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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 49: Daddy

Chapter 49: Daddy

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[6666666666, all who can’t beat Fi-god can go and raise pixies. I’ll take my leave first as a show of respect!]

[MelonRind, you should really get a mirror to see how proud you look when you’re saying those words, totally like a little wife.]

[Fi-god’s little wife hehehehehehe.]

[Can’t you leave some face for MelonRind.]

[I salute you as a genius.]

The slightly shorter guy was completely not himself after hearing those words, and he stared at the camera on the shelf. His dilemma was written all over his face as he tried pondering if Ji Zhiyao’s claim of ‘currently livestreaming’ was true or not.

Ji Zhiyao intentionally shifted to the side, graciously allowing him to admire all he wanted. Boys at this age were all prideful and thus did not dare to openly do anything out of line to verify the legitimacy of the camera. In addition, the curious gazes of the remaining three people in the room that occasionally swept across kept them anxious and unsettled.

He had no choice and gritted out after exchanging opinions with his partner. “How can we trust you?”

“I’m currently livestreaming, pal.” With a slightly contemplative smile, Ji Zhiyao pointed to the camera. “Or you can choose not to trust me, and we won’t compete. Judging directly by the results of the previous two rounds, you still have to call me daddy.”

The boy had no choice and said, “… Let’s start.”


Ji Zhiyao first added them into the custom set room and then dropped a WeChat text to Mo Huaifeng: [Emergency on scene, calling for Fi-god.]

[DB.MHF: .]

[DB.MHF: Add me, online.]

Ji Zhiyao dragged Mo Huaifeng’s alternate account into his camp and then started the match.

For the entire game, he completely adhered to the rules, only staying in the jungle to kill creeps, increasing gold for his side, not taking even a single step out of the jungle.

The boys were both observing his movements at the start, but after realizing that he would not move out of the jungle at all, all their attention was placed on the ADC.

They had guessed that this person that Ji Zhiyao had invited to aid himself would not be worse-off than himself in skills. Thus, thinking that it would be more difficult for Mo Huaifeng to strike, they basically stayed together for the whole match,

However, when Mo Huaifeng was not yet at level six, with no ultimate ability, he did not fight them frontally. Yet once his ultimate ability was unlocked, he eliminated everything and everyone in his way.

Amply used violence to prove what was known as ‘all plans are worthless in the face of great strength.’

The match ended in less than 20 minutes.

Ji Zhiyao first sent his thanks through WeChat to Mo Huaifeng and then, with a gentle smile, looked toward the two boys on the floor who could not believe what happened. “Do you admit defeat?”

“You used hacks!”

Little rascals in their youth are really annoying . Ji Zhiyao frowned, not at all realizing that he was the same age as them.

He stretched out his long legs. “Don’t talk about all this useless stuff. Both of your Challenger ranks couldn’t even win a 2v1, yet you still have the nerve to find excuses for yourselves? Unhappy that I used hacks? Both of you can too. I’d gladly oblige.”

Their unreasonable arguments were mercilessly torn apart, and the two boys blushed with shame.

After keeping silent for a few seconds, the lanky one exhaled deeply, bowing his head. “We admit defeat, dad…”

“As long as you admit defeat.”

With a smile slightly hidden in his eyes, Ji Zhiyao interrupted him. He placed the laptop back on the desk, stood up, and spoke from a height towering over the boys in their surprised gazes. “Brothers, stop asking me for the girl’s contact. If you like her, fight for her yourselves.”

As long as they admitted defeat, he had already cooled down. If they were to really call him “daddy,” he probably would have incurred their hatred. Perhaps, there might even be all sorts of schemes and provocations coming to him.


And Ji Zhiyao really hated trouble.

He sent the two boys who looked wholly confused out of the dorm, turning back to find his three roommates looking at him with weird looks. His lips could not help but twitch. “Yang Bing, you’re the one who should call me daddy.”

Yang Bing blinked multiple times. “???”

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