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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 720: First-Time Parents (3)

Chapter 720: First-Time Parents (3)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not like he had never seen him. He had already held him many times!

Mu Yuchen’s handsome brows furrowed into a knot, but he still got up to quietly leave the room. If you looked closely, you could even notice the way his handsome face blushed faintly.

“Master!” When he saw Mu Yuchen walk out, Li Si immediately went up to him.

Mu Yuchen’s calm handsome face fell silent. He nodded, and then walked to the balcony.

Even though the warm sun shone down, the wind at the balcony was still a little chilly. Mu Yuchen leaned against the parapet and looked out. His expression was indifferent as he watched the crowd that milled about below. His deep voice was mixed in the slightly cool breeze, sounding very bleak. “How’s the situation?”

Li Si lowered his head slightly and said apologetically, “Master, we couldn’t find the car that Xi Xinyi mentioned. She provided too little information, and we can’t confirm the truth of this. That place isn’t under the jurisdiction of the highway area, so there aren’t any CCTVs. In short, we can’t be sure if Xi Xinyi was lying. I’ve tried to understand the situation from Xi Xinyi. She doesn’t look like she’s lying either. Perhaps we might know more after we ask Missus about this.

“Master, we could make a guess. If it was really as Xi Xinyi said, if someone really pushed her, this person might have something against Xi Xinyi, but how was that person coincidentally at West Park then? It’s definitely not from Missus’s end, because she decided to go to take a look at West Park at the last minute. Meanwhile, on Xi Xinyi’s end, I’ve talked to Mayor Xi. It was really as Xi Xinyi said. She couldn’t find Mayor Xi at the apartment, so she went to look for him at West Park. Therefore, this shouldn’t have been something planned. I don’t suspect Xi Xinyi of lying.”

When Li Si said this, Mu Yuchen’s brows furrowed even more. He pondered for a moment. “Investigate her routes on that day. See if she was in contact with anyone else. Remember to get someone to watch her for now.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Si nodded and answered, “Right, Master, about Miss Ji…”

“I don’t blame her. Give her a generous reward, and help me thank her for taking care of your Missus. I accept her resignation,” Mu Yuchen said calmly. He did not forget the way Ji Zitong had also risked her life.

“Got it, Master!”

When he returned to the ward, the little baby had already been brought back to the incubator by the nurse. Because he was a premature baby, he was still weaker than those who had been born at normal gestation. In fact, he was just eating and sleeping. Even if Xi Xiaye wanted to carry him for a while more, she could not.

She watched reluctantly as the nurse brought her child away. After a while, Mu Yuchen appeared again.

Xi Xiaye fixed her blanket and watched him slowly close in. She blinked her serene eyes and asked, “Have we… thought of the baby’s name?”

“What kind of name do you want him to have?” he asked instead as he pulled a chair to sit down by her side.

She hesitated for a moment and then shook her head before saying puzzledly, “I don’t know. You give him a name.”

“Mu Zicheng. I hope that he can be a proud and independent person who isn’t afraid of hardships and is a determined person.” Mu Yuchen’s low voice sounded very sentimental.

Xi Xiaye’s twinkling eyes lit up. She softly repeated, “Mu Zicheng? Mu Ziru… Xiao Ru, Xiao Cheng?” She softly muttered it a few times and then nodded gladly. She was quite satisfied. “Mmm, it’s pretty good. Mu Zicheng sounds grand. We’ll call him Mu Zicheng then. His nickname can be Xiao Cheng or Ah Cheng.”

“As long as you’re happy. Later on, we’ll register the child. Recuperate well for now. Don’t be so rash the next time. Everyone was really worried about you.”

Mu Yuchen recalled the way he carried her covered in blood. Until now, he still had lingering fears, but thankfully, she was safe and alright. Otherwise…

“Grandpa and the rest…” Xi Xiaye then looked at him and muttered.

“They’ve all come to visit you. Since you weren’t awake yet, they left. They’ll be over in the afternoon. Alright, you’re still very weak. Rest well. I’ll be right here with you.” He gently patted her head before he got up to help her lie down.

“I’ll sleep for a little while more then. Wake me up when Grandpa and the rest come over. Earlier, the nurse said that we can even bring the baby over for a while in the evening. Please remember to wake me up.”

Xi Xiaye lay her limp body down. She had just set herself down when she felt uncomfortable all over, then she said, “I want to shower… I smell…”

“No, you can’t,” he said very simply, and then fixed her blanket for her. “Don’t touch water for now. I’ll help you wipe yourself at night. Right now, you should get another bout of good sleep, okay?”

“I don’t want you to be helping me…” she said softly, and then slowly closed her eyes as she leaned on her side a little to face him.

He thought that she was shy, so he laughed out as he cupped half his face and watched her intensely. His plain lips curled up as he chuckled. “We already have a child together. What else is there to be embarrassed about?”

Xi Xiaye’s face felt hot as she lowered her gaze and quickly reached a hand over to gently hold his large hand. Her eyes were filled with gratitude and earnest. “Mu Yuchen, thank you… Thank you for everything you’ve given me. I find myself very lucky right now with you, our child, Grandpa, my parents, Grandfather and Grandmother who love and care for me, and Father and Mother-in-law. This is the biggest blessing of life. From now on, I will definitely be guarding these well.”

He smiled calmly, and then chivalrously and elegantly lowered his head to plant a soft kiss on the back of her hand. He met her eyes with full focus, then sighed. “Don’t say that. You have given me a lot too. There is only one Xi Xiaye in this whole wide world. I find myself a little luckier than others too.”

“Do you feel quite blessed right now?” she asked carefully, her eyes filled with a hint of anticipation.

The curve on his lips widened while his tone was quite calm and filled with sincerity. “These two words… I’m sure from the moment you signed our marriage papers, I already had it.”

She suddenly felt weak and did not continue asking. She only tugged on his hand and opened up his palm as she quietly wrote down these words: Hand-in-hand till death do us apart.

He smiled gladly and scrawled on her palm too: Likewise .

After that, Xi Xiaye gradually fell asleep while he continued to guard by her side.

Initially, he wanted to ask her about what had happened, but she could not help but feel worn out, so he decided to only ask when she had woken up.

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