’s you, Brother Tang! You’re one of us! Haha, it’s just fighting, right? That’s just a small matter. No problem at all.

“I believe you have your reasons for beating him, Brother Tang! It might be for self-defense, too. Don’t you think so?”

Captain Gao laughed heartily.

The police officers behind Captain Gao looked at Tang Hao with admiration.

They have heard from the criminal division that he was the one who was crucial in solving the Zhou Lingxue case and brought the district mayor’s son to justice.

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