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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 51: Preparations

Chapter 51: Preparations

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Ji Zhiyao thought for a bit. He did not seem to have anything on next weekend, so he replied : [Sure, which day to be exact? I’ll book my plane ticket.]

[DB.MHF: The performance match is on Sunday afternoon, so we’re leaving Sunday morning. There will be many people in the venue, and the place is hard to find too. I’ll book the ticket for you. You come to the base earlier on Sunday, we’ll leave together.]

[MelonRind: Fi-god, do you have a younger sister?]

[DB.MHF: ?]

[MelonRind: In other words, do you have a younger sister as sweet and virtuous as yourself? I would like to devote myself to her.]

[DB.MHF: Are you tired of living?]

[MelonRind: That thought does not exist.]

[MelonRind: Rest assured Fi-god, I will arrive early. I won’t hold up everyone’s time!]

[DB.MHFL: Mm. My phone number is the same as my WeChat number. Keep in touch by phone then.]

[MelonRind: Alright.]

After sending the ‘alright,’ Ji Zhiyao first copied Mo Huaifeng’s WeChat number and saved it. Then, he opened an app, checked the price for a first class air ticket to W City, and returned to the chat again.

[MelonRind: Transferring 1399 yuan to you.]

[DB.MHF: ?]

[MelonRind: Money for the air ticket. Mix battleteam is so luxurious, so we must be flying first class. I’ve seen through it all.]

[DB.MHF: …]

[DB.MHF: The air ticket is paid by the team, no need to pay me. When we reach there, you can just buy everyone lunch.]

[MelonRind: Okay, you can count on me. I guarantee you guys good food and drinks!]

Sending the last line, Ji Zhiyao began to search for famous restaurants in W City and noted remarks as he searched.

He had not browsed for long when the phone held in his hand sounded with a “ding ding dong dong” ringtone. The number belonged to S City locally, and the number was unknown.

Ji Zhiyao swiped the answer key to the right, placing the phone by his ear.


“May I know if this is Ji Zhiyao?” The female voice on the other side of the call had a gentle tone and gave a favorable impression.

“I am.”

“Hello, I am the Xiaoyu, the head of the Contracts Department at Salted Egg Livestream. We’ve just taken a look here. Your contract ends on the 17th of this month, so I would like to check if you would intend to renew your contract. You are now an experienced broadcaster, and should you choose to renew, other than raising your basic salary by twenty thousand, the ratio for profits would also reach 7:3. If you would like to renew the contract, we will draft up a new contract for you.”

“Expiring? That’s fast.”

Ji Zhiyao was a little surprised. He recalled the dates for a bit. It was also around this time last year that he started livestreaming, and calculating the time, it was indeed almost a year.

Within a year, he rose four levels from a regular broadcaster to an experienced one, but he had not heard of whichever level with such wonderful benefits. It was unexpected that Salted Egg Livestream, in order to keep him, would directly offer such attractive terms. From the salary to profits ratio, everything was extensively improved.

Salted Egg Livestream was quite credible, and especially since he was in university right now, he had much more time, and it was also more convenient for him to livestream. Thus, Ji Zhiyao was not about to reject the renewal.

However, remembering that he was going to watch the tournament next weekend and might not be able to receive the contract in time, he said, “I have some things on recently. Could you wait till the 15th to contact me again?”

“Alright, then I’ll get in touch with you when the time comes.”

“Thank you.”

After he hung up, Ji Zhiyao continued to lie on the desk to write and doodle.

S City, airport.

A group of big boys dressed in red and white short sleeves and jeans walked in from outside the airport. Following them were a smiling boy around the same age and several serious figures formally dress, and this combination caught one’s attention however one looked at them.

They were good-looking too, the tallest one amongst them especially. His looks were not inferior to a movie star. Although he was frowning and giving off cold air all over, it did not affect his handsomeness one bit.

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