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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 53: Untitled

Chapter 53: Untitled

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But before this intention could be realized, Yuan Wei and the assistant who had obtained the boarding passes pushed opened the door and walked over, waking up the drowsy bunch. “Time to wake up young masters! If you guys continue to sleep, we won’t make it in time to board!”

Nuo reluctantly got up from K’s shoulder, Xiao and Heng rubbed their eyes, and the mid-laner reserve Xiaofei shook his head forcefully with exhaustion plastered all over their faces… Only Ji Zhiyao, who was sober, and Mo Huaifeng, who had not fallen asleep the whole time, were the odd ones out, silently watching the chaotic scene.

Yuan Wei was a mother, working hard without complaints as he distributed their individual items to them. Everyone in Mix habitually took their items from him with one hand, not even wanting to carry out any additional actions. Ji Zhiyao received his things with both hands and added a “thank you, Brother Yuan Wei,” which made Yuan Wei so touched that tears welled in his eyes. He stuffed the fresh coffee that he had just bought to Ji Zhiyao, and with an expression full of affection, he said, “You must be thirsty, drink some.”

Ji Zhiyao held the coffee with a fragrant and mellow aroma. He looked across the five people who seemed like they would doze off in the next second, somehow feeling that they needed the coffee more than he did to refresh their minds.

“Brother Yuan Wei, where did you get the coffee? I’ll go get a few more cups.”

“What?” Yuan Wei first turned blank and then waved his hand with a distasteful expression on his face. “They still have to sleep on the plane, and if they drink coffee, they won’t be able to sleep. Then, they will create trouble later.”

Seeing a shred of lingering fear in his eyes, Ji Zhiyao estimated that Yuan Wei had received his fair share of suffering in the past. Thus, he smiled and lifted his hand, moving the opening of the coffee cup to his mouth.

The next second, the coffee was taken away by someone.

Ji Zhiyao blinked. His vision met his empty hand, and he looked up and realized Mo Huaifeng was chugging the coffee with his head raised and his Adam’s apple rolling up and down.

Light shone onto the paper cup, and it could obviously be seen that he had drunk more than half of the coffee.

Ji Zhiyao looked silently at Yuan Wei, soundlessly rebuking him for providing false intelligence.

Yuan Wei asked, “Captain, what are you doing? Last time I got you coffee, other than drinking two mouthfuls the first time, you’ve never drunk anymore after. Oh yes yes yes, because of the two mouthfuls of coffee you were sleepless on the plane, after we landed, you even specially used a bot on my account to drop me to Gold rank. Now that I bought a cup of coffee for NoHomo, you then come and snatch it? Do the things you snatch taste particularly better? Have you not graduated, still in kindergarten?

Mo Huaifeng’s pupils moved. With his thin lips moving away from the edge of the coffee cup, he simply replied. “Thirsty.”

Yuan Wei continued. “Why must you drink coffee if you’re thirsty? If you can’t fall asleep later, don’t blame me.”


The exchange between the two of them ended with a simple and forceful ‘K’ by Mo Huaifeng, and Yuan Wei, who had initially planned to seek justice for Ji Zhiyao, successfully forgot about the entire matter under the oppression of the team dictator.

“…” Ji Zhiyao stared at the two.

Ji Zhiyao asked, “Brother Yuan Wei, which counter are the drinks from? I shall go get a cup myself.”

“Oh oh oh okay, turn right after you walk of the door and go straight for a few hundred meters…”

“Tsk.” Mo Huaifeng’s porcelain pale fingers pinched the edge of the paper cup, pausing with each word. “Brother. Yuan. Wei. You can go get it for him.”

He uttered the first word lightly, and the gap between the subsequent two words was very short. Ji Zhiyao and Yuan Wei both took several seconds to react. The former ‘oh-ed’ in his heart while the latter glared harshly at Mo Huaifeng, his face a dark red, and left angrily.

The group of five who had not slept since being woken up by Yuan Wei suddenly let out a burst of loud laughter.

It took a total of one and a half hours to fly towards W City. The seats in first class were very spacious, though not enough to satisfy the boys’ heights. But compared to other seats, they could already sleep rather comfortably.

Although Ji Zhiyao was not sleepy, after browsing through several boring magazines, he decisively threw the magazines aside and leaned back in his seat to rest.

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