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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 718: First-Time Parents (1)

Chapter 718: First-Time Parents (1)

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He could feel her sweaty palms. Her hair was a little damp and messy as well. Her struggles were all too obvious to see.

He was heartbroken to see her in such a state. “It must have been tough for you. Have a good sleep and everything will be better once you wake up.”

He left a kiss on her forehead before looking at the nurse and giving her a curt nod. The nurse then started wheeling the bed again while Shen Wenna and the others followed behind.

Inside the room, Zhuang Shurong quickly took out the things inside the bag – the hat, clothes…

“Wenna, help Xiaye wear the hat. It’s better to be cautious. I’ll make a call back home and let our parents know everything is fine. I’m sure they’re getting restless now. It’s almost daybreak!” Zhuang Shurong handed the hat to Shen Wenn as she said.

“Ah Chen, here’s Xiaye and your son. Hold him…” Shen Wenna nodded and she handed the little baby to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen was startled as he looked at the little thing before him. He looked at the baby’s narrowed eyes as his own eyes seemed confused. He shrugged at Shen Wenna helplessly as he had no idea what to do.

Shen Wenna smiled as her gentle voice reached him. “Don’t worry. Just be careful. It’s a new life after all. It’ll be fine if you’re cautious. Xiaye put in a lot of effort to give birth to him. He’s your baby.”

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and looked Xi Xiaye who was still unconscious. He clenched his fists before extending his arm towards the baby. Shen Wenna smiled and gently placed the baby in his arms.

The baby blinked as he moved his limbs slightly.

At this moment, the usually cool and calm Master Mu was now getting nervous. A sheen of sweat covered his back.

He was so tiny! Mu Yuchen was afraid to touch him and he froze up when the baby started moving. He stared at the baby in his hands as his voice sounded uneasy. “Can you stop moving around?”

Obviously, the newborn baby had no idea what he was talking about. He clenched his fists and struggled. Mu Yuchen was shocked as he quickly asked for help, “Nurse!”

“Chairman Mu!” A nurse quickly came over.

“You… hold him…” Mu Yuchen said quietly.

Zhuang Shurong and the others could not hold their laughter in. She handed the phone to Mu Tangchuan, giving him the signal to call home as she went over and took the child from Mu Yuchen. “It’ll be fine if you’re more careful. Your father was just like you when he held you for the first time, like father like son indeed.”

She turned around to look at Mu Tangchuan with a smirk. He coughed slightly before moving closer to take a look at the baby in Zhuang Shurong’s hands. “Well, I just felt nervous holding a baby this small, alright? He does look like Ah Chen when he was little, so tiny…”

A faint light flashed in Mu Yuchen’s eyes as he saw the little baby resting easy in Zhuang Shurong’s arms. Moments later, he touched the baby’s clenched fists, holding them lightly and smiling. “Hello, baby. Nice to meet you. I’m your father. The woman sleeping over there is your mother…”

“Chairman Mu, the baby is going to sleep. He needs to stay in the incubator for a period of time,” reminded the nurse by the side though she felt bad for interrupting, so she spoke very quietly.

Zhuang Shurong then handed the baby to the nurse and went out with the nurse. “Tangchuan, quickly call back home. Also, get the hospitalization procedures done. Wenna, Mushan, you two should head back first. It must be tough staying up the whole night. I almost forgot to wish you guys Happy New Year!”

They were suddenly reminded today was the first day of the New Year. Their baby came to them on this auspicious day. It was a marvelous sign!

Everyone started laughing and greeting each other.

“I’ll stay here with Xiaye. I can only be at peace of mind here,” Shen Wenna said.

Zhuang Shurong smiled and glanced at Mu Yuchen who was standing beside the bed. “Leave this to Ah Chen. It’s time for him to do some work after Xiaye had given her all, but, Chen Er, you should go back and clean yourself up.”

“Ah Chen, go back and take a shower. Leave it to me for now. I’ll go and make something for Xiaye to eat after you come back later. Your grandparents are still waiting for the news at home.”

The baby’s arrival was the best New Year present they could ask for. The Maple Residence was in high spirits when the news reached them.

Shen Yue, Wang Hui, and Mu Yinan were still there. They were worried sick after waiting throughout the night and were only relieved after knowing that Xi Xiaye was fine and that she had given birth to a son.

Xi Xiaye only remembered that she passed out of exhaustion. At the very last moment, she heard the sound of a baby crying, but after that, she lost all sensation.

In her sleep, she could feel someone gently wiping her face and hands with a warm towel. A familiar scent drifted around her, and she knew it was a certain someone’s unique scent.

Xi Xiaye slept for a very long time while Mu Yuchen stayed by her side the whole time.

The next morning, as the doctor was checking on Xi Xiaye’s condition.

“Don’t worry, Chairman Mu. Mrs. Mu is just too exhausted, but she should be awake soon. Anyhow, she still suffered injuries, so she might be feeling weak when she wakes up. It’ll take some time to recover. If her body doesn’t keep up, it might be difficult to get pregnant again,” the doctor advised.

Mu Yuchen’s expression darkened as his eyes seemed worried. “Then, what should I do to help her recover more quickly?”

“Don’t worry, Chairman Mu. Just let her rest more and take care of her diet. Mrs. Mu is very strong. At first, we thought… Well, at least she’s fine now. The Little Master is healthy. He’ll be fine after staying in the incubator for a while.”

Mu Yuchen nodded and waved, signaling the doctor to leave the room.

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