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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 56: The First Battle

Chapter 56: The First Battle

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“Not entering through the front entrance?”

Mo Huaifeng glanced at him, and the color of his pupils seemed to convey that he was in a good mood. “We can use the back entrance.”

Ji Zhiyao looked up at the door in front of him. It seems… it really is a back door .

The corner of his lip twitched as he followed behind Mo Huaifeng and entered the stadium.

After many turns, they reached the inside. Everyone in Mix had to move to the resting rooms to get ready. Ji Zhiyao bid them goodbye for the time being and then went towards the VIP viewing deck.

The VIP ticket that Mo Huaifeng left for him was one of the best spots: first row, closer to the tournament stage but also right in the center, facing the large screen. Ji Zhiyao sat down after verifying the seat number on his ticket and played with his phone while waiting for the tournament to begin.

Half an hour later, the Heroes theme song reverberated through every corner of the stadium, and Ji Zhiyao put his phone away and looked towards the tournament stage.

The first to enter was Bug Battleteam.

Ji Zhiyao’s knowledge of this battleteam was not that deep, and his impression of them also merely stopped at “the ones dressed in weird green team uniforms.” Now it seemed, he should add on another line, “all members have well-proportioned physiques, all lovable fatties.”

Although they were fat, they were not greasy at all. Instead, each of them with their smiley eyes looked a little like the God of Fortune. Hence, the name of their fans was known as “Fortune Cats.”

Next was Mix battleteam’s entrance.

He must say that each and every one of the Mix members were very pleasing to the eyes after tidying their hairstyles, and this point could be seen from the incessant screams from the female fans below the stage that began after they appeared. Exactly how handsome Mo Huaifeng was needed no extra description, and as for the rest of them, the worst was still clean and handsome, very worthy of their nickname, “eSports scene’s visual representative team.”

Both teams brought their equipment and entered the waiting area.

After they took their seats, the two commentators on the stage began to introduce the rules: “Using the same tournament system as the national qualifiers, both teams will play a 1v1 match, a 3v3 match, and three 5v5 matches. The team with three of five victories wins, and there are no restrictions to having to match positions across. ”

First match, Mix’s mid-laner reserve versus Bug’s jungler, Boom.

The Heroes valley appeared on the large screen. Ji Zhiyao placed his arm on the white guardrail before him, and as the atmosphere slowly turned tense, he started to concentrate.

When Xiaofei was recruited into Mix Battleteam as a recruit two years ago, he was young with fast hand speed and an active mind. Though he was still lacking that tiny bit in terms of technique, when singled out, he was already a mid-laner that was above average in national standards.

On the other hand, Boom had always been the jungler since Bug Battleteam was formed. He, as his name implied, had a radical and violent playing style, but in an unfavorable match, he could also hold his own.

Seeing these two people in a 1v1, Ji Zhiyao was more worried about Xiaofei even though mid-laners were considered to be more advantageous in single-lane development.

Xiaofei had not participated in many large-scale competitions, so it was easy for his mentality to be unstable, while Boom was the exact opposite and naturally had an advantage over him.

The facts proved that Ji Zhiyao had not guessed wrongly.

When Boom strongly relied on technique and brutally claimed first blood, Xiaofei’s mentality was already rather unstable. His mistakes were repeatedly caught by Boom, so much that he had not even gotten a kill from Boom and was directly KO-ed and defeated.

The first match ended. Bug was victorious.

Xiaofei left the stage a little depressed and returned to the waiting area. Ji Zhiyao’s vision followed him and realized that the other members of Mix did not seem to be very affected emotionally. Mo Huaifeng even reached out and patted Xiaofei’s shoulder…

Everything seemed to be as they had expected, and this tournament in their eyes was only used to sharpen Xiaofei and help him to find out his problems.

A minute later, the 3v3 lineup appeared on the screen.

Mix top-laner K, solo-mid Heng, and ADC Fi-god, vs Bug mid-laner DiamondJ, jungler Boom and ADC Qiang.

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