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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 54: Glass

Chapter 54: Glass

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Ji Zhiyao had not expected that he would fall asleep again as he leaned.

When he woke up again, it was an hour and twenty minutes later, and the plane was about to land. He tried his best to peel open his sleepy eyes, but as he was very drowsy, they almost closed once more… until a cold smooth circular object was placed on his forehead. Ji Zhiyao, with a sudden jerk, become completely awake.

Turning his head, he met a pair of eyes with no hint of sleepiness in it. Ji Zhiyao looked down and saw the glass held in Mo Huaifeng’s hand. As the temperature of the water in it was too low, it led to a ring of condensation forming around the glass, and he roughly understood that this glass was the reason he woke up in an instant.

Ji Zhiyao stretched his aching neck and casually asked, “Fi-god, you didn’t sleep for a bit?”

Mo Huaifeng was expressionless. “The coffee was too concentrated.”

A chill went down Ji Zhiyao’s spine for no reason. Just as he laughed dryly, thinking of changing the topic, he heard Mo Huaifeng ask seriously, “Do you want to play a few ranked matches after landing?”

Recalling Yuan Wei’s tragic history of being forcefully dropped to Gold rank, Ji Zhiyao shook his head in rejection somberly. “It’s okay.”


Mo Huaifeng bowed his head to drink some water and said after a while, “Weren’t you not sleepy?”

Ji Zhiyao also did not know how he fell asleep in the blink of an eye. Looking all innocent, he replied. “Perhaps because my body is developing, I need more sleep.”


Ji Zhiyao, at this point, was not very sleepy anymore but still asked for a glass of iced water from the air stewardess. Preparing to thoroughly awaken his whole body, he drank the water while listening to Xiao and K, who were seated in the row in front, quietly discussing Bug battleteam’s habitual techniques in jungling, as well as Mo Huaifeng’s low voice beside him imparting strategies to Nuo across the aisle.

The exhaustion in their eyes was obvious, but their eyes were all bright.

Even if it was the victory of just a performance tournament, everyone still participated with their greatest efforts, making plans for the whole group known as Mix battleteam.

Such a feeling was very intriguing and totally different from usual times he played games in the livestream room.

Just like… the six of them was an entire unit that could never be broken no matter what, and outsiders would not be able to assimilate and would not be able to understand easily, whereas he was always only a lone fighter.

Ji Zhiyao became a little dazed, only coming back to his senses when a flight announcement reminding passengers that they were about to land sounded.

At this time, other than Yuan Wei and his assistant speaking about how to move to the venue, everyone else had stopped talking as if the discussion about strategies had come to the stage of a mid-game timeout. Ji Zhiyao placed his glass aside and then realized that Mo Huaifeng was examining him with his head slightly tilted.


“What are you thinking about?”

Ji Zhiyao kept silent for a few seconds and smilingly replied. “A little envious of you guys.”


“Although it is not easy to fulfill the dream of ‘wearing the red flag with five stars standing on the podium for the international league,’ to be with a group of people with a common goal working hard for the same cause, even if the journey is arduous, it is probably also very interesting.”

The surrounding air sunk into silence, and Ji Zhiyao looked up, seeming a little lost as he asked, “Do you not think this way?”

Mo Huaifeng stared fixedly at him for a while, made a “tsk” sound, and spoke. “Rather well said. Since you are so envious, want to come to Mix? We’ll leave a post for you. Then you can shine with us.”

“What post? A battleteam manager like Brother Yuan Wei?”

“Isn’t that good?”

“Then I think it’s okay, my account is Challenger ranked. If I continuously use bots and drop in rank, I will get reported.”

“I was only planning to keep a vacancy for a janitor for you. You actually thought of being a battleteam manager?”

Mo Huaifeng paused and came to a conclusion. “Too arrogant.”

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