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The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism (Web Novel) - Chapter 828: Transformation Queen

Chapter 828: Transformation Queen

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Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

By the time the reporters from the major outlets arrived, the material they could search for was very limited. The only thing they could do was mention what the police said and cover that. Furthermore, they could mostly only provide simple descriptions of the situation. As for the reasons for the situation, they stopped themselves from randomly speculating without any solid proof.

This resulted in the mass media drawing a lot of attention to the matter, but they did so without quickly coming to any conclusions as they searched for evidence. So then a lot of viewers had their curiosity piqued, but with no results, their desire for gossip resulted in many of them seeking answers from alternative sources.

As a result, fake news, which existed solely to receive readership on hot topics, entered the sights of the masses. As the saying goes, a lie, if repeated often enough, will be accepted as the truth; therefore, Wang Dayou was completely drowned by the invective comments.

Seeing the comments reach tens or even hundreds of thousands, anyone would feel as though they were being abandoned by the world. The pressure would be enough to crush most people, indeed, even to the point of death!

“Master, I really can’t take it any longer.” Wang Dayou scratched his scalp and said in pain.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you.”

Wang Dayou shook his head. “Reporter Jing, don’t lie to me. I heard the contents of your phone call. Your station head isn’t permitting another live broadcast. You can’t help me. Thanks for your help. I’ll try to repay you in my next life…”

“Who told you that there won’t be another live broadcast?” Jing Yan asked, stunned.

Wang Dayou returned with a question, “I just heard…”

“You didn’t hear what I said at all.” Jing Yan shook her head as she cut him off and continued. “Wang Dayou. Previously, I helped you because I pitied you. But it’s different now.”

“What do you mean?” Wang Dayou looked at Jing Yan and felt that something about her was different now. She wasn’t the same as before. Previously, she gave him the feeling that she was experienced while being modest and gentle, making her a standard role model for reporters. But the Jing Yan now… felt domineering!

Jing Yan tipped her head and said, “Now, those bastards have successfully made me mad!”

“Uh…” Wang Dayou couldn’t understand how her being angry mattered. Could it reverse the situation?

At this moment, Xia Jili suddenly said, “Jing Yan… Jing… You are?” Xia Jili suddenly recalled the Jing family! However, he wasn’t like those idiots outside who only thought of the Jing family as an ordinary business family, because he had interacted with people helming the Jing family. They were powerful people!

Jing Yan sneered. “Since they aren’t abiding by the rules and are being shameless with me, fine! Let’s see who can outlast who!” With that said, she called the previous number and directly said, “Grandpa. You should have seen that video from just now, right? I’m angry and extremely pissed! Either you help me take revenge, or I’ll cut up your beloved orchids! My dad wants me back? His beloved daughter is being bullied, and not only is he not helping me seek revenge, he still wants me to return? If a father doesn’t even help his daughter, he might as well not do a thing…” When Jing Yan said this, she held her phone and walked to the side.

However, she was unlike her previous self. It left Wang Dayou, Xia Jili, and even Fangzheng dumbfounded. If Fangzheng didn’t know that there were no ghosts in the world, he would suspect that she had been possessed…

At this point, a salted fish ran in from outside. Although he was invisible, it wasn’t effective against Fangzheng, and he saw him clearly.

Upon seeing Salted Fish, Fangzheng pricked his brows up and went towards Salted Fish.

“How’s the matter I entrusted you with?” Fangzheng asked.

Salted Fish grinned and chuckled. “With me on it, won’t any job be handled easily? There were a number of people involved in the matter, but there were a few who made outrageous claims that later backfired on them. They couldn’t keep their lies coherent and got exposed. However, there’s one guy who’s really smart! He isn’t around here but upstairs. Moreover, he has two accomplices. Venerable One, what do you plan on doing next?”

Fangzheng patted Salted Fish on the head and smiled. “Watch them and don’t let them run. This Penniless Monk will go speak to them in a while.”

“Why not now?” Salted Fish was curious. He knew Fangzheng well. Although this young monk looked harmless, he was in fact a great demon. Although he smiled brightly, Salted Fish could never forget how Fangzheng would chuckle every time before putting him in his place. He had a feeling that someone was going to have a bad time!

Fangzheng said, “Now? Just watch the show.”

Just as he said that, he saw Jing Yan stomp to the entrance. She hugged her arms and stood by the door, motionless.

Wang Dayou went over and asked, “Reporter Jing, what’s this?”

“Waiting for something.”

Just as she said that, there was the screeching sound of brakes. Following that, a man ran over with a case in hand. He passed it to Jing Yan and said, “Miss, do you need me to install it for you?”

“There’s no need. Wait outside.” With that said, Jing Yan turned around and began adjusting the items in the case. Fangzheng and company went over out of curiosity, only to see Jing Yan take out a palm-sized projector from the case, a screen, and a combination tripod.

Jing Yan very skillfully set up the tripod and the projector. She connected her cell phone and placed a chair to the side before sitting down!

Wang Dayou and Xia Jili subconsciously looked at Fangzheng, quite puzzled. They had no idea what was happening. Then, they saw Fangzheng getting a chair to sit beside Jing Yan. He smiled as he watched the screen. They exchanged looks and sat down as well. However, they were puzzled. What were they going to watch?

Jing Yan unlocked her phone and projected the content on the screen. Surprisingly, it was the Weibo page of the verified user, I Originally Wanted Face. At that moment, he happened to release a new video.

The video’s content was of Jing Yan standing at the door, taking something in an open manner. Although it was a distance away, one could tell Jing Yan’s dominance! There was a caption attached to the video: “This matter goes deep. How powerful is this woman who can completely ignore the police? It’s no wonder she can enter without any regard for a live broadcast.”

Indeed, once this was said, there was another explosion of comments. There were innumerable curses.

However, Jing Yan wasn’t perturbed by it. Instead, she took out a cell phone and said lightly, “Wang Dayou. He made you despair? This time, I’m going to make him feel despair!” With that said, Jing Yan made a phone call. “CEO Li? Help me delete a Weibo post. Thanks.”

The next moment, I Originally Wanted Face’s new Weibo post vanished! All the cursing also vanished as a result.

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