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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 468: Each With An Axe To Grind (1)

Chapter 468: Each With An Axe To Grind (1)

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While Xi Xinyi took in all of Qi Lei’s reactions naturally, she could not help but put on a victorious grin.

“Well then? Master Qi? I told you that you don’t get to decide on these things. In fact, you seem to have a prejudice against Yueying!”

Xi Xinyi charming face curved with a sinister smile as she silently looked at Qi Lei.

Qi Lei flung his phone hard on the table and his eyes met with Xi Xinyi’s delighted look, appearing a little sly and unfathomable. His handsome darkened face was colored with a freakish smile in the next second. “It looks like you have a pretty good relationship with my old man. You could actually get him to recognize your worth!”

As Qi Lei spoke, he slowly leaned all the way back. “You have quite a reputation. Even the Han family can’t bear to look on without helping. It looks like Han Yifeng still cherishes you for old time’s sake. You’ve already come to this extent of a situation, and with your mother’s scandal, the fact that he could endure it is really not bad.”

When Qi Lei said all of this, his face brimmed with a smile that did not reach his eyes. You could not hear from his tone whether he was being rueful or sarcastic though the smile on his face looked exceptionally conspicuous to Xi Xinyi.

Upon recalling Han Yifeng’s indifference and heartlessness, Xi Xinyi was stunned for a moment. Her hands that fell by her side suddenly tightened their grip onto her skirt as her face colored with suppressed anger. “Thank you, Master Qi, for your compliments. I find myself very lucky to be able to get everyone’s help too.”

Only Xi Xinyi herself would know the amount of sacrifice she had to do for all of this help. The reason she was not willing to give up was that there was no way she could lose to Xi Xiaye! That witch framed her, schemed against her, and made her lose everything. No matter what, she had to get back at her!

“Oh, right, I heard that your sister, Xi Xiaye, and Glory World’s Chairman Mu had their wedding abroad. Didn’t I hear that you two sisters had a pretty amazing relationship? I remembered when you were eager for me to be your brother-in-law. Now that she’s having her wedding, why didn’t you go? Also, you could have brought Yueying to Glory World since that’s your brother-in-law’s company,” Qi Lei teased as he looked at Xi Xinyi, his tone sounding sly.

Xi Xinyi’s expression turned worse. She bit her lip and coldly looked at Qi Lei. Obviously, she knew that he had said it on purpose to see her miserable.

Everyone knew that the reason for Yueying’s crisis this time was Glory World’s sudden departure. In fact, they brought with them a huge group of old shareholders and some precious resources, catching Yueying unprepared and exposing all of their financial loopholes. Even the banks came after them.

“Why are you looking all sad at me like that? I was just offering you a suggestion.” Qi Lei shrugged innocently. He looked amused and sarcastically at Xi Xinyi. Back then, when the Xi family wanted to send Xi Xiaye into his bed with the goal of combining them with Qi Kai by marriage, he knew all about their intentions. In fact, Xi Xinyi had obscurely mentioned Xi Xiaye to him more than once, especially when she knew that he was interested in Xi Xiaye’s identity as the Director of Glory World Corporation.

“Oh, right, I just remembered that you don’t seem to have that fantastic a relationship with your sister. She gave up on Han Yifeng, and instead got a gold mine like Mu Yuchen. I think that you don’t feel too good about that, huh? They’re having their wedding banquet at the Imperial Sky Hotel. Hmm, I wonder if they invited you?”

Qi Lei had a taunting expression. You simply could not read any emotions from that expression of his.

Xi Xinyi had heard about the banquet. Not many guests were invited to the banquet, but those that were seemed to be respected people. Qi Lei must have received the invitation too. After all, Qi Kai was collaborating with Glory World in some projects.

In fact, she knew that Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had gone abroad for the wedding. She probably did not have the time to care about Yueying. Otherwise, Xi Xiaye probably would not have let her make a comeback.

Ever since Xi Mushan divorced Yue Lingsi, and after the latter’s scandals were exposed, she had not seen him. Xi Xinyi did think of looking for him, but…

Yue Lingsi was now akin to a crazy lady. She stayed in Han Yifeng’s villa and got drunk every day. She frequently cursed Shen Wenna or lashed out about Xi Mushan. The Yue family ignored her most of the time. On one hand, they were also waiting for this news to die down by itself.

When she thought about how she had fallen to this state while Xi Xiaye gloriously held her wedding, Xi Xinyi could not help but feel anger and unhappiness surface. She could not understand why although she fared better than Xi Xiaye in everything, Lady Luck had never been on her side.

Why did the witch Xi Xiaye, who had just been dumped by Han Yifeng, turn around and immediately hook up with a perfect man like Mu Yuchen? He was someone with power and prestige, who even treated Xi Xiaye so well!

As for Xi Xinyi?

She did love Han Yifeng deeply, yet now he wished he could just kick her aside, completely disregarding the child she had. That was enough to show Han Yifeng’s indifference and heartlessness!

Both of them had had numerous loving moments. Why did it turn so brittle in the face of reality? All the promises of eternal, undying love were indeed all lies!

Xi Xinyi’s expression started to shift. She thought about it for a while before she looked up at Qi Lei.

While Qi Lei took all of this in, he leered demonically. “Since you’re already a part of Qi Kai, then I hope you will prioritize the company’s interests. If you want to use Qi Kai as your weapon, then that would be too egoistic. I am not Han Yifeng, and the Qi family isn’t the Han family. If you don’t behave, don’t blame me for not giving you face! Even though the old man’s words are firm in Qi Kai, as strong as he is, he won’t be able to push around the board of directors! Got that, Miss Xi Xinyi?” Qi Lei spoke without courtesy. That sly tone of his made Xi Xinyi scoff coldly.

Qi Lei seemed to have something against her. That was obvious!

She heard that back then when Qi Kai acquired and merged with Yueying, Wang Qin and the rest did not agree. It was only with Qi Qiming’s persistence that they gave in.

Qi Lei was the Vice President of Qi Kai. Wang Qin wanting to push him up to Qi Kai’s main seat was not something for a day or two, but Qi Qiming did not seem to agree with it much. In fact, he did not seem to have any intentions of retiring. She heard that Qi Qiming did not like Qi Lei very much and was always very unconcerned about him. From the phone call earlier, she could perhaps already infer something.

When she thought about this, Xi Xinyi shot Qi Lei a look. “Don’t worry about this, Master Qi. I, Xi Xinyi, am not an arrogant person. Since CEO Qi has given his orders, are you going to throw out your instructions and let them continue with the work?”

Xi Xinyi’s tone was not courteous. From the sound of it, it carried the strong-willed tone of a successful career woman.

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