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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 50: A Lovely Storm is Brewing

Chapter 50: A Lovely Storm is Brewing

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

[EighthLordToday’sSharingV: Let’s stir some trouble today, exposing a melon in the eSports scene. Last night, someone witnessed in a streaming room on SaltedEgg Livestream a certain gaming broadcaster playing a match with eSports idol Fi-god’s alternate account! At that time, the broadcaster even looked impatient. After a match together, the broadcaster had a 2v2 against someone else and asked Fi-god to carry him. The entire process was absolutely natural as if they’ve done this many times previously. So who is this broadcaster? Weibo ID @IndefiniteFutureV, livestream room “IndefiniteNoHomo,” game username “HasMelonRindBeenGayToday,” considered quite well-known in the scene. Also, this gaming broadcaster is the only other person that Fi-god follows on Weibo other than his teammates. This relationship seems to be a little too much hmmm [dog head]]

[Fi-god Official Fan Club: Fi-god values loyalty, and he treats his friends unconditionally well. Their friendship is great, really makes people envious! [heart] @IndefiniteFutureV @Mix.FiV]

[ProtectOurFi-god: Just good friends playing together, what is this unscrupulous marketing account blindly trying to start?]

[Fi-godismineIdon’tcare: [smiles] Does this broadcaster have no idea at all? Trying to gain popularity, disgusting!]

[AddictedToToday’sMilkTea: I’ve even watched the broadcaster’s livestream before. At that time, I felt that he was quite good-looking and became a casual fan, who knew he was so filthy inside… No longer his fan, I love Fi-god!!]

[HuaiFengIsSoWarm: Really, I’ve been a fan of Fi-god for three years, and this is my first time seeing him being so close to anyone. We should know that our Fi-god is someone who wouldn’t even enter his teammates’ livestream rooms [laughing with tears]. If he was really trying to use him to gain attention, how could Fi-god not be able to tell? Let’s all be more reasonable when leaving comments.]

[TheVastBoundariesOfTheEarthIsMyLove: ?? Why am I seeing my MelonRind on screen? I thought I was the only who knew about them secretly being sweet yesterday.]

[youwakeupwakeup: Fi-god and IndefiniteFuture go quite far back. They were already following each other since a month back. Reason being Fi-god had sent some messages in game which were screenshotted and used by a little influencer. IndefiniteFuture happened to be there and directly cleared things up with a Weibo post. Then, he didn’t tag Fi-god either, remaining anonymous when he was doing something good like Robin Hood. Back then, nobody said he was using him to gain attention.]

[HaveYouEatenToday: [laughing with tears] Why do I find this so sweet? I’m a guy, would like to know if I have turned gay?]

This Weibo post by “EighthLordToday’sSharing,” due to it involving the Fi-god in the eSports scene, who never had any scandals, directly entered the top ten trending searches: “Fi-god IndefiniteFuture.”

Ji Zhiyao had initially gone on Weibo to upload a post for his livestream but ended up discovering this trending search. He was so shaken that he reached up to rub his eyes.

He had not seen wrongly.

Who would have thought that Mo Huaifeng was really exposed!

Ji Zhiyao stared aghast, and his whole mind was filled with that one thought.

Yesterday, he was still holding onto the mentality that they were so fortunate, thinking it was not much of a problem if ten to twenty thousand little fans in the livestream room recognized Mo Huaifeng’s alternate account. But he never thought that today, they actually made it into the trending searches.

Really, with this popularity, when Mo Huaifeng retired, it would not be a problem at all for him to switch careers to enter the entertainment industry.

Ji Zhiyao had no mind for the livestream and sent Mo Huaifeng a WeChat text.

[MelonRind: Fi-god, both of us have gloriously ascended into the Weibo trending searches.]

[MelonRind: Already told you we shouldn’t play together on livestream. You’re a veteran with no scandals in the last ten thousand years, but now they are spreading gossips about you being gay. Do you feel really regretful?]

A few minutes later, Mo Huaifeng replied.

[DB.MHF: Mm, do feel a little regretful.]

Ji Zhiyao’s heart sank, and his lifted lips had unknowingly leveled. Before he could send out the two words “I’m sorry,” he saw the next reply.

[DB.MHF: I should’ve entered your livestream room earlier yesterday to see how you were all annoyed and impatient.]

[MelonRind: …]

[MelonRind: I’m not, I wasn’t. Don’t spout nonsense!]

[MelonRind: Um, Fi-god, you really don’t mind?]

[DB.MHF: Long-winded.]

[DB.MHF: Next weekend, we have a performance match in W City. I have an extra VIP ticket, want to go watch?]

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