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The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! (Web Novel) - Chapter 182: Untitled

Chapter 182: Untitled

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“Yao-god can I have an autograph? Also, I really want to have a photo with you.”

“Sure, but I don’t have a pen, I’ll need you to give me one.” Ji Zhiyao thought, it shouldn’t be a problem if he took a photo with a male fan and hence agreed to the photo as well. “We’ll use your phone to take the photo.”

Joy was written all over the teen’s face. “Hold on for a moment Yao-god, I’ll go borrow a pen.”

Ji Zhiyao replied with a “sure”, then saw the teen dash to the reception, speaking and gesturing all at once to the service crew.

… It’s great to be young.

Ji Zhiyao sensed several concealed gazes from his surroundings, mixed with comments like “who is this celebrity why is it that I’ve never seen him before”, but he ignored it all and moved to put on his mask again.

The teen ran back very quickly, handing a marker to Ji Zhiyao, he pointed to his back and said, “Yao-god please sign my shirt.”

Ji Zhiyao opened the cap and very seriously drew an autograph on the back of the half-squatting teen.

After the autograph, the youth stood up, due to his excitement, his entire face was flushed. He then pulled out his phone and said very embarrassedly, “Yao-god, there’s still the photo…”

“How do you want to take it, it’s up to you.”

Thus the teen found another person to help them take the photo. When all was done, he bowed continuously. “Thank you Yao-god!”

“You’re welcome, thank you for your love.” Ji Zhiyao thought for a moment, then added, “All the best!”

Meanwhile, the queue before him had already came to the last person, he waved at the teen. “I’ll be buying something now, goodbye.”

He bought 10 cups of green tea. Both of Ji Zhiyao’s hands were packed with plastic bags. He walked with slight difficulty, a few steps on, he saw Mo Huaifeng who was waiting near the entrance of the VIP lounge.

He was tall with long legs, though the mask covered him up very well, it still could not keep the gazes of others in the airport away and was especially eye-catching. Ji Zhiyao made the “tsk” sound twice and quickened his pace to walk over. “Captain, weren’t you sleeping? Why did you come out?”

Mo Huaifeng took over half of the drinks in his hands, after staying quiet for a moment, he replied in a calm tone, “When you were giving autographs away, I was already here.”

“Yuan Wei must have woken you up when he went back. The one who asked for an autograph was my fan, he idolized me greatly.”

“How was it, was it comfortable signing on his back?”


“Both of you were pretty close when the photo was taken too, was he handsome? More handsome than me?”

“Don’t spout nonsense!”

He peeked secretly at his Captain and questioned as if he was expressing his loyalty. “Captain, why haven’t you given it a thought, who could be as handsome as you are in my heart?”

Mo Huaifeng’s expression remain unchanged. “Oh.”

Yet Ji Zhiyao already caught the joy in his blank expression and grinned. “Captain, you’re jealous.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re really too cute.”

He coughed and glanced at him through the corner of his eyes. “There was nothing of that sort, can you not babble away on your own?”

“But you’re obviously just refusing to admit it.”

As they spoke, they had already returned to where the battleteam was settled. Mo Huaifeng stuffed all the cups into Yuan Wei’s arms, then sat down himself and leisurely put on his ear pieces.

Yuan Wei was confused, totally not understanding the situation.

When he saw Ji Zhiyao following behind, he quickly reached out to stop him, then asked in an especially soft voice, “What’s with my Captain now? Ate gunpowder when he went outside?”

Ji Zhiyao certainly could not reveal the matter that “Captain was feeling very embarrassed when his jealousy was exposed”, otherwise not to mention Yuan Wei’s, even his own life would be at risk… Hence he casually answered, “Not yet sobered up, ignore him, let him calm down by himself.”

Yuan Wei shuddered at the thought of his bad mood. “Alright, give these to me, you can give Captain his drink, I’ll handle the rest.”

Ji Zhiyao nodded, then placed all of the cups on the ground, solely lifting two cups with him and returned to where he originally sat.

He bumped Mo Huaifeng’s thigh, Mo Huaifeng was resting with his eyes closed but still would not open his eyes.

Hence Ji Zhiyao put his own drink down and took Mo Huaifeng’s drink out from the bag and put his straw in. Then he offered it with utmost reverence. “Captain, have a drink.”

Mo Huaifeng did not move at first, then opened one eye.

“Alright stop pretending, you’re not even using your ear pieces, what are you wearing it for?”

Ji Zhiyao smiled with his eyes curved. “Drink up Captain, I even put the straw in for you already, here you go.”

Mo Huaifeng stared at him for a moment, and slowly moved to take the cup.

Ji Zhiyao could not help but giggle. “Captain, you’re really too adorable.”

“Shut up.”

Ji Zhiyao gleefully bit on his straw, a beaming smile showed how pleased he was.

Yuan Wei woke up everyone and handed each of them a drink, instructing, “We’re about to board, all of you can continue to sleep after we board.”

Everyone was still rather drowsy, but because Ji Zhiyao had asked for a little ice in all their drinks, they instantly sobered up after drinking one mouthful. Heng was so cold then he kept shivering. “Yuan Wei are you trying to murder me to usurp the throne, you’re letting me drink this when it’s still winter, you ought to be put to death for even having such a thought!”

“I wasn’t the one who bought it, what has it got to do with me? If you want to complain that it’s cold go to NoHomo, he was the one who brought it back.”

All of the grumbles that was in Heng’s heart instantly dissipated, he held onto his own drink, not daring to even fart.

Yuan Wei was even more enraged upon seeing that and rolled up his sleeves, preparing to send this mutt to his death with one strike.

Fortunately the announcement calling for the passengers of their flight to prepare to board came on, Heng managed to keep his life. Yuan Wei distributed the boarding passes to everyone, then picked up his belongings and walked right at the front, full of anger.

Ji Zhiyao and Mo Huaifeng brought up the rear as usual, as they were afraid that there were photos being taken, the distance between themselves was kept to a subtle one, every act and every move was full of bromance, nothing too much.

On the plane, Ji Zhiyao sat beside Mo Huaifeng. Mo Huaifeng asked the air stewardess for two blankets, they took one each, covered themselves right away and began to catch up on sleep.

Ji Zhiyao was a little sleepy, after yawning, he leaned back and fell asleep very soon.

After some time, Ji Zhiyao abruptly woke up. He looked to his side dazedly and realized that Mo Huaifeng had already woken up and was holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

Seeing that he was up, Mo Huaifeng handed his cup to him. Ji Zhiyao took it and drank several mouthfuls, the coffee was still warm, it shouldn’t have been long since Mo Huaifeng asked for it.


Ji Zhiyao shook his head. “Almost, I’m having a slight headache from the sleep. Where are we now?”

“Half an hour more to go.”

Ji Zhiyao pushed the cup back to him and said rather regretfully, “Then I’ve woken up too early, I don’t have new Tom and Jerry episodes in my laptop, life is so meaningless.”

The corner of Mo Huaifeng’s lips twitched. “Just how childish are you.”

“Don’t speak, one look and I know you don’t understand the joys of life.”

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