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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 52: Untitled

Chapter 52: Untitled

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Mo Huaifeng became conscious of the gazes from the people around on him, and his brows involuntarily knitted tighter and tighter. His voice was also completely cold. “Faster.”

The several of them did not speak and quickened their footsteps, moving towards the VIP waiting lounge.

This impatient behavior of Mo Huaifeng was completely different from what Ji Zhiyao had seen before, and he could not help but stare, slightly astonished at the back view of the young man. Nuo, who was beside him, squeezed over, looked over following his line of vision, and said with some hints of realization, “Brother, hold tight.”

Ji Zhiyao looked up surprised. “Is Fi-god usually so… fierce?” The last time they met, though Mo Huaifeng’s act of dragging him to play Ludo was a little strange, his attitude was undoubtedly very friendly…

Nuo replied. “No no no, this is Captain’s morning temper. He’s like this when he can’t wake up properly.”

Ji Zhiyao ‘oh’ed in reply, reaching out to hold the glass door of the lounge that was about to close.

The VIP lounge was very quiet. People in twos and threes sat on the seats, and although there were also curious glances in their direction, it was much better compared to the noisy and chaotic atmosphere and open stares outside.

The low pressure around Mo Huaifeng also gradually became warmer.

Everyone found a row of empty seats and sat down. Yuan Wei and another assistant went to attend to the boarding procedures while the remaining members dozed off hugging their arms.

Nuo, who was extremely awake earlier, had also yawned several times in a row. His head tilted, and he fell asleep leaning on K.

Ji Zhiyao sat upright in the middle, all alone. After he looked from left to right at the Mix members who had collapsed and slanted all over, the feeling of “everyone is drunk whereas I am sober” arose spontaneously.

He saw Mo Huaifeng beside him who was resting with his eyes closed. His facial features were chiseled, eyelashes thick and dark, and even with the two large dark circles beneath his eyes, he was still exasperatingly handsome. Even though Ji Zhiyao identified himself as a straight guy, he could not hold back at the moment and looked at him longer.

He did not expect that Mo Huaifeng’s senses were very acute. Mo Huaifeng did not even lift his eyelids and just questioned with his eyes shut. “You’re not sleepy?”

Ji Zhiyao replied, slightly surprised. “I’m not. Knowing I had to wake up early, I went to bed around 10 pm yesterday.”

Mo Huaifeng opened his eyes, and his chocolate brown eyes stared particularly seriously at Ji Zhiyao as if he was looking at a rare new species.

Ji Zhiyao asked, “I slept too early? What time did you guys sleep?”

“4 am.”

Ji Zhiyao glanced speechlessly at the sky outside the window. It was only 9 am now, and if he estimated that they only used one hour to wake up and come to the airport, this bunch of internet-addicted youths had only slept at most four hours!

“Don’t you still have a performance tournament in the afternoon? You guys slept too late.”

Mo Huaifeng lazily leaned back with his eyelids half-opened and half-closed. A hand of his reached into his pocket and fished out a box of peppermint mints, pouring one on his palm and throwing it into his mouth. His tone was slightly muffled. “We invited Bug battleteam for the performance tournament, and we haven’t played against them in a long while, so I stayed up last night to study videos and data.”

Ji Zhiyao nodded. He had heard of Bug battleteam, the team that placed second in the national qualifiers two years ago, who was considered to be a more capable team locally. It had not occurred to him that for just a performance match, Mix battleteam would invite such an opponent.

Aside, Mo Huaifeng seemed to have guessed Ji Zhiyao’s thoughts. Swallowing the mint below his tongue, he spoke in a low, listless tone. “Mix’s performance matches have never invited non-professional teams. If we thrash other teams, it’s easy for us to have bad rumors attached to us. It’s said to be a performance tournament, but it’s actually more like an open training tournament.”

“It must be very exciting.”

Mo Huaifeng glanced to side slightly, realizing that the brows and eyes of the big boy four years his junior were slightly curved. Seeing that Ji Zhiyao had lots of confidence in them, he could not help but want to tease him a bit.

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