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Chapter 713: Delivery (3)

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New Year’s Eve soon arrived after Glory World Corporation’s annual dinner.

The weather was getting better lately compared to the windy days before, and the days leading up to the New Year were strangely warmer.

Xi Xiaye had been staying in Maple Residence for the past few days. Mu Yuchen would take a walk with her outside every morning and evening while Shen Wenna frequently visited with Mu Zirui and Little Apple as well. All in all, the Maple Residence suddenly became very lively.

The two families planned to have a reunion dinner together at Maple Residence on the night of New Year’s Eve.

Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong started preparing early in the morning. Shen Wenna went over later and joined them while the two elder men gathered around and played chess as they enjoyed some tea. Xi Mushan called and said he would only be here by night.

Mu Yuchen went out early in the morning. He told Xi Xiaye that he was going to Su Chen’s place because Zhou Zimo had returned.

At noon, Xi Xiaye saw Sis Wang and the others trying to put up a pair of couplets by the door. She was reminded that it had been a long time since she last went back to West Park which was where Xi Jiyang had spent all his life in. She felt it was only appropriate for her to visit right before the New Year.

After waiting for a while, Ji Zitong came over.

Due to her being forced to rest at home by Mu Yuchen recently, Ji Zitong hardly had any work to do. She even handed in her resignation letter a few days ago, but Xi Xiaye held onto it first and wanted to talk to her before proceeding.

On their way to West Park inside the car, Ji Zitong spoke up quietly, “Director Xi, I’m sure you’re safe with Chairman Mu around, so I won’t be your bodyguard for very long. Back then, when Manager Ah Mo approached me, the intention was just for me to help around for half a year. My job will be done after things have settled down. I’ve learned a lot during this period of time guarding you, and I’m really grateful for it. Director Xi, if you need anything from me in the future, please give me a call anytime.”

“If you aren’t my assistant anymore, what do you plan to do?” Xi Xiaye looked at Ji Zitong quietly and asked.

“My mother and I just bought a tiny shop and we’re planning to start a florist business. It’s pretty close by to my father’s martial art center. It’ll be opened on the 7th of next month. Of course, Chairman Mu and Director Xi are welcome to come over.”

Ji Zitong smiled. Her hair had grown much longer now after half a year, and she tied it up into a bun. It was a new sight to see pairing with her slightly distant expression.

“A flower shop? Do you know how to do floral arrangements?” Xi Xiaye looked at Ji Zitong in surprise.

Ji Zitong smiled as she sped up. “My mother was an art teacher before, and she knows about floral arrangements. I learned a little bit by observing her. Having a flower shop and living a peaceful life has always been what I’m looking for.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “I’m not going to keep you if that’s your will. It’s better for a woman to settle down. I’ll tell Chairman Mu about it. I personally like floral arrangements. I’ll find a time to learn from you one day.”

“Thank you, Director Xi. You’re welcome anytime.”

“Call me Xiaye. We’re friends.”

While Xi Xiaye looked cold on the outside, she was a pretty carefree person once you got closer to her. Ji Zitong had always admired her, so they became friends after working closely together for half a year.

West Park seemed quiet as the golden evening rays showered over it. The cool breeze added a tint of loneliness to the place.

Xi Xinyi wrapped herself in a khaki-colored coat as she raised her head and looked at Xi Mushan who was standing at the top of the staircase. Her eyes seemed complicated, and she pondered a little while before walking closer.

“Father…” Her voice was still sweet as ever, but her tone sounded like she was suffering on the inside.

“Why are you here?” Xi Mushan did not seem surprised to see Xi Xinyi. He just gave her a glance.

“I went to your apartment and the guard told me that you went to the west. It’s New Year’s Eve today, so I thought you might be here.”

Xi Xinyi dared not make a fuss in front of him. Even though he stopped being the mayor, he had left a lasting impression on her for the past twenty years. Even now, she still feared him out of respect.

“Father, aren’t you at least going to take a look at Mother?” Xi Xinyi grabbed Xi Mushan’s sleeve. “You two have been married for over twenty years. No matter what kind of faults my mother did in the past, she did all of it because she loves you, Father… I know, I also hate that she’s such a failure, but I…”

Xi Mushan sighed before looking away. “Your mother and I were a mistake from the very beginning. Xinyi, you’re my daughter. Think about how I’ve been treating you all these years. And how did I treat your sister?”

She was speechless.

“The Xi family doesn’t exist anymore. Let the past stay in the past. I’ve paid the fees for the rehabilitation center for five years in advance. I did my part. Now, let go of me.”

“Father, are you and Aunt Shen…?” Xi Xinyi bit her lips as she looked straight into Xi Mushan’s eye and suddenly let go of his sleeve.

Xi Mushan did not reply and just walked down the staircase quietly.

“Father!” Xi Xinyi tried to catch up. “Father, Han Yifeng took my child away. Can you ask Xi Xiaye… No, can you ask Sister to call Han Yifeng and tell him to return my child to me? I can act as if nothing happened. All the conflict will come to an end for real. Father, please!”

Xi Xinyi’s voice was anxious as she begged Xi Mushan after considering every other solution at her disposal. Han Yifeng ignored all her phone calls and she was on the verge of breaking down. Even though her new movies were doing great at the box office, none of her career achievements could fill the void in her heart.

Especially during the times late at night and moments when she missed her son, she suddenly felt that everything important to her was moving further and further away.

“I’ve already said I won’t get involved between the two of you. Don’t disturb your sister as far as her health is concerned. Not only will your scars hurt, but how do you think your sister will feel if you tell her to talk to Han Yifeng about it?”

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