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The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism (Web Novel)








Action Comedy Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural

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In the rural northeastern mountainous regions stands a tiny Buddhist temple, named One Finger Temple. It isn’t a large one but it is extremely miraculous.

The temple has rice that emanates an aromatic fragrance.

The temple has sweet and refreshing water that rivals ambrosia.

The temple has Buddhas that grant wishes to the sincere.

The temple isn’t large but it has everything. The temple isn’t large but it has flourishing incense offerings that far exceed all temples. The temple isn’t large but it attracts both citizens and foreigners that line up overnight…

The temple has a bald but handsome monk. Every day, he would bawl, “I want to renounce asceticism! I want to marry a chick that’s not too pretty, have a cute baby, and lead a stable life!”

This book is a casual novel that introduces various Chinese traditional customs, as well as Buddhist ones. It strives to be a positive book, allowing people to reflect on how they should live their lives and treat others.

238 • 2019-03-28 22:40:56


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 975: Three Brothers2020-01-20
Chapter 974: Take Out the Money2020-01-19
Chapter 973: Each Showing Their Prowess2020-01-19
Chapter 972: Smart2020-01-18
Chapter 971: Brainless2020-01-18
Chapter 970: Wisdom Eye’s Truth Identification2020-01-17
Chapter 969: A Nice Round of Advertisements2020-01-17
Chapter 968: Beating Salted Fish2020-01-16
Chapter 967: Darn Dog Levels up to Stupid Dog2020-01-16
Chapter 966: New Divine Power2020-01-15
Chapter 965: To Take the Money or Not, That Is the Question2020-01-15
Chapter 964: Fangzheng Can’t Get up the Mountain2020-01-14
Chapter 963: Really Didn’t Lie2020-01-14
Chapter 962: True Torture2020-01-13
Chapter 961: Ten Tortures of One Finger Monastery2020-01-13
Chapter 960: I’m Not Acting as a Friendly Ghost2020-01-12
Chapter 959: Identified2020-01-12
Chapter 958: The Monk Who Can’t Be Slammed to Death2020-01-11
Chapter 957: The Monk Who Fears No Death2020-01-11
Chapter 956: Amitabha2020-01-10
Chapter 955: I Don’t Know Him2020-01-10
Chapter 954: Domestic Affairs2020-01-09
Chapter 953: Mountaintop2020-01-09
Chapter 952: Sky Lantern2020-01-08
Chapter 951: Rules2020-01-08
Chapter 950: Versatile Expert2020-01-07
Chapter 949: Exquisite2020-01-07
Chapter 948: Having Done Nothing2020-01-06
Chapter 947: Meeting Someone Alive In the Wilderness2020-01-06
Chapter 946: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing2020-01-05
Chapter 945: Crossing Mountains2020-01-05
Chapter 944: Is There a Need To?2020-01-04
Chapter 943: Mad2020-01-04
Chapter 942: Coin2020-01-03
Chapter 941: It’s Real2020-01-03
Chapter 940: Scamming2020-01-02
Chapter 939: Lone Wolf’s Kindness2020-01-02
Chapter 938: Buddha Will Be Very Busy2020-01-01
Chapter 937: A Furnace Into a Holy Temple2020-01-01
Chapter 936: Ghosts2019-12-31
Chapter 935: Treating Ignorance as Elegance, Making a Fuss About Nothing2019-12-31
Chapter 934: Taking Sides2019-12-30
Chapter 933: Kill the Enemy While on Horseback and Practice Buddhism After Dismounting2019-12-30
Chapter 932: Shangfeng Temple2019-12-29
Chapter 931: Fleeing2019-12-29
Chapter 930: Proof2019-12-28
Chapter 929: Backfiring Badly2019-12-28
Chapter 928: The Final Struggle2019-12-27
Chapter 927: Real Men2019-12-27
Chapter 926: Fangzheng’s Return2019-12-26
Chapter 925: What Are You Doing?2019-12-26
Chapter 924: The One Who Courts Death Is Here2019-12-25
Chapter 923: Sacred Land2019-12-25
Chapter 922: Getting Lost?2019-12-24
Chapter 921: The Greatest Pain Is Nothing but Separation2019-12-24
Chapter 920: Not Eating!2019-12-23
Chapter 919: Playing Matchmaker2019-12-23
Chapter 918: Philanderous Monk Fangzheng2019-12-22
Chapter 917: Song Bin Apologizes2019-12-22
Chapter 916: Clothes Make the Man2019-12-21
Chapter 915: How Obedient2019-12-21
Chapter 914: Treatment2019-12-20
Chapter 913: Stuff It In2019-12-20
Chapter 912: Lovely2019-12-20
Chapter 911: Warming the Bed2019-12-20
Chapter 910: Eating Together2019-12-20
Chapter 909: The Miserable Fangzheng2019-12-20
Chapter 908: Pigeon Soup2019-12-20
Chapter 907: Good Child2019-12-19
Chapter 906: He’s My Daddy2019-12-19
Chapter 905: Life Isn’t Easy2019-12-18
Chapter 904: Fangzheng Being A Father2019-12-18
Chapter 903: Hiring Daddy2019-12-17
Chapter 902: Training Scroll2019-12-17
Chapter 901: Master Frivolous2019-12-16
Chapter 900: Frivolous Monk2019-12-16
Chapter 899: Respect2019-12-15
Chapter 898: Fangzheng Has Admitted Defeat?2019-12-15
Chapter 897: Painless Abortion2019-12-14
Chapter 896: This Penniless Monk Doesn’t Care About Money2019-12-14
Chapter 895: Taking Action2019-12-13
Chapter 894: So Master Is Such A Person2019-12-13
Chapter 893: Master is Going to be Famous2019-12-12
Chapter 892: Unable to Leave2019-12-12
Chapter 891: How is it Possible2019-12-11
Chapter 890: The Passion From External Pressure2019-12-11
Chapter 889: Lecture Begins2019-12-10
Chapter 888: 6662019-12-10
Chapter 887: Passion2019-12-09
Chapter 886: This Penniless Monk Has Already Taken Action2019-12-09
Chapter 885: Slaying Fiends2019-12-08
Chapter 884: Crazy Doctor2019-12-08
Chapter 883: Don’t Provoke Master2019-12-07
Chapter 882: What Kind of Brain Does This Monk Have2019-12-07
Chapter 881: Save Me2019-12-06
Chapter 880: Sinister2019-12-06
Chapter 879: Shameless2019-12-05
Chapter 878: So Many People2019-12-05
Chapter 877: Requesting Mentorship2019-12-04
Chapter 876: Incense Blowing2019-12-04