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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 55: Let’s Go

Chapter 55: Let’s Go

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Alighting the plane and boarding the car, Ji Zhiyao stuck closely to Nuo the whole time, not sitting by Mo Huaifeng anymore.

K noticed, grinningly glanced at the man who was blatantly stretching out his long legs in the back seat, and turned back to ask Ji Zhiyao. “Why did you abandon our Captain?”

Hearing this question, the five people, Xiao, Heng, Nuo, Xiaofei, and Yuan Wei, all perked up their ears at once with eyes exceptionally wide and bright.

Ji Zhiyao replied. “I treat him as a friend, but he wants me to be a nanny.”

Before the five had figured out what exactly that meant, they heard a sneer from the man in the backseat, who had originally shut his eyes to rest. Sensing everyone’s gaze, he opened his eyes. “Have all of you already thought of how to trash Bug?”

The authoritativeness of the team dictator instantly left them shivering.

The tournament was set to start at 1:30 PM, so the people of Mix battleteam still had time to get lunch. Yuan Wei looked at the navigator on his phone while asking, “Young masters, what do you guys want to eat? I’ll search if there are any places around the venue.”

The discussion went on noisily for ten over minutes with everyone talking at once, and they finally decided to have charcoal barbecue. Yuan Wei hurriedly searched for a restaurant using the GPS.

Ji Zhiyao recalled the notes he had made previously, and he found the screenshots from his gallery and read through them carefully once more. Then, he raised his phone in Yuan Wei’s direction. “Brother Yuan Wei, I know a barbecue place that’s not bad, and it’s quite close to the venue too. Why don’t we go get that? I’ll treat.”

The whole group held their phones and stared at him.

Ji Zhiyao explained. “The team helped me to buy my air ticket, so I’ll treat everyone to a meal.”

Yuan Wei’s expression looked like he had a lot to say but did not know where to start. “The team bought your ticket?”

“Was it not?”

Nuo, who was the closest to him, patted his back. “If we want to claim expenses for anything the team spends, we have to apply to the top management. Basically once a month, before the claims, it is always Captain who helps to pay first.”

Ji Zhiyao looked at him with a puzzled expression. “?”

Nuo continued. “Captain bought the air ticket, but I completely approve of your idea of wanting to treat everyone to lunch using Captain’s money.”


He looked back, glancing at the person who was using the blanket to cover his head, appearing to be sleeping very peacefully.

But the idea of buying a meal also came from Mo Huaifeng?

This person seemed to be unbelievable.

As they were rushing for time, they did not stay too long for this charcoal barbecue lunch. Everyone put down their chopsticks after being almost full. When Ji Zhiyao saw that a good half of them were done, he found an excuse to leave and went to pay the bill.

When Mo Huaifeng walked to the checkout counter with his wallet after everyone was done eating, he was informed that someone had already paid. He turned back to look at Ji Zhiyao, did not say anything, kept his wallet, and beckoned everyone to board the car to move to the venue.

It was drizzling in W City, but it was not humid. Instead, the air was slightly cool. When the group arrived at the stadium, the people waiting outside to enter almost drowned out the entrance.

This was Ji Zhiyao’s first time going to the venue to watch a performance tournament, and he could not help but be left speechless when he saw so many people with either “Mix” or “Bug” support drawings drawn on their faces and arms. On the other hand, the others appeared to be surprised at nothing, bowing their heads to check that everything was right with their peripherals device bag.

The van stopped at the back door of the stadium, and everyone pulled open the doors to alight.

With his VIP ticket, Ji Zhiyao should be entering through a specific ticket entrance at the front door, but the front was too crowded, so he decided to walk around to the front first and wait a little while outside before entering.

Just as he was about to let Mo Huaifeng know, he saw Mo Huaifeng walking in his direction. Stopping before him after a few steps, he said lightly, “Let’s go, we’re entering.”

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