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The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism (Web Novel) - Chapter 830: Counterattack of Justice

Chapter 830: Counterattack of Justice

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Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

Director Yu said, “Everyone knows Jing Yan’s character. She wouldn’t lie on such matters. What people are worried about is whether Jing Yan investigated the matter thoroughly and isn’t making a mistake in her judgment. To be frank, I might still first take some time to consider the words of others, but if it’s Abbot Fangzheng, I believe him!”

“But if he’s the only one testifying, then…” Easy Aquarium was in a dilemma.

“Just him alone is sufficient! I believe him too!” At that moment, Li Xueying appeared!

“Sister Xueying? You believe him as well?” Easy Aquarium and Little Little Little Steamer Bun were stunned.

When Little Smarty saw this, she immediately replied: “I believe as well! Besides, I discussed it with my friends too. All of them believe in it! The entire original crew of City-Toppling Beauty supports Master Fangzheng. Let’s screw that shameless guy!”

“Uh, you even went to rope in others?” Little Little Little Steamer Bun was instantly rendered speechless. How much trust did she have in this monk to rope in others without even first expressing her stand? Seeing how the two big shots trusted Fangzheng so much, she could not help but feel curious about the monk’s origins. How was he able to influence so many people?

Fangzheng replied: “Amitabha. Thank you, Patrons.”

“Abbot Fangzheng, don’t worry. Leave this matter to me. Just wait for the show!” Li Xueying said.

Director Yu chuckled. “Man, I don’t have many fans, so I’ll just be joining in on the buzz.”

With the two of them taking the lead, the others began to express their stand. Instantly, dozens of celebrities responded, and many of them were very popular celebrities! These people had not made any comments previously as they were investigating the matter as well. Now, with Li Xueying and Director Yu coming out in support, they knew that Jing Yan’s version was definitely the truth. However, there were still a number of people who chose to wait before making a stand.

Even so, Fangzheng still smiled in delight as he ignored Jing Yan and Wang Dayou who were staring at him in disbelief.

Fangzheng took out a cell phone and posted on his WeChat Moments. “Public opinion can both kill and save. It takes one thought to change it from a butcher’s knife into a guardian’s knife. Amitabha. The truth is here, so may all Patrons help.”

When Fangzheng posted on WeChat Moments, all he could do was sigh. As for the help it would be able to provide, it would just serve as a casual passing remark. He knew very well that his friends on WeChat other than Li Xueying and Director Yu weren’t influential. The rest could at best do a shoutout or two.

However, Fangzheng never expected that his shoutout would attract someone!

“Ma Juan, Master has been bullied. Are you going to do something?” Zhao Datong yelled as he pushed open Ma Juan’s dormitory room. Behind him was a cleaning auntie with a broom. She immediately beat him up for being a pervert who rushed into a girl’s room without knocking…

Ma Juan was taken aback as she quickly explained the situation. Then, she asked about the ins and outs before taking out her phone to take a look. Then she waved her fists in anger. “These bastards are being too much! Wait and see!”

With that said, Ma Juan made a phone call. The person on the other end of the line chuckled. “We all know of this matter. It has caused quite a stir, and it’s bad. Don’t worry, we are already taking the necessary procedures. Perhaps the law isn’t completely flawless, but there is no spot in this world that is completely without justice! He will pay the price.”

Ma Juan immediately laughed when she heard that. “Thank you, Dad. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.”

“You silly girl. Look at how sweet you are.” A light scolding sounded from the other end of the line.

Ma Juan gestured to Zhao Datong and said, “Everything is a-okay. Wait for the war to begin!”

When Fang Yunjing heard the news, she hurriedly posted on her school’s internal forums to support Fangzheng from her computer. She was very influential in school, actually allowing her to muster the masses. Although one student’s strength was limited, when they became a legion, one would realize that every school had a lot of students, and a lot of students had friends in other schools… These students and schools formed a huge network! Finally, Fang Yunjing’s post was reposted on various major school forums throughout the country. It resulted in countless people responding.

However, there was someone who acted even faster!

Jing Yan had only just posted in the Internet Verified Users Chat Group when someone laughed. “Jing Yan, there’s no need to say more. All of us know about this. We have already taken action. Just wait and see!”

Jing Yan was taken aback. Apparently, she was being superfluous.

Seconds after I Originally Wanted Face reeled in smugness, a Weibo notice was pushed to the top of the trending searches! The title was clear: “Gulin assault case; this is the truth!”

I Originally Wanted Face immediately clicked it open, and his face turned livid!

It was posted by a verified user named Never Believing Fate. Never Believing Fate didn’t post about Wang Dayou’s matters; instead, he stood by the side of a construction site with many workers donning helmets around.

“Hello everyone, I’m Never Believing Fate. This morning, an armed assault happened in Gulin City and has attracted the notice of everyone. However, everyone might not know that there was a stadium explosion before the assault case. Many members of the media went over to hold interviews there, but no one expected another huge matter to happen elsewhere. I’m never one to believe in the statements of others, especially when it concerns news that looks very ridiculous at a glance. Killing a pregnant lady on the street, causing two lives to perish? Someone with a strong backing that even the police doesn’t dare to apprehend? What a ridiculous joke! Everyone, if there really is someone with such a huge background and backer, to the point of the police not daring to apprehend him when he kills someone on the streets, do you think the police will bother to surround him without leaving? I’m not going to say anything else. Anyone with a brain can think for themselves.

“I am standing right now at the site where Wang Dayou used to work. Beside me are his colleagues. Let’s hear what they have to say.”

“Hello everyone. I’m Wang Dayou’s colleague at the construction site. Wang Dayou is a very honest man. This time, he really did it because he was out of options…”

“Hello everyone, I come from the same village as Wang Dayou. What he said is the truth. There’s really no solution to this matter, but he was adamant about taking any route he saw hope in. I believe that the injury he caused wasn’t premeditated.”

One construction worker after another came forward to describe Wang Dayou’s situation at the site, about how he worked day and night to the point of collapsing from exhaustion. He suffered heat stroke during summer and had his hands crack from the winter cold… And all of this merely to ensure that his family could lead a better life, that his wife and son could live more comfortably. Was there anything wrong with that? But at the end of the day, he discovered that he would be getting nothing for his hard work! Seeing death approach his son, without anything he could do, could anyone fathom how he must have felt?

When I Originally Wanted Face saw this, he knew that the situation was turning bad. He hurriedly left a message under Never Believing Fate’s post. “Never Believing Fate, what’s the meaning of getting a bunch of fake colleagues?”

Never Believing Fate didn’t reply to him. Instead, he posted a second video. “Everyone must be curious about why I’m stepping forward at this time. In fact, I’m not the only one. Instead, it’s all of us with a sense of justice that are ready to fight! We absolutely cannot permit a black sheep to sully our reputation! The Internet has given us convenience and a livelihood, but we need to be responsible for it! I Originally Wanted Face, don’t leave me any messages. I’ve watched all the videos you posted. Are any of the actors you found willing to show their face? Yet the ones I interview dare! Everyone, take a look at his videos. All of them mention nothing but hearsay, with not a single first-person account! What a joke. Since when can hearsay be used as evidence to incriminate someone?”

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