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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 717: As Long As She’s Safe and Sound (2)

Chapter 717: As Long As She’s Safe and Sound (2)

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Zhuang Shurong was bothered. She knew her son very well. If anything happened to the person inside, she was worried that…

Taking a deep breath, she turned over and looked at Ji Zitong who lowered her head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. My lack of attention caused Director Xi’s injury. I’m truly sorry.”

Zhuang Shurong and Shen Wenna traded glances at each other. They both seemed worried and did not reply Ji Zitong.

Instead, Mu Tangchuan spoke up when he saw Ji Zitong only wearing a thin outfit with some blood on her. “Alright, this is not the time for blame, Ah Rong. Give Ms. Ji one of Xiaye’s coats since it’s pretty cold right now. Moreover, this all happened too suddenly, so don’t blame yourself for it. We can only pray for her safety.”

Mu Tangchuan’s warm voice made them feel better.

Zhuang Shurong grabbed a coat from the bag and handed it to Ji Zitong. “Wear this. It’s pretty chilly now. It’s not your fault and we don’t intend on penalizing you either, so don’t overthink it.”

“Chief Zhuang, I…”

“Alright now. It’s the New Year, so you should head back now. There shouldn’t be blood on you. Li Si, go and prepare some clean clothes for your Master. It’s fine.”

“Alright, I’ll go and prepare them. Ms. Ji, please follow me and tell me what happened in detail.” Li Si then left with Ji Zitong.

After some time had passed, the door to the operating theatre opened once again. A nurse ran out anxiously as another one sent packs of blood in.

“Nurse, how’s my daughter? How is she?” Shen Wenna rushed forward.

“The pregnant patient is experiencing a hard time delivering right now. She’s very weak. Be prepared to make a choice whether to keep the adult or the child safe as the situation doesn’t look great.” The nurse glanced at them nervously.

“Anything is fine as long as my wife is safe. Keep the adult safe. Do you hear me? I want Xiaye!” Mu Yuchen went out of control and grabbed the nurse’s collar, shocking her into fright.

“Ah Chen, stay calm!” Mu Tangchuan stopped Mu Yuchen to the relief of the nurse.

Mu Yuchen clenched his fists as he remembered Xi Xiaye’s distressed expression when she begged him earlier. He had no idea if she could take it if the child was gone, hence he added, “Both the adult and the child need to be safe, or else, I’ll take down the whole hospital!”

The nurse glanced at him before heading back into the operating theatre.


Mu Yuchen’s phone fell onto the floor, making a harsh, clatter.

The time passed by slowly. The sound of fireworks going off in the empty night sky reached them inside the hospital. City Z was all brightly lit, but the cold wind continued to rush into the corridor through the small window gap, making the atmosphere colder by the second.

Mu Yuchen’s temperature continued to drop as well.

Xi Xiaye, you have to be alright. I just want you to be alright.

Mu Yuchen suddenly felt a sense of regret. Had he not been fixated on having a child, she would not be suffering right now. The child did not matter to him anymore.

The fireworks were getting louder and the night sky seemed like it was day time at the moment. Occasionally, they could also hear cheering from the outside.

When the bodyguards sent the clean clothes over, Mu Yuchen just took off his coat and cleaned his hand because he did not want her to see him in blood as well.

The New Year had arrived. Greetings went all around and his phone was ringing non-stop.

Finally, right after midnight and as the fireworks were still going on, the door to the operating theatre opened once again as they heard the loud wail of a newborn baby. It was like a light of hope that chased away the darkness.

“It’s born!” Zhuang Shurong quickly went forward.

Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan seemed worked up as well.

“How’s my wife?”

“How’s my daughter?”

“How’s Xiaye?”

They all asked simultaneously.

The nurse came out with a child in her hands. Dr. Huang smiled and said, “Chairman Mu, take a look at your child. Mrs. Mu gave birth to a son for you. They are both safe. Don’t worry! This baby looks quite cute! However, he’s born a little premature, so he’ll stay in the incubator for a while. Mrs. Mu is pretty weak at the moment and will need rest. She’ll be relocated to a patient ward after the nurses are done cleaning up. Congratulations!”

Their strained expressions softened after they heard Dr. Huang. It was over now.

Mu Yuchen leaned against the wall to support his almost collapsing body. He took several deep breaths in order to calm down. “Thank you, as long as she’s alright.”

His gaze then averted toward the baby in the nurse’s hands.

So wrinkly!

So ugly!

So annoying!

Even more so, it was a boy!

What happened to his daughter?

Mu Yuchen frowned and just took a glance at the infant. He was pretty much expressionless as he gazed into the operating theatre.

Zhuang Shurong and Shen Wenna totally saw Mu Yuchen’s reaction, and they both smiled. “Alright Chen Er, she’s all fine now. This is your son. If you’re not going to hold him, then his grandmother will be holding him first!”

Zhuang Shurong beamed and quickly took her grandson over from the nurse.

Most of the newborn babies look the same. They would all squint their eyes like an old person. Naturally, Master Mu had no idea about this and he just thought it was odd. He expected that with both Xi Xiaye and his genes their baby should be beautiful and pretty.

However, he had no time to care about the annoying little thing now. He quickly surged forward when the other nurses wheeled Xi Xiaye out of the operating theatre on a bed.


“Chairman Mu, Mrs. Mu is unconscious now. She’s very weak and needs rest. Just take care of her and the doctor will see her again later.”

Mu Yuchen saw that Xi Xiaye was sound asleep. Her face still seemed pale and weak like a cloud. He unconsciously grabbed her cold hand under the blanket.

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