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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel)






Mo Shang Wang



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The handsome, skilled newbie livestreamer, Ji Zhiyao, has a dream.

“One day, I want to become the most famous crosstalk actor amongst the livestreamers.”

Later on, this dream is forgotten by him and secretly becomes another.

“I want to overthrow Fi-god! I want to become Mix’s new team dictator!”

The rich and aloof idol of the eSports scene, Mo Huaifeng, also has a dream.

“Two years later, Mix will definitely make it into the International League.”

Soon after, subtle changes happens to this dream.

“I want to make it into the International League with Ji Zhiyao and after winning, I will f**k him on livestream.”

Livestreamer to eSports pro, Captain to boyfriend, will their dreams come true?

38 • 2019-10-23 18:58:14


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 68: Welcome2019-11-18
Chapter 67: No Refunds2019-11-18
Chapter 66: Hope and Despair2019-11-17
Chapter 65: Untitled2019-11-17
Chapter 64: Handsome Man2019-11-16
Chapter 63: Professional Player2019-11-16
Chapter 62: Ji Zhiyao2019-11-15
Chapter 61: Fans2019-11-15
Chapter 60: Are You Okay?2019-11-14
Chapter 59: Loss2019-11-14
Chapter 58: Daddy Will Teach You a Little Lesson2019-11-13
Chapter 57: The Second Match2019-11-13
Chapter 56: The First Battle2019-11-12
Chapter 55: Let’s Go2019-11-12
Chapter 54: Glass2019-11-11
Chapter 53: Untitled2019-11-11
Chapter 52: Untitled2019-11-10
Chapter 51: Preparations2019-11-10
Chapter 50: A Lovely Storm is Brewing2019-11-09
Chapter 49: Daddy2019-11-09
Chapter 48: Are You Afraid?2019-11-08
Chapter 47: First Blood2019-11-08
Chapter 46: A Solo Fight for Love2019-11-07
Chapter 45: Untitled2019-11-07
Chapter 44: Untitled2019-11-06
Chapter 43: Untitled2019-11-06
Chapter 42: Untitled2019-11-05
Chapter 41: Untitled2019-11-05
Chapter 40: Untitled2019-11-04
Chapter 39: Untitled2019-11-04
Chapter 38: Untitled2019-11-03
Chapter 37: Untitled2019-11-03
Chapter 36: Untitled2019-11-02
Chapter 35: Untitled2019-11-02
Chapter 34: I heard Nx bought Korean reinforcements2019-11-01
Chapter 33: Ji Zhiyao plays very well, don’t be fooled by him.2019-11-01
Chapter 32: What a play!2019-10-31
Chapter 31: Forget it, I’d better focus on studying.2019-10-31
Chapter 30: 13082019-10-30
Chapter 29: Being Like This Saddens Me2019-10-30
Chapter 28: No wonder I found him familiar.2019-10-29
Chapter 27: I acknowledge your masculinity.2019-10-29
Chapter 26: You are too white, almost transparent.2019-10-28
Chapter 25: Voice chat?2019-10-28
Chapter 24: [I feel that your nephew is very gifted, his subsequent growth needs to rely on his own realizations]2019-10-27
Chapter 23: Flag and what not, it’s all fake.2019-10-27
Chapter 22: ‘World’sBestJungler’2019-10-26
Chapter 21: You don’t have to worry Fi-god, I will guide him well and help him to fulfill his dream.2019-10-26
Chapter 20: “I don’t use Weibo much, my WeChat is DB.MHF, let’s add each other.”2019-10-25
Chapter 19: “You actually still have fans…”2019-10-25
Chapter 18: Was it because he tended to look rather kind?2019-10-24
Chapter 17: [Can you do me a favor?]2019-10-24
Chapter 16: “What do you mean by ‘explain what’s going on between you and Fi-god?’”2019-10-23
Chapter 15: If teamwork was the problem then say it, what does it make you to keep trying to put the blame on others?2019-10-23
Chapter 14: This slap on the face was a slap well done!2019-10-23
Chapter 13: “Come on, let daddy teach you how to be a man.”2019-10-23
Chapter 12: Who are they looking down on now?2019-10-23
Chapter 11: “Today let’s show them, what is known as ‘the true experts are amongst the common folk’!”2019-10-23
Chapter 10: It’s bright daylight, some drama queens ought to wake up, stop dreaming.2019-10-23
Chapter 9: He scratched his head in frustration and cursed quietly.2019-10-23
Chapter 8: “Don’t be so anxious to contact him, let me continue to observe for a period of time.”2019-10-23
Chapter 7: “One minute less, I will hold your heads down and add another hour.”2019-10-23
Chapter 6: Pal, you want an autograph?2019-10-23
Chapter 5: There is a tournament going on in there today, let’s go have some fun.2019-10-23
Chapter 4: But with my condition, I will be a burden to the team2019-10-23
Chapter 3: Just that the brain cannot really function well2019-10-23
Chapter 2: Mix.Fi!!2019-10-23
Chapter 1: Can’t help it, he’s part of the scene after all2019-10-23