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The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism (Web Novel) - Chapter 826: Leave, All of You

Chapter 826: Leave, All of You

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Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

The television station head continued. “Old Hua, the situation now is as you see it. It’s not like you do not know what kind of person Jing Yan is. This matter is no longer a simple hostage situation or a debt hounding case, nor does it matter if it’s a case of voluntarily or involuntarily causing harm. Instead, this is now on a higher ethical level, a battle between good and evil. It’s also a fight between true media and fake media! If you really want to do something about this, find the person who’s spreading baseless rumors! That’s the key!”

“There’s no need for you to tell me that. I’ve already sent people to investigate. That bastard had better not be found by me. Otherwise, I’ll rip off my uniform if I have to just to be able to rip off his skin! Besides, we already have some clues.” The chief hung up and glared at the commander. “What are you looking at? Watch carefully! Forget it. I’ll preside over the situation myself and keep watch!”

What else could the commander say? All he could do was swallow his misery. However, he soon discovered a few familiar faces among the crowd walking around in plain clothes. He narrowed his eyes.

“What are you looking at? Keep a close watch,” said the chief.

The commander nodded slightly and secretly gave an order. A few policemen began to cast their attention to the crowd.

Meanwhile, after receiving the support from the television station head, Jing Yan nearly laughed out loud.

When the station head hung up, his phone rang again. When he saw the number displayed, his expression turned nasty. He rubbed the area between his brows before finally picking up the call.

At the same time, Jing Yan also received a call from a familiar number. When she picked it up, she heard a furious woman’s voice. “Yan Yan, are you crazy!? Why did you run in to interview a murderer alone? Do you have a death wish?”

Jing Yan looked at Fangzheng and company in embarrassment before running to the side and whispering. “Mom, what are you shouting for? Aren’t you afraid you’ll agitate the murderer and get me killed?”

Indeed, the raging roars immediately hushed. “You darn lass. Can you please just not risk your life?”

Jing Yan whispered. “Mom, you don’t understand the situation. Wang Dayou really isn’t a bad man. This is what happened…

“Besides, I know what I’m doing. I’ll be fine.”

“Are you speaking the truth? He’s such a person? Forget it. I don’t care who he is or if there’s any problem with him. I just know that your dad is mad. Grandpa is also very concerned about you. He has already pulled strings to deal with you. You better return soon, or you can expect a beating,” Jing Yan’s mother said with a scoff.

Jing Yan jumped in fright when she heard that. “Grandpa knows about it too!?”

“Obviously! Grandpa cares about you the most. How can he not know of something so important?” her mother said.

Meanwhile, Jing Yan received another phone call. It was from the station head again. After hurriedly apologizing to her mother, Jing Yan hung up and received the station head’s call.

The moment she picked up, there was a heavy voice. “Jing Yan, leave that place. The live broadcast has been canceled.”

“What!?” Jing Yan cried out subconsciously. Then she hurriedly lowered her voice and said angrily, “Is it because of my grandpa?”

The station head smiled ruefully and said, “What do you think? Don’t worry. You can’t do the live broadcast, but we can get someone to replace you. We can still help Wang Dayou. I support you on this matter. I don’t believe we can’t beat this noxious trend!”

“No, this is my scoop. No one will touch it! No matter what, I’ll do it myself,” Jing Yan said.

“There won’t be a live broadcast if you stay there,” the station head said, having been put in a difficult position.

Just as Jing Yan was about to say something, she suddenly noticed someone beside her. When she looked, she jumped in fright. “You…”

Without her realizing it, Wang Dayou had come to Jing Yan’s side and watched her silently. His eyes were dull, and it was unknown how much he had heard. Jing Yan wasn’t afraid to let him hear her conversation; after all, the station head had made it clear that he wasn’t giving up on Wang Dayou and that he would continue helping him. Even if Jing Yan left, the live broadcast would continue.

Wang Dayou didn’t say a word as he retreated to take a seat. He lowered his head and remained silent.

When Jing Yan saw this, she hung up as well and went to a corner. She gave her grandfather a call for she knew that he lay at the crux of the matter. Jing Yan tried every pestering method possible—both hard and soft—but her tricks that had proven to be useful in the past now failed. She too felt anxious.

Just as everyone was waiting anxiously, Wang Dayou suddenly looked up and said, “Everyone, go on out.”

He wasn’t loud, but everyone subconsciously looked at Wang Dayou, especially the three women. One of them with a ponytail asked subconsciously, “What… What did you say?”

“Leave. All of you should leave.”

The three women exchanged looks. Although they felt pity for him, it was still a fact that Wang Dayou had injured someone. Therefore, they were still a little afraid of him. To suddenly hear that they could leave, they appeared a little excited. Hence, they exchanged looks and slowly moved towards the door. From time to time, they looked back, afraid that Wang Dayou would go back on his word.

However, they were obviously worrying for nothing. Wang Dayou had his head hung low as he played with his nail gun. He had no intention to watch them.

However, they were a little afraid seeing the nail gun. All of them gave a collective look at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng looked at Wang Dayou before looking at the three women. At that moment in time, everyone was saying that Wang Dayou was a bad man. If he were to let them leave, it was true that he could probably redeem some of his reputation. Furthermore, the three of them had nothing to do with the matter and should have long left in the first place. Hence, Fangzheng nodded at the three of them, indicating that they could leave. He even helped them move away the rack and open the door. When the women saw this, they filed out and were taken away by the police waiting outside. The commander immediately gathered the three women together and asked them several questions. Then he sent two people to look around. However, it was obvious that they were searching for someone and not being wary against Wang Dayou.

Meanwhile, the commander asked the question on his mind, “How did that monk and reporter enter?”

“Didn’t you let them in? They just walked in through the main door. Everyone saw that,” the three women answered in unison as they asked in surprise.

This time, it was the commander who was dumbfounded. Entered through the main door? Were they blind? How could so many pairs of eyes miss a baldy? However, the three women didn’t appear like they were lying. Instantly, the commander found his brain lacking. After sending the three women away, he chose silence. With so many police around, the monk had sauntered in as if they had let them in. Although they actually hadn’t seen anything… How could this be explained away?

Soon, his attention was drawn by the situation inside the store. Although the three women had been released and they testified that Wang Dayou had let them out, he had yet to see Xia Jili and his daughter, as well as Jing Yan and company, come out. Regardless of the reason for them not leaving, it was still a hostage situation. The police didn’t dare to storm in to apprehend Wang Dayou yet.

In the store, after seeing the three women leave, Xia Jili looked at Xia Ke. Then he walked towards the door while warily looking at Wang Dayou. However, Wang Dayou still didn’t show any intention of getting up. He had even placed the nail gun to his side. As his distance to the door narrowed and with him being just inches from the exit, Xia Jili looked at the police waving at him outside before looking back at Wang Dayou. After a final sigh, he walked out with Xia Ke.

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