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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 719: First Time Parents (2)

Chapter 719: First Time Parents (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Yuchen sat back down on the chair after the door was closed. He continued looking at his woman as he grabbed her cold hand as he closed his eyes and tried to rest a little.

The room was very quiet. There was no sound at all. The warm sunlight slowly crept in through the windows and warmed up the room.

After some time, Xi Xiaye’s hand moved slightly, so he opened his eyes instantly and looked at her. Her eyelids were moving and he quickly called out to her gently, “Xiaye…”

Xi Xiaye struggled as she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Mu Yuchen’s handsome but exhausted face. She blinked several times before finally focusing on him. Then, she touched his face before touching her own belly. Fear suddenly filled her eyes as she sat up frantically. “Where’s my child?”

“Xiaye, be careful.” Mu Yuchen held her quickly as he looked slightly helpless.

“Where’s my child?” Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and asked again. She looked at him as her eyes went teary.

Mu Yuchen chuckled as he ran his fingers through her messy hair. “Don’t worry. The baby is healthy. You gave birth to a son. Thank you for your hard work, my dear! The doctor said you still need to rest for now. I’ll get someone to bring you food right away.”

He helped her sit up, and Xi Xiaye’s eyes cleared up when she heard him. She shook her head as she grabbed his hands and begged, “I’m not hungry. I want to see my child.”

Mu Yuchen frowned as he looked at her. He pinched her cheek and put on a stern front. “I’ll let you see him after you eat something. Be good!”

He then called Li Si to bring the food in.

Li Si had just arrived at the hospital. Zhuang Shurong made some pulled chicken porridge and soup to bring over.

Li Si entered the room within two minutes after the phone call, smiling widely when he saw Xi Xiaye was already awake.”Missus, you’re awake now! Congratulations, and Happy New Year!”

Xi Xiaye nodded. She then realized New Year’s Eve was yesterday, so she looked outside the window and asked, “How long have I been asleep?”

“A whole day. Have some porridge to recover your stamina. I’ll ask Li Si to get a nurse to bring the baby over.”

Mu Yuchen poured the porridge into a bowl as he signaled Li Si with his eye. Understanding quickly, Li Si nodded and quickly left the room for the two of them.

Xi Xiaye wanted to grab the bowl, but he calmly moved it away to test the temperature and then attempted to feed her.

“I’ll do it myself…”

He gave her a determined stare, so she could not do anything but to obey.

She ate two bowls of porridge under his supervision before he finally let her off. Then, he cleaned her face and hands before putting a coat over her. “The doctor said you’re really weak right now. Be more careful.”

Xi Xiaye nodded as she looked at him in the eyes. “Where’s my child? I want to see him.”

Mu Yuchen patted her head before looking towards the door. As he was about to get up, there was a knock from outside soon followed by the arrival of a beautiful nurse together with their son. Li Si and two other bodyguards stood outside the door.

“Your mother is awake now, little baby. Let her hold you.” The nurse smiled and handed the child to Xi Xiaye while Mu Yuchen helped to support the baby’s body as well.

“Baby, can you recognize me?” Xi Xiaye asked gently. Her hands were shaking slightly as she looked at her baby. He looked rather healthy, and he stared into Xi Xiaye’s eyes when she looked at him. It was as if he could really recognize her voice.

He was clenching his tiny fists. How cute!

Xi Xiaye lowered her head and left a kiss on his cheek. She could not control her tears anymore as she looked at Mu Yuchen and started sobbing, “I thought… I thought…”

Mu Yuchen let out a sigh of relief. He wiped away her tears and said, “It’s alright now. Both the baby and you are fine which is good. It’s the best gift God has given us. What are you crying about?”

Xi Xiaye nodded as she held the baby close. “He’s really cute. I think he can recognize me, right?”

“Mmm, I think he can recognize your voice. All the singing was worth it.” Mu Yuchen expression softened. He went closer to them and touched the baby’s little face. The baby reacted by raising both his arms high to Xi Xiaye’s delight. “How adorable! I think he’ll look like you when he grows up. Little baby, you have to eat well so that you can be more handsome than your father!”

“Handsomeness is not a trait that can be grown. What are you talking about?” Master Mu noticed his woman’s attention was all taken away by this little thing.

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. “Which parent wouldn’t want their children to be smart and good-looking? Do you not like our child because it’s not a daughter?”

Mu Yuchen frowned and quickly held the baby’s hand. “Of course not. I’ll like it as long as it’s our child.”

Suddenly, the baby started crying. Mu Yuchen retracted his hands in shock while Xi Xiaye was at a loss about what to do. The nurse outside rushed in as well.

“Come, give him to me. I think he’s hungry.” The nurse chuckled when she saw the pair of lost parents.


Xi Xiaye frowned. She touched her own breasts and was about to unbutton her clothes when she glanced at the man beside her and said, “Please go out.”

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